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Worked with a male nurse the other night. This nurse is agency and has worked at our facility for some time. He always gives good pt care and is helpful to the aides and other nurses. As I took V.S.... Read More

  1. by   Brownms46
    I had a pt. the other nite, who I didn't get a chance to go in, and check on her as much as I would have like to. I was busy with a couple of others who were time consuming. But when I step into say goodbye to her....I apologized for not coming in and talking with her. She said...oooh no problem..I had(male CNA)...and he was JUST FINE..!

    I enjoy working with men, and in a former life...that is mostly all I worked with! If my Ob nurse had been a male..I could have cared less!! All I wanted was someone to help me... get them out...period!!! The hospital I work at now....has just as many nurses who are males...as nurses who are females! Maybe that is why the atmosphere is sooo nice here!

    I say... let's have more men in nursing...the more that the better! As long as they what they're doing, and are professional....come on over here...:chuckle!
  2. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I say lets have more dedicated and caring professionals in nursing, regardless of gender, color, religious preferences, age what-have-ya. I encourage anyone who is competent and compassionate to enter our ranks......leave the other junk out of it. why's it gotta be so HARD???????
  3. by   psychonurse
    I agree totally with SmilingBlueEyes......we need more nurses, it doesn't matter if they are male, female or green or blue..... it is really scary someplaces when the nurses are being worked to the total end of thier strength cause there is no one to take over thier shift. We need to get more nurses and quit cutting down and making the ones that we have feel that they can't be in the profession cause they aren't the right sex or nationality. I guess the next race they are going to start on is the American Indian and then I am in trouble.
  4. by   mark_LD_RN
    TEEITUPTOM-- I am not overly sensitive, maybe it seems that way because the whole intent of a message is hard to convey in a bb or email setting.

    i do get annoyed with nurses behaving or making statements in an immature or unprofessional manner. I am sure you are refering to my reply to an earlier poster who insinuted that there is something wrong with a male wanting to be an OB nurse. I am sorry if you can't understand why this would be considered inflammatory to me.

    but like i said many times before to me it is the patient who really matters, they love me so that is why i do it.it was at their request that i took this career track. i have no problem with patients requesting a different nurse that is their perogative, it don't bother me even if that patient is a nurse.

    what really bothers me is nurses wanting to limit my career choices and options just because i am male. it does not matter to my patients so why should it matter to them

    i hope this clears up my points a little.

    thanks cherfuldoer psychonurse brownms and all the other nurses who are open minded and supportive of your coworkers. nursing need more like you. if we would spend more time working together and supporting each other and less time shooting each other down and stabbing others in the back nursing would become a much more attractive carreer. thanks again
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    hey what about me. mark? i have been one of your staunchest supporters here. *hang head and pouts........
  6. by   schrandt
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by mark_LD_RN
    thanks to people like you who support nurses who happen to be male, things are getting better for us. maybe one day we will be seen as equals.
    Please don't give up you guys. We need more of you. In truth, I would rather work with men, especially those comfortable in their own skin. Why is is so much easier than working iwth women?? You know I worked with a nurse named Mark years ago, and we had a ball. I still think of him when I see a wig. It reminds me of the night he put a patients wig on top of the IV pole. I didn't know it, and when I walked in the room it was all I could do not to let out a shriek. Thought it was a person. Mark, you weren't from Ia once were you? If not, thanks for making me remember and chuckle just now.