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I don't know what made me remember this but I had a coworker once with whom I had developed(I thought) something of a rapport. Well one day we were in the nurses' station and I jokingly made a... Read More

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    i was working in home health, not as a nurse because i just became one (go me) but as an aide. she was old and always picked someone out of the crew that she picked on. Well she sat on her bed one day and asked me to get her a glass of water. ok im not a nurse, but water i can get (LOL), at least i thought so, anyway. so, i proceeded to the sink and got her water. job well done, right? Not to her. she complained that i had gotten the water wrong (how can you get a glass of water wrong anyhow?) apparently, she wanted me to run the faucet for 30 secs before getting it to get the water "cleared out of the pipes"!! lol!!

    Okay, now I'm not say she should have actually complained about this (I mean, come on ... pick your battles lady!) but I had a camp nurse when I was younger who used to always let the water run. I distinctly remember her standing with the cup under the faucet and dumping the first couple cupfulls until the water "cleared the pipes"! I've never heard of anyone else doing that!
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    I have had compliants due to being a male nurse. I always figure it's their loss, I'm good at what I do, and my patients get excellent care.
    My view exactly Cowboy
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    Well, this didn't happen at work but made me think of this thread--
    I was at church this morning getting the choir ready to warm up for the service, in the sanctuary (I'm a church musician as well as a nurse). One of the choir members is coming up and stops and says to me, "Do you have a bandaid?" I glanced over to see that she had a TINY paper cut and a tissue with a little bit of blood on it. I told her where the first aid kit was and went on with getting the choir members together to practice as she went to get herself a bandaid. Then one of the choir members starts saying really loud, "Wow, some nurse you are! Remind me to ask not to have you as my nurse if I'm ever in the hospital!" I started the warmup so she'd have to sing and not talk; I thought all was well. However as we paused and went on to the next song I had to actually stop playing piano to let her know I did not appreciate her comments since there she was talking about it again--"She's a bad nurse! Ha ha, I wouldn't let her take care of me..."--and of course parishoners are starting to take their seats by then who wouldn't have known the whole thing was over a paper cut!

    She did apologize and all is forgiven, but it's been kind of bugging me--I explained to her that I really felt that my reputation as a nurse was being challenged--I don't think she quite got it since she kept apologizing for hurting my feelings (which wasn't the problem at all). I know she was just kidding but people need to know when to stop!

    Thanks for letting me vent, everyone!
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    Quote from gggggg
    She's a bad nurse! Ha ha, I wouldn't let her take care of me..."--and of course parishoners are starting to take their seats by then who wouldn't have known the whole thing was over a paper cut!

    I don't think that was very funny ... what was the "poor injured lady" doing while that was going on?
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    gggggg- Two comments on your amusing story...

    1) Boy oh Boy, doesn't church always bring out the Christ in us?

    2) You should have told her that you wouldn't want her as a pt! (She'd probably be the type that want's you to wash her butt real nice with a washcloth every time she went to the BSC, no matter how capable she was)
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    This IS the scariest forum on this web site, on a number of levels.

    I've had complaints that I was too nice to patients.
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    gee paper cuts being male now that I can understand NOT Guess the whole world would be better off without patients LOL
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    Before I post the silliest complaint, I want to assure you that I'm not joking and the complaint was completely untrue. I also had not had any trouble with the CNA who made the complaint. Nor had I ever discussed this subject prior to this incident.
    I was working at a christian nursing home and one of the CNA's, well known by everyone for causing serious trouble for co-workers, was having a conversation with another co-worker. She made the comment that all witches are evil. I laughed and said, "No they're not."
    Within days, my agency was told that I was no longer needed to fill that position. I knew later that the position remained open for some time.
    The reason I was let go? I was accused of putting "a spell" on that CNA and "causing bad things to happen" to her. I tried contacting the lawyer who had done my will, but she never returned my calls.
    This all happened in super-conservative Lancaster, PA.
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    Quote from P_RN
    Oh and everybody knows that paper towels are not the only nurse stationery, scrub pant knees and palms of your hands are also in the definition.
    Don't forget sheets and pillowcases.
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    this thread is just to good to be true.....it also makes me want to write a book..what to say and not say to your nurse while in the hospital!!!!lol

    two stories..

    1) i had this real up to do doctor on my floor with this nosey, got to get it right now wife... lawd anyway i had a full code going on in the living area of the ltc where i worked. i am on the floor doing chest compressions when she come up to me ( now mind you other nurses are baggin this lady and on the phone with med star plus running to make copies and such) she tapp's me on the shoulder and says "are you aware that john is missing a pair of his pants". of course i don't respond to this..busy right ..go away pest... she then states..."are you listening to me john is missing his best pants....i look at this lady never missing a chest compression.....uhhhh do you see what i'm doing here..pants are no where on my priority list right now!!!! i got a talkin to for that..

    2) this has to be the best one of my career for me..

    a lady brought her sick husband in for a respite stay while she did some much needed things at home. the man was on hospice and was going to die soon ..no doubt about it. it was coming. anyway he took a dreaded turn for the worse we contacted her several times by cell and her responses ranged from ill be there later im getting my hair done to i'm buying groceries. we made it very clear that he was dying. we called in hospice and the hospice nurse called her same thing..denial. she showed up 3 hours later and the lady walked in the room and said "well how is he"... i know in my heart that the man heard her voice and said oh lord here she comes again take me now!!!!!!he died as soon as she finished the sentence. the lady fell on the ground screamed kicked yelled and accused us of killing him by putting something in his g-tube ( he had cancer everywhere) . she demanded that the funeral home pack him in ice so he could have a autopsy. she wanted his "bood drained" and sent for testing...she called the facility several times wanting medical records and wanting statements... he ended up never getting a autopsy because he died of cancer and was expected to die . they told her she would have to pay out of pocket for it. but the real issue is when she came to me a month after he was buried (deciding she did in fact want to pay for the autopsy) and wanted me to assist her with digging him up ..cause you know i killed him and she could save some money by us doing it rather than a big tractor...she had a shovel in the trunk....can you say psych er!!!!!!!
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    Quote from alien-warrior
    I went into a patients room not too long ago, to find a visitor (a very large one at that), lying on the patients freshly made and neat bed while the patient was sat out in a chair.
    I politely reminded him that it was hospital policy that visitors must not sit (or lie) on the beds.
    He subsequently made a written complaint about me. The hospital supported me 100% on this issue, but the complaint still went down on my record.
    When your wrong, your wrong. When your right, your wrong.
    You can't win !!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have had several complaints made against me by relatives, all of which have been unfounded and ridiculous. I received full support from senior staff and management, and the complaints were not upheld, but they still go down on my record!!! I am the only male nurse on our ward, even my ward manager says that because of this, I am singled out and targeted by relatives who cannot comes to terms with their loved ones illness, and use the complaint system to satisfy their frustration.

    Have any other male nursing staff had this kind of problem?
    Why does being male single you out?

    It's ridiculous that a c/o should gon on your file if it is found to be groundless. Plain ridiculous. The boss should probably maintain some separate file, not have these things put into your actual file.
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    Quote from PPHawk
    I was accused of putting "a spell" on that CNA and "causing bad things to happen" to her. I tried contacting the lawyer who had done my will, but she never returned my calls.
    This all happened in super-conservative Lancaster, PA.
    Hmm, a Christian place believing in spells. O-kay...