Nevada now testing 2x/month and "witnessed" tests

  1. Nevada has DOUBLED the minimum random tests per month to 2 and now they are also "witness" tests where they watch you urinate. These tests costs $90 instead of the normal $50. So we are now paying minimum $180 a month instead of $50 just for testing

    Is your state this bad? Please discuss
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  3. by   Randomnurse3
    So you are paying extra for someone to watch you pee? Sounds like a money scam to me
  4. by   dr. eatbox
    aren't all monitoring programs a scam? DUH
  5. by   Recovering_RN
    Quote from dr. eatbox
    aren't all monitoring programs a scam? DUH
    "DUH"??? Was that directed at the previous poster? I hope not. We are all pretty supportive of each other here. If you can't play nice, probably nobody will be willing to play with you at all.
  6. by   J.Adderton
    In Alabama, I am tested 2-3 x/month. Facility charges 23.00 to observed urine test or blood draw. The cost of the tests range from 32 to 90 dollars depending on the test
  7. by   Persephone Paige
    Minimum of 2 urines/mo @ $55 per test. Some get random PEth and Hair or Nail. I have been observed and not observed, I could pee in front of anyone and have no shame.
  8. by   Ash2213
    In TPAPN (TX) I have never had to be observed. I basically pay 55 per test, unless I have to go to CareNow that has a collection fee. Then it is 75. My opinion is an observed test is WAY overkill unless they have reasonable suspicion of adulteration or substitution. Of course, it is a scam. I would not react well if TX all the sudden changed to observed screenings after I have dropped negative urine for them over the last 2.5 years!
  9. by   Babyj88
    Wow I guess some of y'all are lucky that you don't have to pee in front anybody. We are forced to pee in front people and have to pay an extra fee it can be from $15-40 depending on where you go. The test itself ranges from $28-65 so they really getting money out of me. Don't get me started on the board fees.. all this stuff is a scam to get money out of people...
  10. by   Eris Discordia BSN, RN
    Quote from dr. eatbox
    aren't all monitoring programs a scam? DUH
    I second the call to play nice with others here. The "DUH!" was rude.

    My state tests minimum of 50 times a year. First was observed, others not. I have been called for blood and nail tests with never having a positive, dilute, or abnormal. My cost averages from $200 to $400 a month for screenings.
  11. by   catsmeow1972
    I will partially agree with the 'scam' sentiment that 98% of the way these monitoring programs are run is indeed a scam. I leave the 2% because the original idea of monitoring and advocacy of impaired healthcare professional who may be suffering from the disease of addiction, yelling out for help in variety of ways or just plain need to be monitored to ensure safe practice is an excellent idea. Most of them have sadly morphed into the antithesis of the care that we as nurses pledged.
    That being said, the'DUH' remark is really uncalled for. As miserable and horribly as things are administered, like buttering toast with a shovel, there is a person or two out there for whom this experience was a lifesaver. That in no way justifies what is done to the rest of us. While many of us may be fluent in sarcasm, not all have made it to the dark humor stage of this experience. Those of us who have need to be supportive of the rest. That's why we're are here.
  12. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    I get tested 2-3 times a month at a cost of about $200 typically. Honestly, I think the only part of this program that has any value at all is the mandatory drug testing. The rest is pure, unproven 12 step-based voodoo. Anyway in your case of course this is a money gram. They are now squeezing twice as much money out of you which is in line with the two actual goals of the program which is to punish and rip you off as much as humanly possible
  13. by   rn1965
    I do think a lot of this is over kill with the costs and testing. Especially when restrictions may be placed, and rehabs ordered. If a nurse is not working, where is he/she to come up with this extra cash?

    And as for the witnessed UDS, come that really necessary? Or is it just another way to degrade and humiliate the nurse?
  14. by   dr. eatbox
    sounds like (until now) Nevada was actually a "lenient" state compared to what everyone else has posted.

    I really like my nursing group we are forced to attend. even though its $20 a week it's actually good for networking and you can learn a lot from the veterans.

    AA is not for me, I'm not an alcoholic. I was forced to attend monthly therapy (out of pocket $) that was ok, really just another cost.