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  1. Yea i know its horrible but we will eventually land our jobs. May not have been as soon as we wanted it to be but it will come.
  2. Thank you so much for your response. Ill try not to stress out so much being the fact that I am lucky that I at least got an interview because many of new nurses are struggling with even landing an interview.
  3. I had a job interview a week ago from today and I thought it went very well. I first met with the nursing recruiter and she gave me a very good impression that I would be a good fit for the hospital. She told me that she could really see the passion in me when I told her why I want to work for facility and also the position. I then met with the nurse manager that same day and I also thought that interview went very well also. After the interviews were done, I then did a shadow on the floor. My question is, will the nurse recruiter and the nurse manager both discuss the data that they received from me and provide input on the their decision of hiring me. I was told that I should receive something in the mail once the decision is made sometime this week. I'm just getting a little worried for the fact that I am really sold on getting to work for this hospital. If I do land this job, this will be a huge accomplishment and honor to me. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  4. simperato

    Starting RN school in MARCH!!!!

    Nursing school is very tough which we all know. As far as it goes on what to study up on for your first semester, I really couldn't gear you on what to focus on cause every nursing curriculum is different but from my experience, my first semester was mainly based on the whole model of nursing and basic nursing skills which you really can't study up on. My first semester of school was the beginning of learning the nursing process which is (Assessment, Diagnosis, Planning, Interventions, and Evaluation). The nursing process is a method that nurses use everyday which a huge part of nursing school will pertain to this and critical thinking. I really don't know how you can study for that but you could possibly familiarize yourself on a little of what nursing is all about. While you are waiting to enter nursing school, as of now I will just relax and enjoy yourself. Nursing school can be very stressful but you seem very willing to take on the task. When you start nursing school, try to develop some very good study habits and test taking strategies cause they can be very important and useful. You are doing the right thing by trying to prepare yourself and just don't ever let yourself get down during school. If you really want to be a nurse then you will be a nurse.