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IsmeAmanda has 12 years experience as a LPN.

Hx: Icu step down, inpatient hospice, occupational nurse, nursing home/SNF and corrections. 

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  1. CoWorker using a patient's medication

    Ok so we got nurses killing patients, sleeping with inmates and using their patients dilaudud but hold on, Blondie RN caught someone using scabies cream and her conscience is just weighing her down ?
  2. Nursing is the Biggest Mistake of My Life

    1) your fiancee sounds like an *******. I would say don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya. Been married to a man like that, kicked him out after 10 agonizing years. 2) do people secure jobs without graduating yet? This is definitely...
  3. Quitting nursing school?

    First of all I see that you don't want to pass medications and document. I think I feel that that skill is going to be the Baseline of new nurses.. everyone is going to start somewhere before they get to their OR job or ICU job or what have you. I co...
  4. Already been told I shouldn't be a nurse (Rant)

    Oh Lord such an EMT mentality.
  5. Already been told I shouldn't be a nurse (Rant)

    I would have asked "so can I have my CPR card now?" In reality many nurses really get better at CPR in the field watching other people. Because as long as you're not by yourself it's unlikely you'll run a code. Hopefully the first few times you'll ob...
  6. What's in your nurse bag?

    I have a back pack which in the car my car thinks it's a person and beeps until I have the seat belt on it. -carrying case with electronic BP cuff, spo2, temporal thermometer -manual bp cuff -stethescope -pen case like the zipper school bag -binder ...
  7. How do people feel about male nurses?

    At least working with a male nurse gives you something nice to stare at.
  8. I'm a sexless nurse

    For the record - as a victim of molestation from a male relative I would not want a strange male catherizing me. No offense to him. It took me years to have sex without flashbacks, it took years to open my legs to my female NP gyn, and it would take ...
  9. Multiple jobs???

    I work 8 hours, 7 days a week. Been doing it a month now, I'm pretty tired :/
  10. Summer Job Woes

    Stop telling them it's for the summer... You're not cutting ties. Let them know you have something else going on and you loved the time spent there and you'd like them to consider you in the future. I was a store manager before I was a LPN, I rehired...
  11. Pay rate for new LPN grads

    Georgia - SNF - $17-$20 per hour
  12. Alcohol is not illegal and I doubt that they will even mention it to you. But was drinking like a goose the night before a good idea? Always expect a drug test without warning, employers are going to this for whatever reason.
  13. Is it too late for me?

    Doesnt the NCLEX have a date where you must complete the program again?
  14. Do you stop your medpass to "watch a pt"?

    Delegate to a CNA or like someone else said - park them in a geri chair in the hall. Another good idea - have them taken to ALL activities, that way they are watched and stimulated.
  15. How Often Do You Check...?

    I have 20 blood pressure meds to give. And I have to pass meds to 36 residents and 3 g-tubes. I have 2 hours too technically be finished.I would be giving 8am meds until 2pm :/ normally on the MAR it will say check vitals, and normally the vital sign...