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babysaverRN has 9 years experience and specializes in Neonatal ICU-Peds Flight Nurse.

born & raised in lovely LA.....about to graduate from Hopkins...counting down the days til i'm back in LA. my time on the east coast has been great, but i'm 100% a socal girl!!!

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  1. Hi, I also got into the NNP program at UAB. Did you get the facebook group name? I would like to join ? Look forward to meeting you. 

  2. UAB MSN Fall 2019

    Hi everyone! I got my acceptance letter yesterday for the NNP program! Anyone else doing neonatal? I’m in California. Is anyone else from out this way? Let me know if a Facebook group is created :)
  3. University of Arizona CRNA 2019

    Thanks! Same to you! Yes, I'll be interviewing remotely as well. Seemed pointless to travel out to Arizona to sit in front of a computer to interview anyways í ½í¸¬ Do you happen to know if all clinicals can be completed in SoCal or not? Or if we're ...
  4. University of Arizona CRNA 2019

    Hi! I've been waiting for a 2019 thread! I have an interview in early December as well! I was notified early October. Has anyone heard anything about the interview process? I'm also in SoCal :)
  5. NELRP 2010

    hi...yes I received the verification/contract/banking email on sept 7. then received the official letter in the mail on sept 25.
  6. NELRP 2010

    I just received my official contract in the mail yesterday!! so exciting and such a blessing!! best of luck to all of you waiting, i'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!!
  7. NELRP 2010

    Hi AngRN1...i definitely feel for you! and i've only been waiting a few days:p from what i've gathered through reading this thread, it sounds like people have waited up to a month and a half or even longer to hear back after submitting the award veri...
  8. NELRP 2010

    Hi Sunflower3, My ratio is 92%.
  9. NELRP 2010

    has anyone been contacted recently via email?? i was emailed yesterday by one of the HRSA reps because they couldn't verify one of my loans. so i faxed over the requested info, then i immediately received an email back with the HRSA contract, award ...
  10. Studying for NCLEX

    i was wondering the exact same thing! i just started studying yesterday and i am signed up for the kaplan online review course (i won it at school, not sure i would have paid $400 for it or whatever it costs) but everyone i talks to just says to do q...
  11. I Passed the NCLEX!!!

    how exciting!!! congrats!! how long did you study for? i just started my NCLEX studying yesterday!!!
  12. Are there really RN Jobs in Southern California?

    I actually think Orange County has more openings than other areas of California. I know UCI had several new grad positions. I just got called for an interview for a new grad position in the NICU, but declined because I just received a new grad positi...
  13. Are Accelerated programs worth the money!

    just an fyi...not all accelerated programs are 40k+, it all depends on the school. my school offers an accelerated and traditional BSN program, and the cost is exactly the same. but doing the accel route you save 1 year of living expenses and make mo...
  14. How many new grads DID find a job right away?

    hi SoCaliGirl...i will be graduating in july and i have, very very very very fortunately, landed a new grad position at a great teaching facility in LA. i know this is a tough time for nursing because of the economy and everything, but recruiters eve...
  15. Are there really RN Jobs in Southern California?

    hello onesmartgirl...i wouldn't let the current economy dissuade you from pursuing a career in nursing if it's something you're truly passionate about. i'm about to gradate from nursing school and i couldn't be more happy with my decision to do so. ...