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Ugh! Feeling a little frustrated today with some other newbie nurses (I am one myself). As part of orientation, we have several tasks that we have to complete and classes to attend. I find them... Read More

  1. by   UM Review RN
    No, it is not okay to talk trash about me behind my back.

    One, it will get back to me.
    Two, what goes around, comes around, and it will eventually bite you in the butt. I've seen it happen to others, and I will be very happy to see the day when you finally figure out that you need to shut up.

    In addition, just because I cannot move as fast as you does not mean that I am not a good nurse. In fact, I've seen you move very quickly to do the wrong thing a couple of times now. However, I do not parade your mistakes to the entire unit, nor do I jump to conclusions about what kind of nurse you are. You have potential, but no, you are not god's gift to nursing.

    I come to work on time. I get my work done on time. I am not fooling around (literally or figuratively) when I am on the job. Just because I do not feel inclined to join you all at the bar on my night off does not mean that I am a bad nurse. Grow up, already.
  2. by   Rizpah
    Quote from grace90
    I know this is off-topic, but since we're griping about reports that we get, here's some basics of what needs to be given in report, to answer gofigure's question...

    Name, diagnosis, code status, attending dr.(s), surgical procedure if any and when, your assessment and vital signs especially the abnormals, pain and how treated, status of any wounds, interventions you did, tests done or pending, lab values esp. abnormals, ongoing problems that need new or continuing interventions, dietary needs (such as thickened liquids, fluid restrictions), any precautions or isolations, quick review of communication you had with dr.'s regarding pt, new orders... I'm sure others can add some more...

    I'd LOVE to get report from you!
  3. by   cardsRN
    here goes: LOSE the attitude ladies. i mean really, you did not invent the procedure you think i'm a dumba** for daring to ask a question about. you learned about it at some point. guess what! if given the opportunity, i can learn the same stuff as you! then i'll know what you know! you are not more special or better then me. you're not even smarter than me.
    we are all colleagues. you are not my supervisor or my mom. so do not dare chastise me like an errant child. i am an adult with my own children and life. and i behave like a professional at work, not like a spoiled brat when you don't get your way... which brings us to:
    there are policies and procedures; and then there are your preferences. if i do not do something in accordance with P&P, by all means let me know. if i do not do something IAW your PREFERENCES... do not email our NM about it. i am not going to modify my correct and acceptable (according to facility policy) practice to please you. i don't care how long you've worked here.
    and finally, this is a place of employment, not your home. this is not your territory that i am intruding on. stop acting like a bunch of middle school gossipy in-crowd girls and start acting like professional women. it is not about YOU. it is about taking care of our patients.
    whoo! felt good to get that off my chest. to bad saying it all here won't change a darn thing.
  4. by   Rizpah
    Re: Report - can we get to the pertinent information, like what happened in the last 24 hours, not what the patient did 3 wks ago?

    Re: subordinates standing around, on the phone, talking loudly - don't you have something you should be doing? I don't want to hear how "busy" you are when I constantly see you standing around talking.

    If your last job at ****** was so great - good wages, benefits, hours, co-workers, etc., Why on earth did you leave and please, feel free to go back!

    I know for a fact we covered this information at least a couple of times before, what don't you understand?

    Have you ever heard of reading a careplan? Following a careplan?

    Why are the fall mats for that resident in bed leaning up against the wall? Are you expecting them to fly out of bed and hit the wall first before hitting the floor?
  5. by   EmerNurse
    Ok more from me...

    About report - give me what I need to know, not the minute by minute history since they walked in the door (different if they rolled in the door and it's BEEN a minute by minute adventure, of course).

    If you're occassionally charge, do not interpret every vent from someone on a tough night as a personal slight against you and walk around saying "do YOU want to be charge", interjected into quiet conversations that have nothing to do with you. One of these days my answer will be, No thanks, but I sure hate YOU when you're charge. Get off your power pedestal and HELP for a change, hmm? Oh and quit whining to the House supervisor AND the director that "nobody listens to me!". Get over yourself.

