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  1. Randomnurse3

    Positive drug screen for THC. Should I self-report?

    For The love of all things LISTEN TO YOUR LAWYER!!!! I have had to go before the board a couple of times. I went with an attorney and won. Your attorney knows what’s best for you! Don’t worry about other cases and horror stories. Worry about your case and how you will present yourself!
  2. Randomnurse3

    Positive drug screen for THC. Should I self-report?

    If your attorney told you not to self report then listen to him! He gets paid to help you. LISTEN TO HIM!!
  3. Randomnurse3

    Am I the only one

    For starters it took me 20 mins to find my original post just so I could read the replies. And I only found it because I searched my post title in the search bar. It’s just not as easy to navigate as the old site. Seems a bit overkill now.
  4. Randomnurse3

    Am I the only one

    Am I the only one who hates the new changes on the site? I’ve been following this particular board for a little over 13 years. I can’t seem to figure out this new board and how to see certain comments and responses. Maybe I’m just old school and don’t like change.
  5. Randomnurse3

    Can they do this?

    Just to give you guys an update and clarify some things...I was never reported from another agency and was let go for making a med error NOT diverting. As for things now, I hired an attorney and met with a BON investigator a few months ago. I had everything written down and paperwork to backup any questions or concerns they might have. I was told that I didnt have to cut my hair eventhough I never intended and do not intent to now. (We do live in a country that has freedom of religion reguardless of any situation) I also let them know that I submitted a drug screen. Funny my employer who reported me forgot to mention that to them so they had no idea. (I even had the results for the investigator to look at) I was told to continue working at my current job and I may or may not hear something from the BON. I stopped worrying about it along time ago and I went on with my life. After all I followed all policies and procedures and never diverted anything. I got a new nursing job a couple of weeks after being terminated and have been there almost 8 months. I recently got promoted to manager and am very happy at my current job. I contacted the EEOC and filed a formal complaint against my prior job as they did break the law according to my attorney. My religious beliefs are my own and it is my right as to when and how I disclose them, on the job and on the blog. If I hear from the BON I will definitely update everyone, until then I am going to enjoy today and not worry about tomorrow cause we might not be here tomorrow. Peace and Love Bad Habits are like comfortable beds, easy to get into and hard to get out of...
  6. Randomnurse3

    Falsly accussed of diversion

    Never ever ever ever ever ever talk to any investigator or the BON without a licensed defence attorney. It is your right. It does not matter what the investigators tell you on the phone about not being a "red flag". If it was not a "red flag" then they would not want to speak with you. If you do not have the money to spend on an attorney then do what you have to do to get the money! Most attorney consultations are free and if you shop around hard enough you will find one that will represent you reasonably. Just make sure they have experience with the BON.
  7. Randomnurse3

    Any success stories in Tennessee?

    I do not think you will have to go to the BON and explain yourself. That is why you are handwriting a letter of explanation. Like I said earlier just state facts and DO NOT go into a long drawn out explanation. Try to keep your letter of each explanation to 1 page. You will have to write two seperate ones, (one for each offense) If you need help you can private message me and I will be glad to help you. I honestly feel you will be fine. I have known people with far worse offenses than yours and have received a clear, unrestricted license. I cannot stress enough to keep it to the point and focus only on the particular offense you are writing about. Smile, you worked hard for it and deserve it!
  8. Randomnurse3

    Any success stories in Tennessee?

    Yes! You can still get a clear, unrestricted, active license in the state of TN. It is not hopeless, I promise. Just be patient. Good Luck to you!
  9. Randomnurse3

    Letter to BON

    Hand write it. Somewhere in the application process it will say a hand written letter explaining events that led to blah blah blah. Also put it on nice stationary. Second, only state facts. Do not go into great detail about this that and the other, just keep it simple and to the point. Example... On (date of incident) I was.......... Remember state only facts and not your opinion or how you felt about the situation. The BON does not care how you felt or your opinion they only want to know who, what, where, when, and why. End the letter with the outcome. What was the end result after all was said and done. Did you complete jail time, probation, community service...whatever it was let them know that you complied with any request that were asked of you. I would be able to better help you if I knew why you were having to write a letter. Either way, I hope this helps.
  10. Randomnurse3

    Do they have to know? I need help!!!

    I would think that the Dr prescribing them to you would have to maintain some type of Dr/patient confidentality. Does your doctor know that you are a nurse? Im not sure but I would think that if you told your prescribing Dr. he/she would help you taper down slowly or find some way to help you. I cant see your Dr reporting you to the BON for something that was given to you by him/her. Again, not sure but I would think there has to be some type of patient confidentality or HIPPA violation if they report you. As far as the therapist, not so sure about that one! Good Luck to you and do your research first!
  11. Randomnurse3


    Hi all, just have a quick question. Does an employeer have to tell an employee or are they required to let an employee know if they are being reported to the BON for any matter?
  12. Randomnurse3

    suggestions for RN positions without access to narcs

    Look on craigslist in your area under medical/health jobs. They have lots of opportunities for nurses in drs offices and other places. I work in an outpatient pain surgery center in the OR for people with chronic back injuries/pain and never handle any narcs. We do lots of steroid injections. Found the job on craigslist and it pays better than any nursing job I have ever had and I have been a nurse for about 10yrs....Good Luck and I am proud of you. You deserve Greatness and Happiness.
  13. Amen to NC entrapps nurses, unless you keep your mouth closed. I know for a fact that in NC unless there is CONCRETE evidence, no matter what, the board cannot do anything to your license. Now they may have then under investigation for 2 yrs but they can not place them on probation, suspend, or revoke them. The board either needs concrete evidence or an admission of drug use to take your license, which goes back to don't tell if asked,
  14. Randomnurse3


    I looked at your profile and didnt see anything that told who you might be...no email, no information. I know how you feel, there are a lot of things I would like to say on here but dare not because I dont know how much of my info is shown.
  15. Randomnurse3

    A little advice

    Craigslist has lot of job openings for nurses, bet you could find a job within a week.