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NJ license renewal

simperato simperato (New) New

Question regarding license renewal. I have a few more CE credits that I have to finish by May 30 which will be no problem at all but can I still renew my license although my CE hours are not complete which they will be by my expiration date.

roser13, ASN, RN

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What does your BON site stipulate about unfinished credits/license renewal?

ckh23, BSN, RN

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Yes you can do it before they are done. NJ doesn't require proof that your CE's are done. They do random auditing of nurses to ensure compliance. If you are selected for the audit you are notified by mail. Here is a link you might find helpful.


I couldn't find that information on the website but I am just going to call them to see how there system works.

Thank you ckh23 for the answer


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CE needs to be completed by day you are submitting renewal application per audit reports, otherwise found out of compliance.

Note to self to check total CE remaining for NJ license renewal this month.

Flare, ASN, BSN

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also - you can carry over 15 CEUs if you go over the 30 in your 2 year period. Just be sure to keep good records.

This is a long shot and I am doing research now, does anyone know... how i can find out about NJ license renewal? I just got back from a 6 month deployment and before that I was a recent grad, no RN experience. I know we have to do CE's but I''m not sure about the specs or anything like that. Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


I am just rereading this thread. Just wanted to say thank you for your help.

Double-Helix, BSN, RN

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Unless you are audited, you don't need to provide proof of CEU's. You just check the box that says you've completed them. But if you get audited you'll need to provide proof that says you completed all your required CEU's before your license was renewed.

So yes, you can still renew, but it could come back to bite you. You can get CEU's for free through Medscape. I'd just go do a few free hours on there before you reapply.

Do you know if we have to be employed as RNs before renewing? I am having the most difficult time landing an RN job..

Double-Helix, BSN, RN

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No. You don't need to be employed to renew your license.

Unable to access the on line process to renew NJ Nursing license.

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Unable to access the on line process to renew NJ Nursing license.

Contact the board of nursing

"If you are unable to self-register online, you may contact the Division of Consumer Affairs via telephone:

** For calls from within New Jersey call 1-888-656-6225 (Option 3)"


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