Ever work with people who talk about church all the time?

  1. Does it get on your nerves? If so, how do you deal with it?? I'm no devil worshipper, and I see my self as being pretty tolerant of others, but I work with some people who seem kind of smug about their church attendance and often find a way to work that into many a conversation. Completely unrelated conversations.
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  3. by   middleagednurse
    I dont think people should discuss religion at work. Its too easy to offend someone. Perhaps in next staff meeting the manager can discuss this topic and ask people to keep "church" at home.
  4. by   duskyjewel
    Meh. I'm about as Catholic they come, but that rarely comes up at work. Every now and then someone will notice my crucifix and ask. I work with a bindi-wearing Hindu nurse who reads devotional material during slow night shifts, but she literally never talks about her religion unless asked. Constantly beating people over the head with your religion is rude. It's also a sign of insecurity, because when you're strong and serene in something, you don't need to talk about it all the time. Kinda like how the people who talk about sex the most are usually having the least.

    It's perfectly acceptable for you to tell them you'd rather not discuss religion in the workplace. If they persist, you talked to them first, so feel free to take it to management or HR.
  5. by   Nola009
    Well, the main person I have in mind talks about her church. Not religious concepts. Kind of like it's a really cool country club that she belongs to. It doesn't offend me, but it annoys me just enough. IMHO, it comes off as a kind of snobbery in this case.
    And, yes. I talk about sex a lot. No I don't. Well, maybe. Nevermind.
  6. by   anon456
    I'm not religious but I do go to work with several people who are, and are proud of it. I just listen, smile, nod my head, and am happy for them. If they have something that gives them happiness, peace, a sense of community and such, then great. I don't mind hearing about it. If they start to try to convert me or push me into it, I will just tell them I'm not that religious but I respect all religions, and that usually ends the conversation.
  7. by   duskyjewel
    Quote from Nola009
    Well, the main person I have in mind talks about her church. Not religious concepts. Kind of like it's a really cool country club that she belongs to.
    Oh gross. She's doing it wrong.
  8. by   imintrouble
    We're just a bunch of heathens where I work.
    I can't remember the last time anybody mentioned God or church.

    Maybe we just keep our spiritual side to ourselves.

    Talking about religion makes me uncomfortable. The way I was raised, back in the stone age, religion was private and personal. I like it that way.
  9. by   VANurse2010
    I just sigh and don't respond. I think religion is ridiculous and would rather not hear about it, but it's the way of the world.
  10. by   RNperdiem
    As long as she isn't trying to convert you or anything, she isn't really any different than people who have limited conversational abilities/topics and can't tell when they are starting to bore people. I give people with new babies a free pass, and dog lovers some slack too. There is always the option to suddenly remember something you need to do if you need a conversation exit.
  11. by   PacoUSA
    Come to think about it, church or religion is just never discussed at work. I don't even know who is what religion or who is an atheist or agnostic. But I certainly know all my coworker's menstrual cycles, just sayin'

    My sister is a Jehovah's Witness (converted when she married her husband), and I purposely distanced myself from her over 10 years ago because she kept injecting her religion into every conversation we had, even got to a point where she was judging my life and everything I chose to do with it (i.e., going to the nightclubs was evil per se). Unbeknownst to me at first, she even tried to set me up with someone who I assume was from her church, probably in an effort to welcome me into the fold. That was the last straw.

    Life has been quite happy for me since. Similarly, I wont tolerate this from coworkers either. I'll be happy to hear about your church outing, but don't proselytize me like you're selling me a used car. I'm quite happy with my relationship with God as it is and I have no intentions of changing that.

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  12. by   duskyjewel
    Ha ha, yeah, I love my dogs too, but there is one person I work with who thinks I need a detailed update on her neurotic dog and its self-endangering antics every time I see her. Thank goodness for towels that need stocking and laundry, dishes, rooms that need cleaned, and general picking up that need to be done after a busy day in the unit......gives me an excuse to run away from the stories. Sometimes being "just the aide" has its perks!
  13. by   llg
    I have this problem at work. I work with several very religious people and we all eat lunch together. Church/religion comes up regularly. Most of the time, it is "harmless" conversational stuff such as "Something funny happened at church yesterday and ..." and that doesn't bother me. But occasionally, it drifts into actual beliefs and leaves me feeling like they believe they are superior to me and that I am definitely going to "you-know-where" because I don't share their beliefs. If the conversation goes on for a while, it ruins my lunch. As our boss is part of the group, there doesn't seem to be a lot I can do about it.
  14. by   xoemmylouox
    I have several co-workers that are very firm in their beliefs and very active in their churches. None of them has ever made me uncomfortable. I'm not religious myself, but can appreciate how happy they are with their beliefs.