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  1. Hi there! Are you doing DNP online or at an in person program? Do you recommend doing informatics online? That's so amazing you are continuing your journey after a long while break.
  2. Scripps New Grad Residency June/August 2019

    Thank you and congratulations ?
  3. Scripps New Grad Residency June/August 2019

    did they contact you via email or by the phone?
  4. NCLEX: Tips & My Experience

    I have heard that there has been a new change in regards to SATA. can you explain what the changes are? is it true that it could be one answer is correct or all choices could be correct? how does it work now? thanks
  5. What to do with a bf who just wants me for my degree

    a real man would have dreams and aspirations for himself while also being supportive of his lady's goals too.
  6. Financing Nursing School - Not Sure What To Do

    someone mentioned a state university which is another option to get a bsn. have you done your research on all the state schools in your area? depending on state, state university schools may be competitive too. if you were to do an adn or asn progra...
  7. Nursing and Personality

    I'm on the introverted side as well. I have been called out by one professor that she was worried I am too timid. I love interacting with patients though.
  8. What do you do to volunteer and give back?

    Before I considered changing my major to nursing, I volunteered at a local hospital as a concierge desk/guest ambassador and at the emergency department. Before I officially started nursing school, I volunteered at another local hospital on a nursing...
  9. Do we need to have a webcam or some sort of video recorder to turn in head to toe assessment assignments ?
  10. about to start my LAST YEAR!!

    I'm going to start my last year as well in about 2 weeks. I'm going to be studying for the upcoming ati which I already know from my course schedule.
  11. If you had to redo the program what things would you do differently and also what would you do the same as the first time you did RN to Bsn at wgu ?
  12. For the load of work to be done is there hw/projects due every week or other week ? How many exams are there and are they spread out ? Are we allowed to use financial aid to pay for the online program or is this personal out of pocket? Thank you for ...
  13. I'm a 2nd yr adn student really interested in possibly doing RN to Bsn at wgu online. The typical 8 week nursing course has alot of material that goes by how much faster paced is a course at wgu for RN to Bsn in regards to the amount of ma...
  14. Night shift and clinicals

    Amy, you sound like one of my classmates whom I kind of know. He worked a lot. he would go straight to work after clinical (we had night clinical for med surg) and meet us in the morning for lecture at 8. you guys work really hard and I'm sure it wi...
  15. Study tips?

    Don't try to read every little itty bitty in the book, it's too much for too little time. study what you need to know and put that knowledge into working use. download nclex apps onto your phone it will become handy. You can buy books too, a good ser...