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  1. I do not believe so. I have worked as a tech for the past 5 years and have seen many other techs leave because they got their license. Once they got that they are no longer allowed to work as a tech weather they had an rn position lined up or not.
  2. this thread brought me back to when I was in school for Medical assisting..... I always knew to draw cultures first, that reason is obvious... but one thing I remember but cannot remember the reason was never to draw a lavender tube first.... so if you have to draw only a CBC you have to use a red stopper tube first, then you can draw the CBC I THINK the reason was air getting in the tube effecting the result but I'm not sure.... any one know the proper reason??
  3. mamaxmaria

    Was I at fault? the nurse embarrassed me in front of others.

    The fact of the matter is, when you work in healthcare, there is always going to be that nurse with the superiority complex that does not see the techs and aides as her team members but simply their assistant who they have control over. I work as tech and was very recently chewed out in front of my coworkers by a nasty nurse. I was assigned to do cover for breaks, and the first tech refused to go when I went to relieve him. I told this nurse ( who was the charge nurse that day ) and her response was "I dont care as long everyone gets their break." ...okay then I moved along went to the next person but unfortunately people like to take a little longer then there assigned breaks so when I finally got back to break the tech that originally refused he had already complained he didn't get a break and someone else broke him. Well and hour later this charge nurse calls be over and in front of all my coworkers (and a few pt's and visitors) yells at me "Why didnt this person get a break?!?!" I told her I went back to relive him but he had already gone" well she goes on how I am supposed to tell her and not just take it upon myself to take of it. Well lets just say I could have gone off and made her feel like a complete ass but I just shut my mouth and walked away. I love my job and I love what I do but this is the nature of the beast. We as techs and aides are the "low ones on the totem pole" sometimes certain nurses seem to forget that we are a part of the team and are their for the same reason they are... to help care for our pt's. All we can do is perform our job to the best of our ability. Don't let a mean nurse get under your skin because their are plenty of other mean nurses where that came from, and plenty of nurses that truly appreciate the work we as techs and aides do.
  4. mamaxmaria

    Hackensack Interview Question!!!

    Yes I have been here for a little over a year now :-)
  5. mamaxmaria

    I don't think I want to be a nurse anymore...how about RT?

    Thank you all for the comments. They were all very informative. I know has an RT I will also be very busy and hectic, which I dont mind, and I know with a BSN I could do so much more as the RT is very limited. I still feel at this present time I will be much happier. Once I start the RT program I could be done in a year. With a child on the way and limited financial resources I feel this is my best option. I have researched jobs in my area, and while there are many more opportunities for RN's there are still RT positions out there. With my hospital experience, and many friends who are RT's, I feel confident finding a job wont be too much trouble. Right now, I don't want to be a nurse anymore. I honestly do not want to deal with what I see nurses deal with every day. What all of you do is amazing and it takes a certain type of person to be a nurse, and I just don't think I'm that person, not yet anyway. Maybe down the road I'll find the drive and desire and go for it, but right now I feel much more comfortable going the RT route.
  6. So I was on track at my local community college for my RN. With my pre reqs finished up with last semester I was on the hunt for a BSN program to transfer into, as you need a BSN in my area to get a job. I was accepted to a few places but now I'm thinking I don't want to do this anymore. ( I also can not afford a BSN program) For the past yeah I have worked as a ER tech in a VERY VERY busy level 2 trauma center. Before that I was in MICU/SICU for 4 years. I was in the ICU when I decided I wanted to really be apart of the healing process and make a difference. Now I'm starting to think I do not want that at all. I'm 13 weeks pregnant, i dont know if that has anything to do with it but I'm thinking I rather go for respiratory therapy. I want to stay in health care and I want to continue to work with people, and I still want to be able to get that adrenaline rush with traumas and codes. But I honestly don't want to be responsible for the TOTAL care of the pt. Is it bad that I don't want that responsibility and stress? I have watched the RN's for years be put threw hell and back with politics, doctors, pt's, and the stress from short staffing... why would I put myself threw that??? I know with nursing there is much more I can do then just bedside, acute care, and with respiratory my options are limited but that is okay with me. RT is so appealing right now because it is so focused. I can still get the rush i get from traumas and codes, and I can still make a difference because I would be helping people breath easier :-) I talked to RN's and RT's at my job and some say go for RN because it's more money and you can advance, some say go for RT for the exact reasons I have already stated. Ultimately I need to do what I feel is right for me but I would still like some advice and comments... thanks
  7. mamaxmaria

