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Sweeper933 specializes in NICU.

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  1. Sweeper933

    OG /NG Tube Placement

    Auscultation / aspiration upon insertion, and before each feed/med. X-Ray only if it's an NJ/ND. We also chart with each VS what cm the tube is at at the nares / lips.
  2. Sweeper933

    Transduce or not transduce?

    I also agree with the previous posters. Sometimes the first sign that the line is going bad is that the waveform stops "behaving".
  3. Sweeper933

    NICU NURSES....labeling breast milk???

    We also double check the label with another RN. We bring the second RN to the baby's bedside, and check the breast milk label against the bedside card, using name and dob. We add the patient ID if it's twins, just to make sure. "Word on the street" ...
  4. Sweeper933

    Measuring urine output

    We will use a 5fr feeding tube as a catheter on our babies. Works pretty well. But we have to make sure to use the old style ones - the ones that connect to both feeding tubes and IV syringes, not our new orange feeding syringe only ones. This way, w...
  5. Sweeper933

    Measuring urine output

    How do you deal with skin integrity and all of that stuff on kids with long term IVs...??? I can't imagine having to put a bag on a kid for more than a few times in a row, let along days / weeks!!!
  6. Sweeper933


    http://www.amazon.com/Certification-Review-Neonatal-Intensive-Nursing/dp/1416036679/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1252801839&sr=1-1 That's the book we all used on my unit. Although, a bunch of us have been taking a review class that has ...
  7. Sweeper933

    busy or slow

    Evidently the fun on my unit is continuing. I just got a call from one of the managers to see if I could come in to work tonight at 11pm. Evidently in the last 18 or so hours, they've gotten 35 wk twins, 27wk triplets, a kid with skeletal anomolies /...
  8. Sweeper933

    busy or slow

    This whole week we've gotten nothing but sick term kids. Which is always a nice surprise addition to the census. At least with the preterms, you have somewhat of a warning as to their admission. And all of these term kids have been really sick. A fe...
  9. Sweeper933

    busy or slow

    We (finally) slowed back down to normal after being crazy/busy all year. Our census is back to normal, but our acuity is still really high. A few really sick kids and a few really time-intensive chronics do wonders for staffing...
  10. Sweeper933

    Measuring urine output

    We weigh the diapers if they are on IV fluids, on oxygen, under phototherapy, or on diuretics. Otherwise we just do diaper checks.
  11. Sweeper933

    Family Support Person

    We have several social workers that just deal with our Moms / families. If Mom is inpatient on antepartum, then they get hooked up with them at that point as well.
  12. Sweeper933

    full assessments vs. monitor vitals

    Even when it's an "off" time (non feeding or vitals) we still chart a lot of stuff each hour - bed temps, hr, resp rate, O2, IV status.... And for the first hour of our shift, we always chart their position, color, and their behavior (awake, sleeping...
  13. Sweeper933

    Stoma trouble

    The wafer is the donut shaped piece of duoderm that gets cut out to go between the skin and the bag. It gives the bag something better than just skin to stick on to. It also helps protect the skin surrounding the ostomy. As far as the paste goes - I ...
  14. Sweeper933

    Stoma trouble

    Have you tried using stoma paste? It's used to fill in the gaps between the wafer and the bag. Works well when you have a tight area to work in and it's hard to get a good seal between the wafer and the bag all the way around. In my unit, when the st...
  15. Sweeper933

    I Passed the RNC!!!!!!!

    I know there's a ton of the "I passed the RNC" threads going on... but I'm super excited and just wanted to start a new one!!! Yay for me!!!!! :balloons: I did study a lot - but by the end of it, this is how I felt... Totally worth ta...