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travelRN555 specializes in ER/Trauma.

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  1. travelRN555

    Frontier DNP

    Any one have any inside info on Frontier’s 15 month DNP program— what’s the catch, how is it so short compared to other programs? Or does anyone know of an DNP program that I can do that will allow me to get a dual certification- ie, I’m an FNP but if I’m going to do a program with clinical hours I would like to be able to do Acute Care as well if possible (On a side note, I’m a Walden University MSN graduate and I would rather not go that route this time)
  2. travelRN555

    Walden University FNP

    Yes, but it took forever. I got hired at a brand new urgent care. I have yet to start though because they are still finishing construction.

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