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:scrying: After a wonderful 6 months maternity leave home with my girls, I'm headed back to the NICU and I need some encouragement. Help me remember WHY I love my job despite the horrendous hours.... Read More

  1. by   prmenrs
    Quote from Sweeper933
    This also reminded me of the time the neurosurgeons walked through the fire doors that very clearly state "NO EXIT - ALARM WILL SOUND"...that was a fun and loud way to end the night shift!
    Neurosurgeons do not believe advisory signs like that (or, basically, any other rule/regulation) apply to them.
  2. by   lovinthebabies
    I do not work in NICU yet only because I felt that Med-Surg would be a good start for my nursing career before going into a specialty area especially one as tedious as NICU. My soul goal in my career is to be a certified NICU nurse. This is the reason I went to school in the first place and the reason I continue my education now for my BSN. I love reading these posts and cannot wait to be one of you. I look so forward to making a difference in these babies and parent's lives. Thank you all for the great special posts.
  3. by   ladyj5412
    That is so cute!!! The stories are making me more and more excited to land a position in NICU!
  4. by   NICUlove62
    These stories make me so excited to be a NICU nurse!!! My cousin was a preemie in the NICU for several weeks when he was born and I remember being a little girl and loving the environment when we went to visit. I have always dreamed of being a neonatal nurse and I know this is what I am meant to do. Now I am 19 and finishing my prerequisites to be in the clinical program! I think about my future in nursing everyday and I am so excited.
  5. by   LRN_RN
    Beware the Mormon underwear. I had just been with a mom who'd finished breastfeeding. She'd come in in a white shirt, but was also wearing the typical Mormon underwear under her clothing, which looks just like a white T (for the most part). I didn't realize she'd not put her T-shirt back on (as both were white) and flung the curtain of their bedspaces open. She started to stammer and cover up and I realized what I'd done. Both her and her husband laughed and we're fine, but boy did I feel like a dork.

    So take note of Mormon underwear.

    Also, getting a poop bath while changing a nappy in the line of fire. (First year mistakes.) Damn 24 cal squirts will get you every time.
  6. by   CBlover
    Ok y'all! I've only read a few posts and y'all have me teary eyed. My son was in nicu for mec aspiration this year. Born at 41 weeks 2 days. The nurses there said they'd rather have a 26 weeker than a PPHN baby. I didn't realize till she said that how I really could've seen a lot worse outcome for my baby. He did great. Was home after 7 days on IV abx. Weaned off 02 next day after admission. And thank you nicu nurses!!!![emoji173]️[emoji173]️[emoji173]️[emoji106]🏻[emoji106]🏻
  7. by   Miiki
    Just sent home the sweetest baby. He was with us for 6 months. He would fuss for attention and when you picked him up, he would snuggle his face into your shoulder. I'm going to miss him.