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  1. Oogie


    6/15/15 I found myself in jail on a felony DWI alcohol, exactly 4 years later, I looked up my license, NONE on disciplinary action, YES on compact license. I went to hell and back, courts, TPAPN, and survived, The fight is not over until you quit swinging.
  2. Oogie

    My last Day

    subee, I do not feel the program I was in was worthwhile. I was nothing more than a computer generated number.
  3. Oogie

    My last Day

    So Today is my completion day, just tried to log into affinity account deactivated, case manager sent copy of completion letter to myself, my work and the BON! My license will be returned to normal status in a few weeks. Done Done and Done, I'm a free man again! I'm in shock!
  4. Oogie

    My last Day

    Hey Y'all, Today is my completion day. Just logged in "Not Selected" for UA, case manager assured me, my case will be closed, TODAY!. I can wake up and not log in tomorrow morning. I'm just elated! Scheduled my first unmonitored vacation in 3 years, a chartered fishing trip with my son. Might be cold an rainy outside today, But its bright an sunny inside for me. Y'all keep swinging, you can win your fight for freedom too!
  5. Oogie


    That's awesome, Happy for you! I've got 19 more days to go then freedom for me too.
  6. Oogie

    99 days

    After 1235 days of monitering, I'm down to 99 days! I'm so looking forward to freedom next spring.
  7. Oogie

    Pee Break

    Yes Ash, I'm in TPAPN. went 44 days no test, was selected 19th, now again this morning. It is kinda ridiculous, Good for you so close to completion and freedom ...Peace...
  8. Oogie

    Pee Break

    Ah the step down year, its been 44 days since by last "Donation" then slap, gotta pee in a cup today. I'll be done in Feb thank goodness... Peace...
  9. Oogie

    A Recovery Poll, Sort Of

    I'll finish my sentence in Feb. I do the bare minimum, and stay off the radar. No intention of being associated with monitering. So ready to have my life back! Cheers Spanky, I'll probably toast my release also, but hide my keys. LOL
  10. Oogie

    One year left!!!

    I'm in 3rd year TPAPN, and yes it is a step down year for me. My case manager informed me after about a month. No more AA logs, less UA's, I actually went 38 days without a UA, NICE! congrats to you.
  11. Oogie

    Nice break

    Got selected for UA this morning. Last test was 38 DAYS AGO! Been a nice break, and saved a bundle of cash. 8th month count down begining to dream of vacation with no monitering. ...Peace...
  12. Oogie

    Double digits! 99 days.

    Good for you! Enjoy yourself! I recently went to a week long (camping) music fest, never once "explained" about not drinking. I'd only say No Thanks, don't feel like it right now. 9th month and counting down for me ...Peace...
  13. Oogie

    Need ideas for safe Insect repellent

    I've used whatever insect spray is available, never had a problem.
  14. Oogie

    Death and Repossession

    My heartfelt condolence goes out to you. You've taken a staggering blow! Believe you have the strength to get thru this, you will. Fare thee well... Peace...
  15. Oogie

    TPAPN "step down"

    I signed up for IOP (8 weeks program) 2 days after getting DWI. 8 month later when I knew what my court agreement was to be, I self reffered to TPAPN (Feb. 16). Only restriction, I couldn't do ON CALL. By May BON ordered me to TPAPN. Already in program. I have a incredible manager and friends at my workplace, so I was able to keep working thru this whole miserable process. In 2 years in I've never actually spoken to my case manager. I stay off the radar. Do everything spot on time, so they have no reason to question me. Feb. of 19, I will be free. You can do this! ...Peace...
  16. Oogie

    TPAPN "step down"

    Well Fiends, it's true. TPAPN does have a step down year (3rd and final). Seems I just received my letter stating I not longer have to submit a meeting report and will have "LESS UDS". One more step to freedom! ...Peace...