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  1. VANurse2010

    vitamin k po 10mg ?

    Typically the dose is 5mg po (I don't know where you got 2mg), but for an INR like that I wouldn't automatically question 10mg. Check your drug guide.
  2. VANurse2010

    ER rushing patients to the floor

    ER nurses have never transported any but vented patients anywhere I"ve worked. Nice try.
  3. VANurse2010

    What is a Cardiac Surgery Step Down Unit Like?

    The best person to answer these questions is your unit director, but in general... Telemetry and step-down are the same thing in some hospitals, and in others step-down is higher acuity with lower patient:nurse ratios. Step-down may take more and different drips than telemetry and have the ability to titrate, depending on the unit. Some step-downs also take arterial lines and chronic or newly-chronic ventilators. Telemetry typically does not take patients with anything more invasive than IV access and often any cardiac drips are non-titratable in telemetry units. Ratios can go as high as 6:1, maybe more in a really bad hospital. Either will be a crap storm of admissions and discharges. From my perspective as a critical care nurse (and former telemetry and step-down nurse), those two are the worst! Sometimes very high acuity with lots of admits/discharges and turnover. It's my hell on Earth.
  4. VANurse2010

    Staff Development Coordinator

    Your opinion that you're qualified for this job is objectively false.
  5. VANurse2010

    ER rushing patients to the floor

    Are you people serious? The floor nurse is supposed to leave her other 4-6 patients to go transport a patient from the ED? Does your director have a picture of the CNO with a goat? Utter BS.
  6. VANurse2010

    Nurses pulling rank on assignments

    Really? You triple the travelers and floats first - the ones who bail you out of staffing clusters? What a s show of a unit.
  7. VANurse2010

    Nurses pulling rank on assignments

    None of those are legitimate reason except perhaps the orientee. I am an experienced ICU nurse.
  8. VANurse2010

    Hoyer Lift Issue

    Inform them that an order to use equipment against safety guidelines is not a valid order and you won't be doing it. Document the date and time of the conversation. You'll get nailed if you lie in your charting just as quick as if a patient gets hurt from a tipped Hoyer (which could obviously be serious). I hate using the cliche "find another job" because that's casually thrown around this forum like it's nothing, but if your story is accurate then your management clearly has zero regard for your license.
  9. VANurse2010

    Staff Development Coordinator

    You are throwing out the "insulting" and "rude" bits to distract from the substance of what's actually being said. Frankly, the "tone" is irrelevant, and you're still not qualified.
  10. VANurse2010

    Staff Development Coordinator

    Don't confuse your getting an interview or even getting hired with actually being qualified for the job. They aren't indicators for that and you're not qualified.
  11. VANurse2010

    Staff Development Coordinator

    You are not qualified for that job, irrespective of your masters and administrative positions. You have to have some clinical expertise or at least a lot of clinical exposure. You don't have it. The other comment may have bene overbearing, but I find your indignation over it a little misplaced. It should be obvious, even to you, that you don't have adequate experience for that job.
  12. VANurse2010

    Almost fired for med error

    I hope you enjoy your moral superiority on the unemployment line.
  13. VANurse2010

    Annoying words/behaviours during report

    That's all well and good but it's not a "medication error" if the doctor's order doesn't match what they take at home.
  14. VANurse2010

    Almost fired for med error

    Why did you write it up if the doctor changed the order? Why do people insist on hanging themselves?
  15. VANurse2010

    Denied PTO for my marriage

    I get that, but this is supposedly a professional job and management should be a bit more collaborative with solutions. I would expect this type of condescension from a retail or hospitality outfit, not from a so-called professional environment. ETA: There's nothing wrong with leaving a job if it doesn't meet your scheduling needs.