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i'm also planning on taking the ncelx in november. am putting it off until then because i want to use suzanne's plan. i've been hard at work doing her first tip and have come to the end of that. in the meantime, before i get her next tips, i plan on studying the book, prioritization, delegation & assignment by lacharity, etc. we did a review at our school, too, which i hope to be able to review. i don't know if i can do all of this -- don't know how much time it will take to do suzanne's plan.

any ideas for making this forum extra helpful?

i really appreciate the fact-throwing forum.

keep studying! (but remember to smell the roses!)


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You have made my day. This will be my second time around and I am going to pass. I studied on my own with the saunders book and I believe content wise, this book is great. I believe the mistake I made was going in with just knowledge and not critical thinking. I am taking my test ending of november and I am just ready to get focus once again and sharpen my critical thinking. My mom actaully surprised me and signed me up for Kaplan. I am feeling great. Reading your word of confidence made my day. Good luck to all of up. I believe that we will be blessed.:)


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all november test takers, good luck!!!!!!! you can all do this!!!!!

you have all worked soooo hard. good luck to all!!!!! :redbeathe

(((((hugs to all)))):icon_hug:


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hi im taking my test this coming november 26 for LPN/LVN any tips? actually this is my 3rd try, im studying saunder's 3rd edition 100 questions a day. :(


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hi im taking my test this coming november 26 for LPN/LVN any tips? actually this is my 3rd try, im studying saunder's 3rd edition 100 questions a day. :(

Hi-I sat for the NCLEX-RN but the best advice I can give is to keep doing lots of questions, and try and try your best to not get over stressed or overwhelmed. Stress is very counterproductive, so do something small for yourself at least every day and try to take one day off a week where you don't do anything nursing related! You'll be surprised by how much relaxing helps a tired brain. Good luck!


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Im in michigan and I would be taking my test again for the 3rd time and the first 2 times I was studying from Sanudra and everytime I have taken the test can my test results come back Im near the passing standard. and remeber the 2nd time I took it they revised the test from the first time I taken it. so I changed my study habits and Im stuyding from Mosby and I sent alot of my questions from the 2nd time I took the test. Good luck


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Can't wait to read posts on here about everyone's success...including mine.

We can do this!!!!!!


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i'm taking exam 2nd time on nov 2nd too @8am extremely nervous. i just haven't been able to study for last 1 wk. pharma is what scares me


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its my 2nd time nov 12th. i've been studing for 3 months using kaplan online review i scored 84% on their readiness test and 80+ on 6th and 7th trainer. kaplan recommends score of 65% on 6th &7th trainer. guess i'm doing ok but still not very confident specially abt pharma. can anyone one let me know how they re studing drugs.


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im taking mine on NOV 12.. a good friend of mine is taking it on NOV 6.. i hope this month is the perfect timing for us to achieve our goal!


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This IS our month!! Good luck to you!!


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goodluck to all November takers!

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