Is there such a thing as "too positive"?

  1. I am an optimist. I try to see the good and positive in all situations. I work with a crowd that seems to be the opposite and today I realized it's starting to get me down. I came in this morning and was asked a question by the noc nurse, but when I tried to answer it I was interrupted with complaints. I was asked a question by my day partner, same thing happened. I hear them griping to each other about all kinds of things.

    These people have no idea how good they have it here. I used to work at another facility in a very toxic environment, and in comparison this place is heaven. The other two nurses have never worked anywhere else. I feel like telling them "If this place is so bad, go elsewhere!"

    I'm tired of the negativity. Today I'm distancing myself from the others. I gotta do that sometimes or I'll start getting grumpy and yell.
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  3. by   lauralassie
    Yes I agree. I've been told I'm too happy. It's not that I always feel giddy, it's just that if everyone is Bi*#$^*@ , then it is contagous. I'm not inappropriatly happy. Just try to see good in everything. In the ER that is really hard. I'ts easy to fall into to the slump of negativity. I even find my self doing it on all nurses. Myabe you and I could try to change some nurses attitudes. Although nursing is a difficult field, there are wonderful things about our profession.
  4. by   Tweety
    I agree, stepping back and not giving into the negativity might help. It also might help you to realize that it's not everyone and not all the time. Keep looking for the good.

    In my 30 years of work, I've never been anywhere that didn't have whiners and complainers.

    Also keep setting the example.
  5. by   Antikigirl
    Heck yes sadly! I have many posts about the flack I get for being way to happy and energetic!

    My two favorites where: 1. Man comes up to the front desk and asks if his wife could get some ice water...I said "you betcha, I will bring that in for you!" in a huge smile and cheery attitude. He waited for me to leave and complained to my manager that he wasn't sure if I was being serious or sarcastic. My manager said "oh no, she is a very happy energetic person always willing to help out!". The guy didn't seem convienced but oh well! Some people just like to be bummed out or critical of others!

    2. Came into a pts room to set up some TPN/Lipids and the MD was in there. I asked polietly if it was okay for me to set this up while they were speaking and he said fine. After I was done he dropped his pen and I picked it up and gave it to him with a happy smile (I said nothing). Guess that shocked him! He later told me I treated him like the patient by doing that...still don't know what that means really, but I looked at him like he was nuts and promiced never to pick up his pen again! LOL!

    It scares me that kindess offends or throws people off! Pretty sad world we live in if that is the case!!!!!!! As for me, I will keep on being kind and smiling...I have gotten way more compliments than disses about it, and it just feels like the right thing to do for people that aren't feeling well and stuck in a hospital!
  6. by   tntrn
    My idea of "too positive" would that resident on Grey's Anatomy. I can't think of her name; she's not on every episode, but she's really annoying in her always perky manner. My DH would call her a sunshine pump. Sometimes too perky or too positive is not right for the situation, but other than that, I too, try to be positive all the time.
  7. by   GardenDove
    I also notice alot of groundless complaining at my workplace, which also has better working conditions than most hospitals. There are some people, however, that are so utterly cheery as to be annoying. I'm pretty middle of the road.
  8. by   Lisa CCU RN
    I will never understand people who complain day in and day out.

    Triage, what a weirdo for thinking you were being sarcastic.
    So, what would he have said if you were rude?
  9. by   GardenDove
    There are some people that are so cheery as to A) come across as a syrupy phoney or B) as being on a mood altering medication, either legally prescribed or illegally obtained.
  10. by   caliotter3
    I found on my first week on my first job as a newly licensed nurse that I was bombarded by negativity. It really made a bad impression on me. I learned to go into a pt room or delve more deeply into whatever task I was on rather than get sucked into the conversation. Positive people are uplifting. Overly positive people (there are negative phrases for this behavior, their talk often revolves around themselves) also can be annoying. Both the negative and "over" positive detract from, and seem to be able to waste a lot of time in talk. Rarely, if ever, do they present any idea to help improve things, only gripes or babble. The saddest thing is often these conversations and behaviors can be heard by pts. Have had many comments made to me concerning such. Pts are not so sick that they don't pick up on attitudes; but they are sick enough that they don't want these attitudes displayed where they can not get away from them.
  11. by   TXstudentRN
    Quote from tntrn
    My idea of "too positive" would that resident on Grey's Anatomy. I can't think of her name; she's not on every episode, but she's really annoying in her always perky manner. My DH would call her a sunshine pump. Sometimes too perky or too positive is not right for the situation, but other than that, I too, try to be positive all the time.
    Haha that's exactly what went through my head when I read the post... Sidney would be her name. She's just OVERLY enthusiastic to the point of being beyond annoying - the cheerleader type that just drives you cRaZy! But I can't imagine people would go to THAT extreme without someone punching them lol. Like you mentioned, I'm just a happy positive person who looks at the best of things always and I guess some people just can't do that. People just focus on the little things and don't have much perspective, and when you do that those little things become overwhelming. I hate being around negative people since it creates such a toxic atmosphere, but I've come to accept that some people just will never be happy and see things glass half full. It's so much more exhausting to be negative!

    It's so refreshing to see motivated, positive people, so PLEASE don't stop! We need more attitudes like yours, especially with the way the world is today!
  12. by   CrunchRN
    Aw - quit whing Tazzi:roll .

    Please stay positive. Make it your choice. I love working with people like you.
  13. by   TazziRN
    I'm not the giddy, perky, Little Miss Sunshine type, I just see the glass as half full. My glass gets drained pretty darned quick around here sometimes....

    Thank you, Crunch!!
  14. by   MomNRN
    I am one of those perky, optimistic types also. I know sometimes the night-shifters just cringe when I come in at 0700 saying "Good Morning."

    I think I have become my mother. She has been eternally perky and it used to annoy the living he*& out of me!

    It is too much work to be crabby. I do my share, trust me, but I have found life is easier when you are happier.