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november17 has 9 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Ortho, Case Management, blabla.

The way to my heart is through peanut butter cups. I used to precept a lot.

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  1. Fellow student=back stabbed?

    I was thinking of it in terms of the sheets HR and nursing management uses to score individual applicants these days. Peer interviewing is a buzzword fad. It's just part of the algorithm for hiring and doesn't really carry much weight.
  2. Fellow student=back stabbed?

    There's a book called the Survival Guide to Working With Humans. It'd be a good little self development project if you're truly interested. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  3. Fellow student=back stabbed?

    That's better. My advice; Act professional. Grow a thick skin. Stop worrying what she thinks. This career is no joke. I really truly mean that constructively. Ever hear the phrase "nurses eat their young"? Her saying that stuff during the interview ...
  4. Fellow student=back stabbed?

    A) I'm failing to see how her conduct is unprofessional, honestly. B) It sucks you didn't get the job. It sounds like you are blaming her because she was a part of the peer interview part. I doubt her opinion really carried enough weight in the sele...
  5. Evil Nurses

    Personally, I'd start looking for another job ASAP. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  6. Fellow student=back stabbed?

    I think you should act like a professional. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  7. Fat nurses

    I was 5'9" 240 when I graduated nursing school. One year I decided to start taking my weight seriously. I started paying some attention to what I was eating and worked some light exercise into my week. I managed to lose 65 lbs in about a year (from 2...
  8. The term "actively dying" has always struck me as amusing, because in the end, we're all going to die. So in a sense, no matter how healthy, we're all actively dying. Of course, when we say it at work, we mean that the patient is probably going to di...
  9. How did you land your first RN job?

    I got my first job on a Friday, the same day I took my last nursing school exam, and started orientation on Monday. Fortunately the area I graduated in had a need for RNs at the time. Me and three of my classmates all hired into the same unit - the s...
  10. YouTube Nurses and Nursing Students. My Top 10 List.

    Once in a while I do a youtube search for nursing school clinical groups that are doing roleplaying as patient/nurse. The naiveness never fails to amuse me. I don't mean that in a mean spirited way, its just fun to hear the innocent textbook conversa...
  11. I don't know about it being the best but I wouldn't trade mine for anything else.
  12. Does becoming a CNA help you if you want to become an RN?

    I was an aide for several years before and during nursing school. Being a CNA is practicing the art of basic nursing care. That is taught in nursing school, sure, but it isn't practiced very much during clinical. People that work as a CNA on the oth...
  13. Have Male Nursing Students felt bias during class/clinicals?

    If you mean numerically dominating, then yes. I've really had no experiences with it being gender biased at all as far as instruction or practice - unless the coin operated tampon dispenser in the breakroom counts. I never felt left out during conver...
  14. And make sure your people are writing variances for every single little thing that happens due to being short-staffed. It will encourage management to address the problem faster since they'll start to be held accountable for the breakdowns.
  15. How to chart I&Os

    time management

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