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No time for anything BUT school/studying!


Does anyone have this problem? Okay here's my thing: I don't have a problem being busy with school and studying. I work 40+ hours a week and attend school full time in order to complete all the pre Reqs prior to September to make it in time for the nursing program at my CC. I DO NoT have spare time. The 2 hours I have after school/before work I'm studying. The 3 hours I have when I get off at 12(before I have to go to bed an a semi-rational hour), I'm studying.

My husband is very supportive but I feel I'm being selfish at times. Am I?

My best friend who lives with us never see me. i can tell it annoys her that i study so much and sacrifice spending time with her to study and she told me "I feel like we almost don't have anything in common anymore" and I feel like she's going to think I don't care.

It really sucks on my part to have to think going to school for nursing may cost me my most wonderful best friend or at least the closeness of our relationship.

How do you guys find time to spend with the people you love? I just went to dinner with her and her new boyfriend tonight and the whole time I was thinking I could be studying. I want to spend time with her and my husband so badly but this is only two years of my life that I have to put EVERY physical, mental, and emotional effort into this and I am determined to make it one time around.

Am I going too hard? It really is difficult for me with my job. I'm thinking of quitting before I get accepted into the program so I can make sure I get all A's. I want this more than anything.

Super sorry for this long, dramatic post lol. Advice? Rants? :-)

If you can afford not to work, or work only part-time, then that would definitely be much easier on you. I absolutely know how it feels to work full-time and go to school full-time for pre-reqs, I did it last semester. I worked night shift full-time, and then drove straight to school in the morning, stayed half the day at school, came home and slept, woke up and studied a bit, and then went back to work. Only other time I had for studying was on the weekends, which took away from time I had to spend with my boyfriend and other friends. And it sucked, more so in regards to my friends than my boyfriend, because he was also in school full-time, so he understood what it meant to have to study and put academics first. Friends got tired of hearing "sorry, I can't make it tonight, I have homework". Only two of my friends, one already in nursing school and the other already a nurse, truly understood it and even encouraged me to NOT spend the weekends "hanging out" with them, but rather sit at home and make sure my work was done.

This semester I'm taking an even larger full-time load (21 credit hours/6 classes) to finish off the last of my pre-reqs and co-reqs, and I'm applying for my program this semester for fall admission. So for that reason, I quit my job completely to focus on making sure I get the grades I need to make it into my program. It's difficult trying to juggle life, job, school, family and everything else all at once. But keep your head up and know this is only temporary. You are making a sacrifice now in order to give yourself a brighter future and that is HUGE. Never lose sight of why you started this journey, and know with hard work and determination, it will pay off in the end. :)

Good luck!

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yeah it's just a couple years of your life. Your friends and family will survive. But when you're in nursing school you probably need to cut back some work hours.


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I agree, cut back on work if you can. It sucks to not socialize, but it will be a lot harder in nursing school. Like umbdude said, it'll just be a couple years of your life.

I am planning on quitting my job once I get into the program but gosh I want to quit now! Lol and yes, they will survive not seeing me all the time. 2 years of sacrifice or in two years wishing I had made the sacrifice 2 year ago. Thanks for the encouragement :-)

I have only been taking a few courses at a time, but my notecards go with my everywhere - even on date night with my husband where I pulled them out to study while waiting for a movie to start. I have just accepted that this is what my life is going to be like until I finish school. I work from home, but I also have three kids that really are a full-time job getting all their stuff done! I will be totally worth it!

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If your friends and family really loved you, they would understand that you have to make so many sacrafices to better yourself. My bf and I went through the same thing him not understanding that I can rarely see him because I have to study for 2 exams every week. My friends for the most part are very understanding. I dont work at all, my time is devoted to my children and school no life for now. Good luck and hope everything works out in your favor :)


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I'd like to say it gets better. But it doesn't. Nursing school will be far more time consuming than prereqs.

