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  1. mauigal

    "What's with all the men in the NICU lately?"

    i am so glad to see men in our nicu! we have some awsome male rns. we need more men in our nicu. i think is good for our teen & young parents to see a working male. many of our teen & 20 something moms don't know any males with legal jobs. most of the male rn's in our unit are married with families. the young "fobs" need to see a man working a ligitmate job, taking care of his family and enjoying his work. why is it women will go to a man (who is not their husband or boyfriend) for a gyn exam, but think it is weird for a man to be a nicu rn?
  2. mauigal

    Cleaning protocol in nicu

    This is why I don't have colleagues to my home because you never know what people are going to say once they get back to work. Women have a way of judging each other based on cleaning. I once took care of a 400 gram 23 weeker that circled the drain for my entire 12 hour shift. When my relief came on all she could do was complain about how untidy the area was! Excuse ME I was busy coding an embryo for the last 12 hours. Some times you just have to prioritize.
  3. mauigal

    Cleaning protocol in nicu

    I wipe my area down at the end of my shift and if somthing gets spilled. What bugs me is when I am trying to give report to oncomming nurse she is wiping down the counter like I have just sprayed it with an even layer of ecoli. I clean my kids isolette each night. We try to change our isolettes q-week but it does not always happen The house keeping people, when they do show up create more problems because they "clean" with the same dirty cloths on every surface. If you try to so something to them they fly off the handle. I just go behind any thing they touch with bleech cloths.
  4. mauigal

    Holy mackeral....we are having an influx of methadone kids!

    so are we. and belive me these are some really addicted babies with super manipulative mothers! some of these babies need to be a 1:1 assignment because they need to be held so much.
  5. mauigal

    What do you thinkf of "Magnet"?

    hi everyone. i would like to know your opinion on "magnet" what has it really done? how has it changed your practice? do you really think that the general public looks for a magnet hospital when choosing health care? i feel it is very expensive to maintain and our public hospital should put those funds to better use. what do you think of them pushing the bsn ,esp in this ecomony? just asking
  6. mauigal

    Any 22 weekers out there?

    NRP address this and does and excellent job of doing so! Yet some seem to just ignor this section. I really feel alot of the time it is in fear of lawsuits. I do not feel to decision to resusitate a 22/23 weeker should be in the hand of the parents, esp since they have no point of ref, except they want their baby to live. Nobody wants to belive they are miscarring their baby
  7. well, being that is it summer & time for new residents & fellows; we try to keep the new docs from killing the babies ! does anyone else have this problem? not only are we caring for critically ill neonates but we are baby sitting arrogant docs who know nothing yet feel they know everything and write orders that don't make any sense. my solution to this, call the attending @ home in the middle of the night. then somehow, he suddenly remembers it is his job to teach the fellows & residents!
  8. mauigal

    Preceptor woes

    I agree with BittyBabyGrower! The things these poor babies go through sometimes is FAR worst than death.
  9. mauigal

    Preceptor woes

    I agree!
  10. mauigal

    Any 22 weekers out there?

    dear bittybabygrower, i agree with you so much! i keep seeing this same situation over & over. it is just so sick to touture these kids! and if i hear one more parent say "he is such a fighter" i am going to scream, he has no choice or voice to say "stop the touture! "also, getting the ethics committe involved is a joke because they are afraid of the docs.
  11. mauigal

    Burned out with Level 3, should I go to Level 2?

    omg!!! some days the parents are more of a challenge than the sickest baby! i would rather take care of a 400gram infant with 20 gtts, hfv, blood products and q1h gases who's parent don't or can't visit, than a kid who parents are there to watch him grow cell by cell, and will not give you one second to even look at another infant. what i have come to realize people are not getting any smater, they lack comom sense and comon curtesy. most of the parents can not process that the baby in the next isolette is coding & dying while the are asking you for a blanket or to wipe a guber from the baby's nose. i like the off shifts, to avoid visitors. best of luck in level 2!
  12. mauigal

    Need to "grow a pair"

    for the sake of your infant patients, just do it!!!!
  13. mauigal

    Any 22 weekers out there?

    last night in our level 3 unit, out team with over to l&d for a code. it was for a 22 and 3/7 weeker! they coded that poor kid for 50 mins:mad:. has anyone ever heard of this? has any one taken care of an infant under 23 weeks and it lived even an few days. after 26 years somedays i just wounder what is next. how low can we go?!
  14. mauigal

    ETT and fighting vent??

    narc & park!!! sedate & vecc leads to quick sussceful extubation!
  15. mauigal

    Funny/happy NICU moments needed

    I had been primary to a former 24 weeker who was now 9 months old and still in our unit. Despite everything he had been through he had a very sweet disposition. He loved to be held and rocked, esp during nippling. OT had beed teaching him basic sign lanuage. I would head straight for his crib as soon as I started my shift just to say hi. One day when I got to his crib he signed "Mama" and threw his arms up to be picked up. It was such a happy:heartbeat and sad:cry: moment combined. His Mom had visited 5 times in 9 months, it never crossed my mind that he would think I was his mother and it never crossed OT mind to teach him the sign for nurse. Sadly, he was not the only one in the unit who's mom did not vist, but some how he felt loved. That is what we try to do for our babes who don't get visits from parents. I still really don't know how former 24 weeker grasp such an abstract concept as mother. He went to a great foster family with a mom & dad, no other kids in the home, so he did not have to be 1 of 50 babies waiting his turn for a cuddle. I hear he is still signing, and Mama to his foster mom:yeah:
  16. mauigal

    rotating shifts?!

    i have worked 3pm-3am for the last 5 years and i don't rotate. i think in our unit "day shift" {any shift starting @ 7am} still has to rotate. i think rotaing is bad for you health.