There has to be more besides for NP job searches??!

  1. Right?! It appears that and the dreaded Craigslist has become the only websites to go to when searching for NP jobs. I will be graduating with my Masters in nursing come June, then taking my boards to become FNP certified.. I'd like to know a couple of things:

    1. What websites did you go to for applying to jobs (NPs only please).

    2. What else, besides cold applying, did you do to land your job (please be specific. If networking, what was networking for YOU).

    Thanks so much!
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Hospital websites is what I used...
  4. by   NHGN
    You could use a recruiter?
  5. by   BCgradnurse
    State NP associations usually have job postings on their websites.
  6. by   djmatte
    Practicelink was by far the most helpful website I've used. A physician recruiter recommended it and while I only got a handful of responses, there were a number of positions that reached out to me through it. The other sites semm to be littered with expired positions or recruiters looking for locums only.
  7. by   yogagal
  8. by   db2xs
    Quote from BCgradnurse
    State NP associations usually have job postings on their websites.
    I also get emails from AANP with jobs.
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  9. by   aprnKate
    3Rnet and New Mexico state are always looking for providers. Go rural, you will find a job.
  10. by   travelRN555
    you can check directly with the hospital websites or
  11. by   Riburn3
    State and local organizations. Hospital and clinic websites. Monster. Indeed. I live in Texas and the state NP organization is always emailing job info. The AANP does the same as well.
  12. by   FullGlass
    Here are more job search resources for new grad NPs:

    Check with your school's placement office and alumni services office for job openings and networking

    Have good LinkedIn profile and start building a network. This is a good way for recruiters to find you. Recruiters definitely work with new grad NPs. It's also a good professional networking tool. You can sign up for tailored job listing announcements and search for job openings.


    All Star Recruiting at


    USAjobs for federal jobs

    HRSA Workforce Connector
  13. by   Goldenfox
    If you will be looking for a perm job then you should go directly to the employer website and apply there. Agencies can be helpful but if you go that route you should be aware that they aren't always what they seem. Some of them keep posting the same jobs over and over again on different job boards, lots of them; and they sometimes do this under different company names. Many of those posted jobs never existed. They are listed there to get unwary job seekers to click on them and to fill out job applications so that the company can collect your information. They make money when you click, and they make money again when they sell your information to marketing databases.

    Mind you, a few of these mass listings may actually be a real job. A few. Typically the recruiter will call or email you and say that they received your information and that the position you applied for has been closed/filled/ canceled/expired...whatever, and that they would love to look for another one for you. But, of course they just need to talk to you some more to find our a little bit more about you and what you're looking for. During this process you will be asked to divulge even more information about yourself and your history which they use to fill in any blanks from when you previously submitted your application. You might get lucky, and they might call you back about a real job. Or they might tell you that they will submit your information to the client (with your permission). Most of the time though you won't hear from them again. The moral of the story is: take agencies and recruiters with a grain of salt. Always watch out for 'bait and switch' when you're working with them. You will learn to discern very quickly if you are wasting your time, and it will help you keep your job search focused.