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2curlygirls has 10 years experience and specializes in NICU.

Mom of 2 wee girls

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  1. 2curlygirls

    Rupture of an unscarred uterus?

    Just to clarify...I am NICU, we got the baby. Yes, they did use Cytotec from what I read in the delivery summary. Thanks for all your replies!
  2. 2curlygirls

    Rupture of an unscarred uterus?

    We had a uterine rupture this morning. Baby was severely compromised and mom ended up in ICU. Mom was a multip with a previous NSVD. It was a post-dates induction. I know uterine ruptures are pretty rare but can someone give me some insight here? How often does this happen?
  3. 2curlygirls

    Infant Pain Management

    Any doc at our facility who tried a circ with SweetEase alone would find him/herself out on their ear! Nurses would flat out refuse to assist!!! We, as adults, would not have genital (or any other) tissue removed without some form of anesthetic. Why on earth is this acceptable for babies???
  4. 2curlygirls

    EMLA Cream with Circs

    I am apalled. If they're going to surgically remove healthy tissue, at least give them Lidocaine!!! How cruel!
  5. 2curlygirls

    possible to be ruptured and be closed?

    I was! I ruptured in a spectacular fashion after a night of contraction every 5-7 minutes. After that, I went to the hospital and my contractions were 2 minutes apart! Got there and on exam I was "closed and firm". I had my daughter 16 hours and a bunch of pitocin later.
  6. 2curlygirls

    Required to watch circumcision?

    I watched one in nursing school. Horrible. Any future sons I have will be circ'ed over my dead cold body. Why would you want to surgically reduce the size of your son's penis? BEcause it's cleaner??? Yeah, an open wound in a diaper full of poop is sure clean. Eyeroll. And let's not forget about the times we've had to call urology and surgery because the bleeding wouldn't stop. No thanks. My years of experience have just reenforced my opnion that circ'ing is unnecessary, painful and dangerous. Fortunately, we only have a 30% circ rate where I live.
  7. 2curlygirls

    is nicu stressful?

    Yes. But I can't imagine doing anything else!
  8. 2curlygirls

    Circumcized on a vent?

    I know in many states, including mine, Medicaid won't pay for it. I really don't know about private insurance companies.
  9. 2curlygirls

    Pregnant NICU nurse

    Being a pregnant NICU nurse is hard! I remember feeling the same way! I had weird dreams that my daughter needed to be in the NICU and I figured it would only be natural that I would be her nurse. I also dreamed that I got to take her out for a few minutes and play with her, then put her back to gestate more. I'm sure everything will be fine. We just know too much!
  10. 2curlygirls

    Circumcized on a vent?

  11. 2curlygirls

    Circumcized on a vent?

    I was thinking that maybe she thought that they were circ'ing the baby when they were actually putting in lines? It's the only thing I can think of that makes any sense.
  12. 2curlygirls

    Circumcized on a vent?

    I'm afraid to open this can of worms but.... I was on another forum and they were discussing circ'ing unstable babies. One person said her friend's baby was circ'ed while he was on a vent! This seems crazy to me! Please tell me this is not happening. I live and work in an area with a low circ rate to begin with so it totally boggles my mind. Do some doctors do this???
  13. The answer to this question is *no* IME (personal and professional). So many of our NICU babies go home breastfeeding. MOst of them have had very interrupted breastfeeding experiences. I breastfed my first daughter for 11 months. She got one bottle at night, every night, so I could get a small break. Second daughter for 3 years. She had a pacifier 2nd DOL because she NEVER STOPPED NURSING!!! She never took one again, never took a bottle either (which made going back to work @ 6 months for 12 hours shifts really interesting)
  14. 2curlygirls

    Amicillin via UAC?

    In a pinch, yes. Ideally, no. I have to say, I've done it on quite a few occasions. My old unit (where I was trained) didn't seem to have much issue with doing it. But we also had really sick kids who tended to have all their other access ports occupied with drips and transfusions.
  15. 2curlygirls

    The Circumcision Discussion

    Malpractice??? That's a good one. I could say the same thing for those who fervently advocate for this unnecessary practice. I think you missed the fact that I just don't discuss it with our NICU parents. Most of them don't do it anyway so it's really a non issue. I don't need supporting evidence for that. I also don't need to back up the statement that an open wound in a diaper full of poo is a bad idea. Or the fact that a baby boy will most definitely have a much higher chance of morbidity with a circ than without one (intact penises don't take days to heal) That's just common sense. Nor, do i need supporting evidence that the majority of the intact, developed world, DOES NOT HAVE ANY SIGNIFICANT HEALTH ISSUES ASSOCIATED WITH THE STATUS OF THEIR PENISES and that they think we are nuts for routinely circumcising our boys (that's not scientific I admit, but it comes from my numerous British family members)
  16. 2curlygirls

    The Circumcision Discussion

    Well, in some ways you're right. Appendectomy is ONLY done when it's needed. When there is a medical indication. Very much unlike a circ. BUt if you think that circ's don't place infants at risk for infection, stitches, adhesions, you are sorely mistaken Not to mention that we don't pack an appendectomy site with poop (as a open, healing circ is repeatedly exposed to urine and feces, yum!) I do have very strong opinions on the matter. I, think the facts speak for themselves. I encourage parents to be to do research. Nine times out of ten, they go the non circ route. So many parents just think it's SOP and don't give it any more thought. THAT is the saddest part. Our neonatologists don't recommend them. And in my area, circ'ed boys are the odd ones out so that argument becomes completely irrelevant. The rates will get lower and lower. In the words of one of our hospital's pediatricians "I can't believe we're still doing these!"