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Mt. Sinai $68,000 effective 1/07... Read More

  1. by   gerry79
    Wow only $21.74 after 5 years! How is the cost of living in KC, and what is the living wage for your area. Your salary may be good for KC if the average hourly salary is less than what you make. At the facility where I work after 5 years an RN would be in the $35-40/hr range. But I do live in an expensive area of the Northeast (Boston).
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  2. by   Curls105
    That's what I make as a babysitter in NYC!!!! 20/hr

    That just doesn't seem like enough for a skilled trained professional!
  3. by   CityKat
    Does anyone know the starting salary for Cornell? I've heard it's $64k, is that correct? What about for hospital of special surgery?

    Thanks for your input
  4. by   hirami
    Does anyone know the starting salary for surgical nurse?
  5. by   pcicurn7
    Does anyone know the starting salary for Cornell? I've heard it's $64k, is that correct? What about for hospital of special surgery?
    At NYP-Columbia its a little over $68.8k. I'm assuming that its similar at NYP-Cornell, since its the same system, the starting salary is probably the same. I'm not 100% sure though...just assuming.
  6. by   SBUalum03
    Cornell is $67,500 for daytime shift.
  7. by   RNDreamer
    The Mount Sinai Hospital:

    Competitive salaries start at $68,003 effective 1/07 immediately upon hire for clinical nurses. Up to $7,500 additional for 10 years experience. Shift differential of $5,400. Educational differential of $1,000 for BSN; $1,200 for MSN; $1,500 for doctorate. Per diem rate of $46.09 effective 1/07 plus $2.76/hr for evening/night differential. Annual certification award of $1,250. Preceptor pay of $2.50/hr. Charge pay of $1.50 ($2.00 effective 7/07.)

    NYU Medical Center:
    Financial: Base salary of $63,937 annually plus four differentials: (1) education, $1,300 for BSN; (2) up to $9,000 for 12 years' experience; (3) shift differential of $5,600 for evenings and nights; and (4) salary differentials of up to $6,000 a year on the clinical ladder for the four levels of practice. Specialty certification bonuses are available.
  8. by   pennprincess
    Hey everyone,

    NYU's starting salary is 65,700 as of current with the same info as above. Plus, they do 13 shifts a month, but on certain floors such as the ICU and PACU, if you do three shifts a month overtime, they give you a $1200 bonus on top of the time and a half you're already getting. I did my senior leadership there and my instructor is a nurse at the institution so that's how I heard of this stuff (also applying to hospitals as of right now). I'm kind of disappointed though, as I heard memorial sloan kettering's 70k, nyp-cornell is 69,700, mount sinai is 68... NYU is supposed to be up there with them and they are lagging behind. I will be looking at a couple more hospitals next week (lenox hill, jamaica, harlem hospital center) but I think they pay less? Maimonides in Brooklyn starts at 66,800. I just want a job!
  9. by   pennprincess
    Also, I think all of the public hospitals just got a better contract deal and are around 62k with 3% increases each year for the next few years? Not sure about that. Also, Montefiore in the Bronx is around 68k starting.
  10. by   ProudGayRN
    Quote from kittem
    albany medical center hospital, teaching hospital & level 1 trauma center, albany, ny 20.50/hr for rn, 20.75/ hr for BSN... plus pay enhancement of up to an extra 5200/ year for 80 hr at bedside per pay period... pays out as 200 extra per pay period.
    20 an hour? Let me tell you something honey, if that is all you are making in Albany its time to move to Chelsea!! WOO HOO

  11. by   a21chdchic

    $29.00 Base pay in Yuma, AZ

    a21chdchic in AZ
  12. by   summersent
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  13. by   a21chdchic
    If you live in AZ, you choose how much state taxes are held out of your check, federal taxes depends on dependents and marital status. Personally, I have enough state taxes held so that I don't have to pay in at the end of the year, I'm single with 0 dependents. So, they hold about 33% from that figure. So people who think you make such great money really don't have a clue. And it doesn't pay to work much overtime unless you're getting other perks along with it. So don't cry for too long on this one.

    a21chdchic in AZ