    How to write a verbal warning on poor work relationships

    Is she going for nursing or this is just how she likes do to her job? When I first started as a PCT 5 years ago I was nervous about everything! I quickly learned that all pt's have different norms and what not but what really helped me to relax was the nurse explaining to me WHY the pt's blood pressure was so high/low or WHY they were a bit tachy. If I think something is abnormal, It's my job to let the nurse know, and I love it when the nurse explains things to me ( as long is wasn't in "omg you stupid tech" kinda way ) In the long run it really helped me be better at my job and really helps that I am now going to school for nursing myself. Maybe you can try explaining things to her in a non condensing kind of way. I know with some people it can be like beating a dead horse but It could be worth a try :-)
  8. congrats! are you going to be a PCT or a CNA? 3 days for orientation doesn't sound like much.... I've worked at 2 hospitals... The first one was one week of orientation in a classroom setting. Going over how to do EKG's Blood work, transferring and moving pt's. The next few weeks we were on the floor with a precepter. After that we went to our shifts. The job I have now was 1 week of classroom orientation again but this was more sitting and watching endless power point presentations about the hospitals policies and procedures. This was a much larger well known hospital, where we had to be already certified and have some experience to even get the job. The first hospital was on the job training. The second week of orientation was spent 5a-1pm going around the job with the Diagnostic Techs. They are the ones that go around and do the blood work and EKG's for the entire hospital, except the ER (the only part of the hospital thats uses PCT's) After that I was with a preceptor for a week and then thrown to the wolves. lol Most hospital will provide you with scrubs once a year. The number of scrubs they give you depends on your status. (FT or PT.) Not all hospitals do this and the scrubs they provide usually suck so I would suggest finding out what color scrubs you will need and go get a few pairs yourself. My job has yet to give me scrubs, even though we all filled out the request forms.... good luck let us know how it goes!! :-)
  9. mamaxmaria

    cry for help

    I was originally going for my associates, and then decided It was a waste of time and I needed to get my BSN. I found taking the pre reqs at a community college saved me ALOT of money...And now instead of going another 2 years for my Associates, I'm going for 2 1/2 to 3 years for my BSN. I would suggest Find a bsn program you like, check what classes they require and take as many of them as you can at a community college. Make sure they can transfer first. most states have a website you can determine what classes transfer to what school for which class. I kinda of accidentally fell into getting my degree this way and it actually saves a lot of time and money.
  10. mamaxmaria

    don't know what to do anymore...

    I'm so sorry your in this situation, it's actually feels similar to mine. Have you ever been a ward of the state or in foster care? If so you are automatically declared independent. You can also try talking to your financial aid officer at your school. They can declare you independent under certain circumstances. As far as your living situation goes, I would try to get any job you can to get out. I worked as a waitress and made enough money to get away from my house and rent a room. Also, there are always people looking for room mates so thats an option. I'm working my way up the ladder, I went for medical assistant, got a job as a s secretary in a hospital, then moved up to Patient Care Technician, and now I'm working towards my BSN. It is possible, I had no assistance besides a few hundred in financial aid. I pay everything out of pocket and putting off student loans until I start BSN in the fall. (I'm taking the pre reqs at community college). I came from a very hostile home environment. Both my parents have their struggles with addiction which caused them to be cruel and violent. this is no environment for someone trying to gain a proper education. You can try for unemployment, I'm not really sure how it works but If you are on government assistance you get will probably get a large pell grant. And keep applying for the programs regardless of weather you think you will be accepted or not. I know getting in and going to school is tough especially when you are doing it all on your own with one to assist you, but it is possible just keep your thoughts on what you want to accomplish and you will push yourself threw I promise!
  11. mamaxmaria


    I had to sit A LOT in my last job, not so much in my current one as they have designated sitters... one thing you never do is tell them to "calm down" thats for sure lol When the pts started to get violent security was always called, and were put on four point leather restraints if necessary. My last job was in a level 2 hospital, in an urban area. We had to go threw mandatory gang education and self defense training. We were taught how to physically protect ourselves were a pt to attack us. and YES we are allowed to physically protect ourselves from our pt's I just try to listen to them if they want to talk and put myself in their shoes, and choose my words carefully. Sometimes though there is just no talking to them..
  12. mamaxmaria

    Florida Hospital Interview for PCT position

    I had to go threw the whole interview process a few months ago. But I had to meet with HR first...then meet with the nurse manager and do 2 peer interviews. I was lucky the day I interviewed with HR the Nurse Manager was available to see me... So I got it all done the same day. It is normal to meet with HR as THEY are the ones that actually offer you the position. The nurse manger decides weather they like you or not, then HR decides if your qualified for the position.... good luck :-)
  13. mamaxmaria

    PCT job

    Well I work as a PCT in NJ...in the metropolitan are... so directly across the river :-) I've had 2 PCT jobs and the pay range was 16-18/hr NYC should be about the same but I'm guessing it will be more.
  14. mamaxmaria

    Pay discrepancies? Security makes more then ER tech?

    actually i did... and i admitted it was wrong to use the word if you had read my previous posts...
  15. mamaxmaria

    Pay discrepancies? Security makes more then ER tech?

    Actually, in my original post I used the term "lesser" for lack of a more appropriate one at the moment...which i stated in the original post. and yes how dare she... From one silly question she implied I am not a team player, and have some idea that I'm better then others.
  16. mamaxmaria

    Pay discrepancies? Security makes more then ER tech?

    I guess I just thought with more responsibility comes more pay, maybe thats naive. But I do understand the points you have made, regardless of weather you have understood mine. I didn't mean to come off as if I'm better then anyone else, I in no way feel that way. As far as the whole EKG is concerned,(you all seem so offended) I was just stating a fact of how it is in this facility. But according to you all it was just my manager pretty much tapping the little tech on the head telling me to be a good little tech. yeah thats it right?