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at a recent unit staff meeting our new director, a lmsw, made the comment that he is proud that all the "guys" are willing to clean up "poopy diapers". i found this extremely offensive. we have one... Read More

  1. by   middleager
    If a person is going to be offended by inadvertant items like this that they feel were offensive to their gender, they need to be ready to do the same when it cuts the other way. Are you offended by the attention female firefighters, police, etc get when they are recognized for being in traditionally male roles. Do the pieces on female solders in combat positions, fighter pilots etc. anger you as well. I saw a piece on the national news the other night about a female helicopter pilot similar to the one I put forth above. There were featuring a female pilot who was involved in medical evacs, should i have been offended becasue guys have been doing that for generations why should she get recognized just because she is a female pilot. Take notice of it, thats natural, take offense, maybe, make it a big deal, really is it that big of a deal. If so, you and everyone else better be dang careful of what you say. Maybe we just quit complimenting anyone that way we won't offend. We have and should keep encouraging females to enter areas that were traditionally male dominated, could this not be in that same vien
  2. by   cherrybreeze
    I am more offended by the use of the terms "poopy diapers" (in ANY pt care setting) than I am the use of the word "guys."
  3. by   sharpeimom
    in this area, "you guys" seems to be gender-free, either singular or plural, as well as being used for a group of eleven and twelve year olds or a table of blue-haired old ladies.

    it never ceases to amaze me as well as to appall me when people are amazed to find new fathers as well as fathers of older kids doing routine child care tasks including changing dirty diapers. my grandfathers and father did it long before it became avant garde.

    times and vernacular change too slowly sometimes. he was probably just saying, "i never knew any men
    who did that before."
  4. by   pedicurn
    Quote from JSlovex2
    i think you have every right to be annoyed.

    yes, people where i'm from use "guys" collectively. i'm guilty of saying, "hey, guys" when there are no males in sight. it's just a figure of speech. however, i think in this case you've made it clear he was congratulating MEN and not using "guys" collectively. that's BS!

    it's just like when men who are single dads get sympathy and congratulations on how admirable they are when there are single mothers by the boatload doing the same thing and not only do they not get congratulated, but often ridiculed. "congratulations - you're doing your JOB!" it makes me want to gag.

    LOL not even single dads. I've seen nurses praise any male nurse with children for working 'so hard with so much on their plate'.
    Especially around holiday time when they have to cope with both children off school and work.
    Even though the children have a two parent family

    Also there is management who allows these dads to write their own roster so they can rearrange things as to never have to pay for childcare
    Somewhat disheartening for the single female nurse parents who have been battling away coping by themselves plus paying big bucks for childcare.
    I've seen certain male nurse dads not having to work certain nights because they don't have childcare those nights - and female single parents paying for overnight childcare
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  5. by   hherrn
    Those guys are heroes. I never touch poopy diapers.
    They deserve the recognition.
  6. by   SpEdtacular
    I think if anything the teasing was directed at men. It sounds like he was implying that women aren't afraid of "poopy diapers" and neither are HIS men, but other men fuhgetabout it!

    OP from what you're saying about your management situation I can totally appreciate where you're coming from. Sometimes things run smoothly even without management's help because people are doing what they are supposed to. When someone comes in and is ready to "move the unit in a new direction" or something like that ... if it ain't broke don't fix it!