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and no cigarettes!!!! i am almost at the 72 hour point... :bugeyes: i had a really horrible asthma attack a few days ago, went to the dr. and she said you know better than this, allison.... this... Read More

  1. by   Thunderwolf
    Congrats...in your sobriety from the smoke.
  2. by   Tweety
  3. by   SDS_RN

    Keep it up you're doing awesome! Best of luck to you.
  4. by   TTitans1
    It is only hard if you think it is hard! You are an educated professional and you know the power of positive thinking! I quit almost 18 months ago after smoking for 26 years and 2-3 ppd. I chewed about 4 pieces of nocette gum which really tasted awful and I used 3 patches. After that I just decided that I did not even need a crutch. Even now I occassionally get an urge to lite one up but it passes almost as soon as it comes. Do not give up no matter how many times you have to restart your efforts! Good luck and God bless. Also - think about how much fun it will be to be around for your grandchildren,children, spouse,etc.
  5. by   flightnurse2b
    just to update everyone!

    i have been smoke free for 25 days now! i feel great!!! i have been working out and i dont get winded when i walk up the stairs to my house! and i have only had to use my inhaler once a day now!

    i used the nicotine gum like tic tacs for about a week and now i have completely quit that too!!

    i am just so happy i have accomplished this, especially being a 2nd yr nursing student, and i hope this time i have quit for good!!!!

    thank you so much everyone for everything. how are all my fellow quitters doing????
  6. by   PageRespiratory!
    Nice Work! Completely off the NRT eh?! 20 years from now you'll be SO happy you quit! Doesn't your food taste better now?
  7. by   Tweety
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  9. by   Dixiecup
    My husband and I want to buy a 2008 Mustang GT but the payment will be over $400 a month. we figured up we spend at least $350 a month in cigarettes!

    We are going to put what we would spend on cigs in a jar every day. ( I'm sure other people have tried this) and look at it every day build up! It will be almost enough to make the payment so there's my incentive!

    I hope looking at the money every day will give me willpower! I'll let you know how it goes.
  10. by   Carliestarling
    ARGF!! MY posy disappeared! I'l try again.

    Congrats on your new and improved healthier and (aroma-improved) lifestyle!
    I see you have had some awesome suggestions, but I had to add mine....

    1) Gather all your ashtrays and butts and throw them in an empty coffee can. Add H20, cover. When the urge is overwhelming, open that can of death and take a big whiff. Remember, this is how you smell to your children!!

    2) When the urge to retreat hits, treat yourself--even 1 hr smoke-free deserves a reward so take it! I liked to treat myself with a cuppa herbal tea (celestial seasonings worked for me) and serve it in my best china cup. (Old Country Roses)

    3) This is hard, but try to stay away from your smoking friends for a few weeks. Initially the smell of them may make you vulnerable, then disgusted-- but eventually you'll get used to it. Just try not to be preachy.

    Good job! You deserve a pat on the back!
  11. by   november17
    I quit for 6 months and then said screwit. I realize people die from it all the time. blablablabla. I'd rather die at 56 from CHF/lung cancer with all my faculties intact than die at 90 from a broken hip because i was too confused to walk straight. Just sayin.