It may not get better, but it does get easier. People adjust and get into a groove. They see your stress and exhaustion and "get" that you really mean it when you say you don't have time.

This too shall pass. :)

Yes, in two years it will absolutely be worth it. I'm not looking for it to be easier on myself, just easier on them. Hopefully it will be. :)

And I do the same thing with my note cards lol. And I constantly have earbuds in listening to lectures. People must think that girl really likes listening to her music. Ha!

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I worked fulltime while doing my prereqs, however I did my prereqs parttime so it took a lot longer to get into nursing school and I sorta regret wasting time. I'm married and got kids. I did take 1 year off from prereq when my wife got pregnat with our second little a couple yrs ago. I just started nursing school 3 weeks ago and trust me you wont be able to work, at least not in the 1st semester. I say it is what it is and your friends and husband need to be supportive. I wont quit just yet until you have a solid acceptance in your hand. Truth is when you enter nursing school its only going to get worse. If they can't support you now well expect the same reaction with you go to nursing school.


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I'm in your same boat (working and going to school full time), the people that love me do complain from time to time and they do make me feel a little selfish at times. However the bottom line is that as long as you do not feel like you are drowning with responsibilities, it is not selfish to want to better yourself through education. Let the people you love know that you are doing this for them as well as yourself and if they love you, they will understand. Its only normal for them to feel neglected because they want to spend time with you. Also remember to not let yourself get overwhelmed. Anywho, good luck!

Same problem here. We have 4 kids and I work and am in school full time. I usually wor 40 hrs from thurs night to sun morning. My kids complain that they never see me and one even cried about it last week :( it makes me really sad but we BARELY make ends meet so I don't hae a choice here. Plus they will all want cars and need to go to college one day.

Just keep with it, try to eat dinner with you friend once or twice a month and tell her how you're feeling. If this were easy a lot more people would be a nurse.

Make some time for your husband - if he is supportive of you, them make sure you do your part to maintain that relationship! Good men are few and far between and a good relationship will last longer than a career.

Make your priorities and share them with your friend. She loves you, you love her and she will understand. Show her the time commitment you have on a weekly basis and then see if you can schedule a two-hour dinner date with her once a month or so, just to keep you from going totally crazy. And when you keep those dates, ask her about her life and listen to her life. Your nursing school friends will be the ONLY ones who truly understand what you're doing and the pressure you're under. Your husband sounds like a good guy who will support you and appreciate when you come through and finish. Prioritize your time very carefully and make sure when you get into school that you cut back the work, way, way back. I'm in the second semester and it's hard, but manageable, IF you can keep yourself organized and keep up with the work. Fingers crossed for you! (and for me.) Good luck.

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You didn't mention kids...at least you don't have those. Nursing school consumes your life. For now everyone will need to schedule everything around you if they want your time. See if there is a way to schedule in time with friends and family..actually put it on your planner. If you don't schedule it then it probably won't happen. Good luck.

Fellow students, myself, along with many of you do understand the enormous struggle it takes to complete our dreams of being nurses and I remind myself daily that we have to put up with two or three caterpillars if we want to see the butterflies. Make sure the moments you spend with your loved ones, however small count. It can be done, hang in there.

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This is the reality of nursing school. Talk to your friend about it and try to get her to be supportive of you. If she is that good of a friend, she will support you. It is temporary and when you are done you will be a member of a wonderful profession. It is definitely worth the sacrifice, but it still sucks to go through it, lol.

Here is a thought... Considering that you say your best friend lives with you, she could occasionally make dinner and you both could catch up on what's happened that week. It is give and take. You need to spend this time studying in order to get into nursing school and she should be proud of you.

This is my third year of school. Both my kids and husband understand that there are times that I have no choice but to study. I do try to make time for them when I can. The biggest bonus of all of this is that my daughter wants to become a nurse and go to the same university that I do. That's even though she has seen all the hard work that it takes to succeed.

Remember that those around you see how hard you are working and will support you. (And if they don't, too bad for them)