New nurse, how to deal with coworkers yelling at you/talking behind your back..

  1. So I'm a new nurse at a LTC facility. It's my first nursing job and when I got hired the DON and assistant DON told me it will be normal and okay for me to be slow at med pass. I have anywhere from 20-30 patients I have to care for...during my orientation some of the nurses were just really rude to me or talked to me in a condescending way. Well I had a 2 week orientation. And I've been there for not even 2 months. Last night at shift change I was counting the narcotics with the NOC nurse. There was one pill left for a routine pain medication. Granted I owned up to the mistake of not following up with pharmacy about it because I thought new card arrived, but it was a different pain medication for the same patient with a similar name. Either way she yelled at me in front of our coworkers at the nurses station and told me if I do this again she's making me drive to the pharmacy...So I'm in an office next to the nurses station to use a computer to finish my documenting. The door is open so I hear the same nurse talking **** about me to the other nurses. I am just beyond frustrated, I already had a rough shift. All of my beds are full and half of my patients want their meds at specific times and get upset with me if I'm late. I just feel so stressed and behind schedule, I truly want to quit. How do I deal with all of this?
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    The door is open so I hear the same nurse talking **** about me to the other nurses... How do I deal with all of this?
    Next time, if you hear them talking about you, walk right into that room and calmly say, "I'm right here, guys".

    I have done this, and it's actually quite funny. I enjoyed every red face and every squirm.

    I'm sure that didn't stop the talking behind my back entirely, but at least they made sure I wasn't going to hear it. Fine with me.
  4. by   Crush
    I worked LTC a while back and you are still new to the facility. Of course, you will be slower, that is expected. Be gentle with yourself.

    As for the co-workers, next time walk in there with your head held high and let them know you were right there. That can be a good time to ask for feedback or to stop them from gossiping. All depends on what they are saying.
  5. by   Crystal-Wings
    This is one of the reasons why I only do private duty nursing. I can't stand being around nasty coworkers and bullies.
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    I don't let people, nurses, doctors or administrators yell at me. I come right back in a calm professional voice "This is not the appropriate time to discuss this. We are both professional and can step into the break room if you like, or we can sit down with a supervisor if you prefer?" remember stay calm and keep your face neutral. It will only take a few times for the behavior to stop.

    As for the gossiping goes "You have to ignore it!" also do not participate in any gossip yourself. There is a particular employee where a work who can be abrasive. When some tries to draw me in with some comment I say "You know so and so is a really good nurse and I don't have any issues." Again this behavior will soon go away if you handle it right.

    It is a spiritual axiom that nothing can disturb you if you refuse to be disturbed - especially when you can drive home with your windows rolled up and curse the hole way.

  7. by   Neats
    I was filling in for a staff nurse for 8 weeks while they were on leave, the facility staff only knew I was a Registered Nurse, the facility LNHA and DON knew I was the company wide Interim Nursing Home Administrator as well as a Registered Nurse. I was slow because 1. I did not know the patients and 2. It had been about 2 years since I worked as a nurse in LTC (always the administrator). These women were bullies but I pushed forward, on week 3, I was getting better but still slow...I overheard the nurses talking about me, I walked out and said thank you all for caring so much about me, I know I am slow and know I know I can count on each of you to help me improve, I know I will with time and your willingness to help me. Who wants to go first. To my surprise three nurses stepped forward to help me, the one "ring leader" walked away, she put her resignation in before I hit week 5. No one ever knew I was the company Interim Administrator. People never stop amazing me.
  8. by   canoehead
    If that's the worst thing you did all shift, I'd be very happy with your work.
  9. by   Wanttonotexist
    Do what any mature person would. Not give a ****. If they don't care about you then stop caring about them. Do your job and do it well. You will get the last luagh. Just don't be rude back to them. Doing to others bad in response to get back makes you equivalent. I deal with ass hats every day in life. I'm not in the medical field but I met some ****** people who are not affraid to call me maggot. Don't beat yourself up over emotion. You have a solid career.
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    She who cares least, wins.
  11. by   TNT_RN09
    Man i hate that. Only 2 weeks orientation and having to deal with rude and mean staff. Then they wonder why they can't keep nurses
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    Yeah don't play the game. Don't gossip and don't let the nasty yapping nurses get you down. Do your job the best you can. When you leave work leave all the BS there. I honestly think this is our biggest issue in nursing. Divisiveness and back-biting makes it hard to consider a group that allows it in such prevalence in any way professional. Draw boundaries with your coworkers & don't let the professional become personal. Cash your check every two weeks and get on with life
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    "If wisdom's ways you wisely seek,
    Five things observe with care,
    TO whom you speak,
    OF whom you speak,
    And HOW, and WHEN, and WHERE."

    - Caroline Ingalls
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    To whom you speak about somebody else behind their back is keeping the Pig well fed and in a pen full of first class slop