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I am a nursing assistant in the float pool. I got floated to a med-surg floor. It was going okay, and then it got very busy when there were 3 new admits. I was in the room with the new admit and... Read More

  1. by   itsnowornever
    You are an aid, and are there to do just that, aid...NOT run around like a chicken with your head cut off just to do things some lady doesn't want to do herself. Why couldn't she have gone and helped if the call bell went off? I'd talk to your supervisor, if anything just to CYA.
  2. by   netglow
    I'd probably have said right back to that RN in front of everybody, "Well seeing that I was busy with the new admit you assigned me to -- or did you forget already ...Why the hell, did you wait so long to clean that patient up? And, I better not find that you didn't change the sheets!"
  3. by   1pinknurse
    I am not surprised but why some people become nurses is beyond me. There is no CNA button & we are supposed to be a team. I was not a CNA prior to becoming an LVN but that isn't the point. If a call light is going off & my CNA's are busy then I go deal with it. It doesn't happen often but sometimes it does. It isn't a big deal to me. I feel we should have each others back & work as team but that is my opinion. There are many nurses who can sit there & let a call light go off for 10 minutes yet continue working. I can't.
  4. by   aureliarye
    It was not your fault! 1st of all she still needs to be able to change sheets, diapers, whatever is necessary if you are not available. Her education does not get her out of that task-ever. If she thinks it does she needs to go do something else. REPORT HER!
  5. by   chevyv
    That nurse heard the call bell going off for 10 minutes and did nothing!?! I'm a nurse and believe me when I tell you I take pts to the br often. Not just the easy ones who can be walked into the br and the call light handed to them, but the ones that need help standing, turning, sitting etc. I then clean them up, put a new brief on and clean up afterwards. That nurse was a piece of work and next time feel free to let her know that a call light going off for 10 minutes is about 8 minutes too long and she needs to go see about her pt. You could remind her that teamwork is important and she is also part of the team caring for her pts. Come work with me! You tell your nurse someone is in pain? You actually provide information? I love you
  6. by   sunnyskies9
    That nurse was way out of line. You can't be 20 places at once. If I were the nurse with the new admit, I would have expected you to be there taking vitals, etc. Was it so difficult for the rude nurse to answer the call light herself?? On my unit, we have secretaries that answer the call lights. But surely the nurse station was not empty for an entire 10 min where no one was there to answer the call light. You are certainly not at fault. I would tell your manager asap about what happened.
  7. by   proud nurse
    I come from the old school of thinking, treat people the way you want to be treated.

    Would she like someone embarassing her in the nurse's station? I doubt it. If you were the only aide on the floor, and there were 3 new admits you guys were seriously understaffed.
  8. by   P_RN
    Do you have a communication system where they can beep you or call your beeper? Otherwise how are you to know? "SOMEone" knew and should have been your backup...."Oh Nurse...it's your patient too." even turning and putting a temporary draw sheet would have been better than ignoring hime and going looking for someone to blame.
  9. by   Pia la nia
    If it is anyone that should be embarrassed, it should be the nurse, who clearly complains because she can not do basic patient care like changing sheets and cleaning poop. Just remember, you can only attend to one patient at a time. Call light is everyone's responsibility. Whoever nearby should've attended to it. No need to feel embarrassed about anything. Stick up for yourself, because nobody will! Know that you have done your job and be proud of it! =)
  10. by   Alf2
    Quote from Jeweles26
    I agree with other posters. If she noticed the bell going off for 10 minutes she could have A) Gone and dealt with it herself B) Gone to get you to let you know C) Ask someone else to go since you were both otherwise engaged. There is no excuse on HER part for letting the patient do that to himself.
    I dont care what letters come after your name, RN, LPN, CNA, wtv. People who think they are too good to do things like help a patient walk, get a patient to the bathroom or on a bedpan, do a bedbath, they just make me mad. Its all nursing 101.
    I had a colleague once who thought that kind of thing was acceptable. Really busy AM rounds. Patients ringing everywhere. She walks by a specific patient who tells her he has to have a BM and needs to go to the bathroom. She answers, 'I dont have time, just **** in your bed and the CNA will clean up after'. True story, her actual words. Needless to say, she did not last long at this hospital.
    OMG UNACCEPTABLE! Sickening!
  11. by   mikala3
    Sounds like she was just mad at having to clean a patient up. It happens.
  12. by   goodyuvm
    If she knew the call light was going off then she should have answered it. This really frustrates me when RN's think they are above answering call bells.
  13. by   missk88
    Just as others are saying; she is being a jerk. Try not to let her get to you, because if you let her, she will continue to do so. Kill her with kindness and don't let it show that she bothers you. As long as you know the truth that is all that matters. I'm sure other nurses will notice her attitude and will not appreciate it as well. Even though they aren't actively sticking up for you, if they have a clue as to what is going on, they probably realized you were right and she was just being rude. She can only embarrass you if you let her, so don't. Kindly and calmly explain your side of the story and if she still wants to respond with attitude just smile and walk away from it. People like that aren't worth your time.