No A.C.T/S.A.T's ..Am I Qualified to begin Nursing school?


I have always wanted to pursue a career as a nurse. I currently am working as an STNA and LOVE IT! I'm eager to make my next move.. I did Graduate high school and do have my H.S. Diploma. BUT.. the thing is.. I was pregnant in high school and attended a school for parenting teens.. I was Not required to take the A.C.T or S.A.T. tests.. My question is.. will not having taken either of those tests put a Hault to me applying to nursing school.? Help!

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The best thing to do is go to your local community college that offers a nursing program (many do). Talk to an academic advisor about what you need to do to start on your journey. Avoid the private, high-cost nursing schools for now. It has been my experience that many are not honest with new students and some are not even accredited. You can't go wrong with a good public education.

Good luck!

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agree with anon456. Find the closest public school and ask questions. Best to call and get appointment then show up looking business-like (no shorts, revealing clothes, etc). People are willing to go the extra mile once they realize you are in earnest.


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Most community colleges will not require SATs (forget ACTs); most universities will (SATs, that is).

Start local, ask THEM the requirements, and go from there. Good luck! :)

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Nothing really prevents you from taking those tests NOW you know.


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Check the requirements for each nursing program that you are interested in. SAT/ACT scores are usually associated with admittance to four year schools and normally have no bearing on nursing school admission, which usually is a separate admissions process.

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My college required the ACT, and you had to make at least 21 on it for the ADN. The BSN program only required a 16 on the ACT. Why, oh why, do people ASSUME you don't need to take the ACT?? My nursing school wouldn't even accept the SAT; they also wouldn't accept the SAT for a teaching degree. Contact several different colleges and go from there. If you ask strangers here, you will get information that is probably incorrect for your area. Also, many 4 year universities offer the ADN. All that matters is what is available to YOU, in your area. BTW, you can take a class to prepare for the ACT if it has been a long time since high school. Also, in many programs, it is a lot harder to get into an ADN program and the standards are much higher. Sorry if I sound mean, but there is so much misinformation on this site.


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Just take the required prereqs you need. Check out some schools in your area for nursing programs and look up the programs online. The prereqs will take 1-2 years and maybe you'll have to take a test. when doing your prereqs try to study hard and do well the first time around. You may want to look at associates program like the other poster said, it's a good start. BSN programs may be competitive to get into directly.

I recommend a good voice recorder for classes.


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No misinformation that I see. No specific names of schools were given, and posters used qualifiers, such as "most", and "usually". Certainly the OP knows to check with the Specific Program that she wants to attend. As for me, I have looked at many a program over the years, and have yet to see one that required either the ACT or the SAT, but I have seen plenty of schools, four year universities, that require those tests for their application process. Too many to mention. I provided no misinformation. OP, you will save time by investigating the programs that you are interested in. Good luck.


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For the record The College of Staten Island (CUNY system) ADN requires either SAT or NLN exam as part of the pre-nursing admissions process. Nursing


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Most community colleges will not require SATs (forget ACTs); most universities will (SATs, that is).

Start local, ask THEM the requirements, and go from there. Good luck! :)

This is only true depending on the state you live in. All the universities here take the ACT and the SAT. Although they prefer the ACT because we are in the Midwest.