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Just found out that one of our nurses (divorced w/ kids) is having an affair w/ a married doc. it is disguishing! what would you do if you were me? I think it is totally unethical to have a work... Read More

  1. by   pagandeva2000
    I know it is hard, but this is the real world. Unless it is personally affecting you, it is essentially not your business. It may be because you are aware of the behavior...think about it...there may have been many affairs going on around you and they just happened to be more discreet about it.
  2. by   Sonn
    Hey, Sandee. Just remember that it would be unprofessional on your part if you go around the hospital telling everyone what you suspect.
  3. by   1st edition
    Professionals are humans too! Just because you work in the medical field does not mean that you don't feel the same emotions as people in other fields. Putting on that uniform everyday does not turn me into a robot and it shouldn't. Who a coworker is sleeping w/ is not your business, it is their life, not yours. Ok you don't approve. I'm sure you do some things other people may not understand or approve of. I do not agree and cannot ever imagine sleeping w/ a married man but those are my personal ethics and values. I don't have the right to hurt or upset other people because I don't approve of their choices. If the pt's are being harmed that's a different matter but they are hurting only themselves (and they may not even see the harm that will eventually come to many b/c of their affair) then no one should interfere. They are grown'ups and can/do make their own choices in life.
  4. by   z's playa
    I forget who it was that said if she loved him ...she would leave him.....and THAT would prove she really truly cared..........what if the situation at home was unbearable for him...and she was his reason he could still stay in the house and keep sane ? Hes a selfish cowardly you-know-what for not telling is wife hes not happy but maybe they will "when the kids are older, right? "

    I'm putting my head on the chopping block.....but i'm just telling you what we hear as excuses here in the Great Rainy North...

  5. by   australianrn
    Just remember - the messenger always gets shot.
  6. by   SeanyRN
    Quote from sandee
    I don't know. I am just shocked. I know I can stay out of their business but it is so hard to do so. Our place is so small. It is not in a hugh hospital settings, so basically I see these two disguishing faces everyday.
    I know that this nurse is taking advantages of the situation. She is bragging about how her sugar daddy spoiled her with gifts and trips. It is just sad that these people have kids. I am now thinking to myself, "what's wrong with this world?"

    You sound jealous. Why do you care about what there doing. You dont know there situations. Mind your buisness and let it go. And what makes them so disgusting. And how do you know the nurse is taking advantage of the situation?