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  1. HR wants meeting or report me to BON

    How did the meeting go? What did they say? Did you go alone or with your attorney?
  2. False Positive for THC just before residency (RRNA)

    If you don’t smoke and have taken anything that would cause a positive for THC then I would definitely NOT roll over a take it. I would lawyer up and fight! Get a hair follicle test. That will prove your innocence! Did your prescription drugs show up...
  3. HR wants meeting or report me to BON

    Hope everything goes well. Please let us know what happens.
  4. HR wants meeting or report me to BON

    I wouldn’t go to the BON and say anything at all! Especially without consulting an attorney first. An attorney wouldn’t want you talking to anyone.
  5. HR wants meeting or report me to BON

    If they are threatening to turn you into the BON for not coming to the meeting then they have already decided to turned you in to the BON. They are just hoping to get a confession out of you and need you to sign their termination paperwork saying you...
  6. Accused of diverting non narcotics

    What happens is she interviews you in front of your attorney. Depending upon what you say to her and admit to, will decide what happens next. After getting an attorney they will no longer contact you. They will go through your attorney. The Investiga...
  7. Accused of diverting non narcotics

    Let your attorney handle everything. Be careful what you admit to. If they are only accusing you of something without proof then I would stay as quiet as possible and admit nothing. BUT if you think you need help then go seek help privately at a reha...
  8. Upcoming chemical dependency eval

    THIS RIGHT HERE will speak louder than any words spoken from your mouth!! Remember that!!
  9. Anyone been in a monitoring program more than once?

    They are most likely hoping you will have a slip before they close their case. Usually with no proof they drag out the cases hoping something else will happen or come up. No news is good news!!!
  10. Anyone been in a monitoring program more than once?

    Pay for an attorney that deals with health care professionals. Look up any local attorney and call. They will point you to a good local attorney. I say call any attorney local and ask because I think they give better recommendations than google!!!! I...
  11. Michigan HPRP newbie

    You don’t have to disclose to any treatment center or rehab center that you are a nurse. To them you are any random person seeking treatment until you voluntarily disclose that you are a nurse. Its for your own protection and sanity. It’s sad that nu...
  12. Michigan HPRP newbie

    Can I ask why you would self report and go through this whole process of monitoring as oppose to taking time off from work (FMLA or just quitting) and going to rehab privately where no one would ever know?
  13. TX BON Letter

    If you don’t mind me asking, why were you in ICU and intubated? What led up to you being on life support?
  14. Reporting to NC BON next week

    The first thing you need to do is retain an attorney. He will handle any responses to the BON. It would have been best if you had left work and took a test at a lab at your expense but since you didn’t at least you have another test taken within 36 h...
  15. I really want to do the right thing and I need help!

    A patient saying they didn’t take a medication is not proof enough for me to make a report. There are all sorts of reasons why a patient might forget they had medication. Anonymous or not. If she is in fact innocent, then we are not only talking abo...