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  1. cardsRN

    i need some support with an injury

    busy RN and mom- thank you so much for your supportive post. it's weird how at first you think everything is fine. the morning after my shift i was in the ER like, fine- just give me a valium and i'll sleep it off, see you all tonight. maybe not. maybe i wouldn't work another shift for 3 months... ugh. i know that i'll get over it eventually with the right treatment, it just sucks now.
  2. cardsRN

    i need some support with an injury

    flying scot- i am sorry for all you have been through. i need to hear about returning to pt care! i know all will be right in time, the uncertainty just sucks. it is good to hear survivor stories of those of us injured on the job. you should hear your MD out if he thinks additional surgery would benefit you. just saying...
  3. cardsRN

    i need some support with an injury

    thank you for replying. i have been to a chiropractor before and i swear he fixed things i didn't even know were broken! i just think i feel so lost. i miss my "real" life where i used to take care of patients, i wish i knew when i would be back there again...
  4. cardsRN

    i need some support with an injury

    So i work in a CVICU, i injured my back moving a patient in early august and have been out of work since. i am doing a light duty job part time in the evenings and i miss patient care and the challenge of ICU so much but that's not the issue. i am still having numbness in my hand and restriction of range of motion in my neck. i am in PT 2x week and it is better immediately after my PT, but always back to the same the day after. i had an EMG today and the neurologist told me that it looks like a pinched nerve in my neck and that i will probably have an MRI. i see my occupational health MD on tues. and we discussed the possibility of cortisone injections already. i am just scared. i want to hear from anyone who has been in a similar situation. i miss my life! i just want things to be back to normal already!
  5. cardsRN

    ALL Nurses should have to be a REAL patient

    absolutely. and to understand the anger and disappointment and conflicting emotions people feel and how that makes life in general harder by orders of magnitude. also, just a word about judgmental behavior: why is it that when an older person c/o pain they get treated but when a younger person c/o pain they get that label- you know the one- "seeker".
  6. cardsRN

    IckCU can't stand it.

    i recently started in a cvicu after 3 yrs cardiac medical experience. i have been there less than a year. i am finding the environment very difficult to cope with as far as other staff attitudes, gossiping, backstabbing and second-guessing. i also would like to try evenings to see if that works better for my family than my current night weekend schedule. i have been told that evenings is not available and will not become available, so i realize that i will have to transfer if i want that schedule. my question is here: i have not yet oriented to admitting hearts, have not learned IABP or CVVHD. i feel like i cannot reasonably look to transfer until i have these marketable skills under my belt. i have asked my manager when i can take classes for iabp or cvvhd and gotten "not now" as an answer, without any real reason why not or timetable for when it may be possible. with the toxic environment at this job, i dread coming in for my shifts and have had an increase in migraines. but i feel trapped d/t my lack of experience. i think ICU is right for me, just perhaps not this particular one. is it reasonable to look for other positions or do i just stick it out for as long as it takes to get oriented to hearts, etc? any advice is appreciated.
  7. cardsRN

    vents and sedation?

    this is a HUGE peeve of mine. pt vented with no intention of weaning to extubate, NOT tolerating the vent, going wild levitating off the bed with a fresh sternotomy and the doc's say no to sedation. it's a huge pt safety/comfort issue in my mind. this is a problem particularly on the unit i work in now. facility protocol is bolus sedation initially, if necessary on gtt with daily wake-ups.
  8. cardsRN

    Insulin during cardiac arrest?

    i have treated high k with insulin and d50 iv push before, but personally, not in an arrest. maybe that's what she was talking about.
  9. cardsRN

    Insulin during cardiac arrest?

    i have treated high k with insulin and d50 iv push before, but personally, not in an arrest. maybe that's what she was talking about.
  10. cardsRN

    would you finish work from previoius shift?

    i have no problem finishing up within reason. it is as many other posters have stated a 24 hour job. maybe the pt was sick (hello, they're in icu) and your priority was not the dressing change or the shave. or rotating their ET tube. no problem, i'll get it. what chaps me is when gtt's run dry b/c previous shift didn't order them and now i have to scramble. grr. what really chaps me is when other nurses write people up for little things not finished. especially if i have finished stuff for you in the past and now you are writing me up for not fininshing something you could have easily done. my manager recently sent out an email outlining the division of labor by shift. not sure what she was trying to accomplish there. i think everyone knows what their responsabilities are and for most of us, if you don't get to something there is a damn good reason why not. it seems like the few ruin it for the many and it would be healthier for the unit to deal with those few personally. but nurses are notoriously passive aggressive, so there it is. ramble ramble ramble. unfinished work is a fact of life in nursing. we should all try to be considerate of each other and a little generous. people getting too hung up on "your work" and "my work" is what creates shift wars.
  11. cardsRN

    Should I go back tomorrow morning or not??!

    no way, no how, nuh-uh. if that's how the second day of your orientation went, how do you think the rest of it will go? if they were that deaf to your pleas for help as a brand new employee, i doubt they will suddenly grow a conscience. i would not do it if i were you. or me. or anyone. just say no.
  12. cardsRN

    Kicked out of school for being pregnant!?

    i'm not in ob or legal, but i can't imagine how that could be remotely legal. how is it reasonable for the school to believe they have the right to control your reproductive freedom? granted, being pregnant/having a small child can be very stressful and limiting to your time... but if you feel you'll be able to handle it and choose to become pregnant- more power to you! i wish you a healthy pregnancy and a happy healthy baby. and a CNM degree.
  13. cardsRN

    Describe your last day at work in 50 words or less !?

    bp drifting low and a fib need bolus please no response lame doc
  14. cardsRN

    Describe your last day at work in 50 words or less !?

    confused fists of rage but no haldol here tonight what a lame ass doc
  15. cardsRN

    tech help in the unit

    omg ruby. that's what i'm talking about. people who know they're not doing a damn thing and that other people are busting a** and who don't care!

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