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  1. aprnKate

    FNP-C vs FNP-BC

    you can use NP-C or FNP-C. I use FNP-C for all my signatures so that people know I'm Family Practice. I didn't take the ANCC. I don't think you get hired more if you take one certification over the other.
  2. aprnKate

    Tearing my hair out over noncompliant DM2 patients!

    I have had some patients that are do not want insulin. there's nothing wrong with putting them on oral meds. I actually use it as a bargaining chip.. I tell them that i'll put them on oral meds if they check with me every 1-2 months along with healthy eating and exercise. I've gotten patients down from >14% down to 7% in 4 to 6 monthw with only oral antidiabetics. Also, I explain to patients that there is a reason behind why I am suggesting for them to take these meds and I explain the function of each med so that they can understand. I also don't fool around and I go straight to the kidney failure talk and if they keep up a sustained high blood sugar that they will end up in kidney failure and will have to go to dialysis 3 times a week for 4 hours and the potential to lose their legs and eye sight. If still don't comply I document and then that's on them not on me. I just tell them that they have a chance to change their outcome and the outcome of their help is not on me. I just let it go after that, can't fix patients who think they don't need fixin.
  3. aprnKate

    There has to be more besides indeed.com for NP job searches??!

    3Rnet and New Mexico state are always looking for providers. Go rural, you will find a job.
  4. aprnKate

    NP Work life balance

    lol... sounded like my first permanent job as a NP. loved the patients and co workers for the most part. hated the drama. there always has to be an office manager married to the boss and the boss having some type of affair with the front desk personnel/medical assistant. Ugh!not a good work place environment. I agree. Locums is the way to go if you are burned out. has some flexibility with schedule and you get to try out different places before you settle with one you like.
  5. aprnKate

    Job Offer Details

    This offer is a JOKE! now go back and tell them this is a Funny Joke and ask them what they are really offering! because I wouldn't touch this package even if I was a new grad. Don't waste your time with this private company and take your awesome NP skills elsewhere where you will be considered a valuable asset and will be paid for what your worth! This job is low pay and you'll see 25 patients a day with call. sounds like a job where one can get easily burned, also i wouldn't do it for that kind of pay. They also forgot to put mileage on the 2 facilities that you will have to drive to. I get you are not impressed with your current employer but don't jump into another job where its also sounds like a total mess and this one definitely does.
  6. aprnKate

    Nurse midwife/family NP

    If you plan to have a family... just be mindful that CNMs are on call a lot. I'm a FNP and have considered getting post masters CNM but then I saw a colleagues schedule and her schedule is 12 hour shifts and she is on call after her 12 hour shift. she does get called in quite a bit. I'm a FNP and i'm happy with having a no call schedule
  7. There's a bunch of seminars on this topic on starting your own private practice if you just google it up. You can also probably ask your local state NP groups how they got started on this, I'm sure one of the NPs in your local have done it which requires you to form a LLC or S corp -- you can get an accountant to set that up for you. Hire a collaborating physician... and of course, a loan to start up your business... etc
  8. aprnKate

    Need a sanity check

    Its great that you are putting out feelers out there. I guess it depends what you are looking for 85k plus RVUs/incentive 12 ppd..do they offer benefits? also is the 85k considered W2 or will you be a contractor 1099? if its 1099 i think this is low especially if they don't offer benefits. Also I would ask exactly what is the average number of patient the clinic sees per day because I used to work at a rural clinic that told me that if I saw x amount of patients beyond x number of patients I would get a bonus, I never got that bonus because the average amount of patients per day never did exceed the amount to get the bonus. Therefore, I was stuck with the base salary. 95k starting with AF is not bad for a new grad especially if this had benefits and your years for the govt will count. I currently work for the govt not at AF but IHS. I really like having benefits and retirement benefits which I did not have with my first perm job. Pain management clinic - i'm glad you like this because many people don't including myself. I try very hard to not put my patients on opioid therapy and also i'm trying to wean off patients on opioid therapy that i have inherited from another provider's panel and this is not fun because you face a lot of resistance from patients. One thing with taking a pain management job is that it is specialized so in the end if you don't like it anymore and want to switch to Family Medicine/Internal Medicine then you don't have that experience since you started with a field that is specialized. So think also about the skills that you should learn that will set a good foundation for your NP experience for future marketability. Good luck!
  9. aprnKate

    NP being used as an RN

    this whole situation is just real bad news. I really do hope you seek another job that is appropriate for your NP role.
  10. aprnKate

    NP being used as an RN

    Experience? He/she is not getting the NP experience at all by choosing to stay. Play nice and direct yes but I wouldn't stay for a RN experience unless of course you just want the RN role.
  11. aprnKate

    NP being used as an RN

    Find another job SOON first and get your ducks in a row and then quit. Hopefully you didn't sign anything that can tie you in. Just tell them that you either are a NP or your a RN but not both. If they don't listen to you, then they do not value you or respect you. No ifs, and & buts. Besides why stick around being a RN when you can become a NP. Why don't you tell those docs to recover their own patients as well? They are just really taking advantage of you. Trust me, I've been in the same situation once where they tried to use me as a RN. I didn't hesitate to say anything (but of course, I was traveling back then).
  12. aprnKate

    PA curriculum

    Sadly... I wish NP school curriculum was like that of the PA school as well but look on the bright side you don't have to necessarily to be under a physician to open up your practice in certain states. I guess that is one advantage NPs have. I am envious of those surgery and inpatient rotations though.
  13. aprnKate

    Move to Washington or New Mexico as new FNP graduate

    You'll get 4 seasons w/ ABQ and Santa Fe. Make sure to research what neighborhood you'll plan to live in. Some parts of ABQ are sketch. Nob Hill near the University is good and so are the newer neighborhoods towards that Petroglyph National Monument. Balloon Fest and Bacon Fest yearly in ABQ. Balloon Festival – I have never gone but heard is pretty awesome to go to from my co-workers. Santa Fe has an outdoor opera house in the summer. I plan to go this summer sometime. There is a light rail from ABQ to Santa Fe and vice versa. Both places are much more chill than the major cities in TX. I used to live in San Antonio but worked in rural TX. You'll work hard for your money in TX and do earn more. NM/AZ –I find that the weather is tolerable and is much drier, not much humidity so its tolerable to go outside and do hikes unlike TX.
  14. aprnKate

    Move to Washington or New Mexico as new FNP graduate

    What type of teacher will your husband be? If its K-12, I know that the Navajo Rez always need teachers but be mindful that its a rural area. I'm not sure if you are looking at being in the city.
  15. aprnKate

    FNP Oversaturation

    It will only be hard to find a job if you want to stay in one place like a metropolitan area. Rural areas, I have found to be the best place for me in terms in being able to practice in full scope. Metropolitan NPs sometimes get stuck in a specialty. I love rural areas. there are so many great ones to explore and each community is different. Also becoming a traveling NP is also a really cool gig... I've only traveled and worked permanently in rural areas as a NP. There's nothing like it. I have MD and NP friends that have been traveling from 8 to 9 years. they don't pay PTO but you earn enough money that you don't need PTO, you can just take the time off. When I traveled I did 3 months on 1 month off. Some people did 3 months on/off, some did 6 months on/off and they used their off time to do volunteer in other countries or travel.