    Excuses are not the same as doing your actual work. Dont think we don't all see you sitting on the phone or chitchatting with someone about your personal life, when you could be finishing up your work before report. The "oh I didn't see that order that was written 30 minutes ago while I was on the phone" only cuts it once - then we get irritated.

    And again to that sometimes-charge above, if we're insanely short staffed, and have nearly doubled our zones to cover the beds, and we're running around insanely trying to keep it all together, expect to hear venting. No one thinks you caused the short staffing, or the patient overload - it's not about you - get over it. Keep up your tidy little tattle-tale attitude (with your friend the director) and eventually it WILL be about you. Let's see how you'll like that, eh?

    <mutter> going back tonight for 3 nights - pray for me.
  6. by   mim-o
    <mutter> going back tonight for 3 nights - pray for me.[/quote]

    Oh MY Gosh-do we work with the same people
    Sending prayers and good vibes your way girl---
  7. by   General E. Speaking, RN
    ...Please stop coming to me after your shift with the "Oh whoa is me" eyes and the exasperated sighs while saying it was another horrible/crazy day. Every time I talk to you it is the same. We ALL have bad days but when it is EVERY DAY I am inclined to believe that is has something to do with YOU.

    ...Please leave your negative attitude at home. I am sorry you find it necessary to argue and confront others as if everything is a personal attack against you. Your attitude is toxic to the floor and we are sick of hearing it. Get some therapy,meditate, do yoga, or just be quiet. If you find it so unbearable to work here, feel free to LEAVE and seek greener pastures.

    ...No, I don't know every single detail about my patient and that doesn't make me a bad nurse. I just spend 12 hours running around like a mad woman trying to keep up with the never ending flow of STAT orders from the admitting and 4 consulting physicians, assists with ADLs, and numerous family members, new admits/discharges/transfers and many other interruptions. I have a full bladder and an empty stomach and when I finish giving you report I still have to OPEN my charts. I already feel like crying or exploding so forgive me if I don't know every minor detail in which you are inquiring.

    ...Nursing is 24 hrs. That's why I am not staying to do the new admission who was brought up from the ER 5 minutes ago. I have done their vitals and they are stable. I would expect you to do the same.
  8. by   NurseyPoo
    Ahhhh.....I see the lazy fairie has graced your presence again. And, she seems to have beat the heck out of you today!

    Could you not look so excited to see me during report. Makes me feel like my night is going to be looonnnggg!

    They are called orders and you take them off and check them before you leave. Oh, and that is called a patient you are responsible for checking on them every so often...You know between phone calls to your BOYFRIEND!!!

    It may not be such a good idea to keep calling in sick on Sunday mornings claiming to have a "Stomach Bug". The night staff understands that you are young, and enjoy going out on Saturdays. Call us crazy but we also expect you to be a little more responsible and show up for WORK! I so enjoy staying extra hours so that you can sleep and feel better, while we look for coverage for your shift. Thank you!

    I think it is great that you have such beautiful undergarments, I just don't need to see them everytime you check your foley chambers. Also, could you not wear leopard prints under your white pants...It is a little tacky!
  9. by   UM Review RN
    Quote from kriso

    ...Please leave your negative attitude at home. I am sorry you find it necessary to argue and confront others as if everything is a personal attack against you. Your attitude is toxic to the floor and we are sick of hearing it. Get some therapy,meditate, do yoga, or just be quiet. If you find it so unbearable to work here, feel free to LEAVE and seek greener pastures.

    Bravo! Worth repeating!
  10. by   clc19k30
    My Favorite is :
    A Lack of Planning on your part does not constitue an Emergency on mine!!
  11. by   NurseyPoo
    Quote from clc19k30
    My Favorite is :
    A Lack of Planning on your part does not constitue an Emergency on mine!!
    I feel your pain on this one...Don't you just love when the nurse before you sets you up for failure! How considerate of her/him.
  12. by   squeakykitty
    I'm standing in the shower room, not the Bermuda Triangle. I need some help here. Answer that call light!!
  13. by   RNDreamer
    NO, don't get up! I understand that the game you are playing on your laptop is FAR more important than caring for your patient's needs