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  1. nyforlove

    St. Lukes Roosevelt -9East

    Yikes--what a disaster floor! Unfortunately, weak middle management--facilitated by a lack of leadership by the CNO--allows such nonsense to go on more frequently than one would think in a business where--after all--LIVES are at stake. Don't know if there's a quick fix, but it would be a good start for middle management to be supported in their difficult job by a CNO that truly has their backs.
  2. nyforlove

    NON-Nurses Giving Shots in MD Offices

    It depends on your state--very few permit this--and when the state does, there are certain restrictions, e.g., the MD must be on the premises.
  3. nyforlove

    What to do after being fired.

    Rebecca M. Patton, president of the American Nurses Association, called the verdict in a whistle-blowing case "a resounding win on behalf of patient safety." Ms. Patton said, "The message the jury sent is clear: the freedom for nurses to report a physician's unsafe medical practices is non-negotiable."
  4. nyforlove

    What to do after being fired.

    You may discuss this with an employment attorney, who can evaluate the situation and discuss possible legal options that may be available. Good luck and keep us posted. Nurses must be able to advocate for patient safety without fear of retaliation. A recent case mentioned on allnurses.com involved an endoscopy nurse who sued a New Hampshire hospital that fired her after she raised safety concerns. The parties settled the case, which would seem to suggest that the hospital may have wrongly terminated her, but the settlement prevents the nurse from discussing the case.
  5. nyforlove

    SUNY Stony Brook On-Line NP Program: NYC Preceptors?

    Actually, StonyBrook has BOTH an on-line (i.e., Distance Learning) and a traditional, in-person classroom NP program.
  6. nyforlove

    SUNY Stony Brook On-Line NP Program: NYC Preceptors?

    StonyBrook has BOTH an on-line (i.e., Distance Learning) and a traditional, in-person classroom NP program.
  7. nyforlove

    Good Samaritan laws for off duty New Jersey RN's.

    This is a good question for the nurse-attorney who writes a Q-and-A column for "Nurse Spectrum" magazine--I believe her name is Nancy Brent and her column is "Brent's Law." Perhaps you would consider submitting it to her.
  8. nyforlove

    CCRNs -CMC exam?

    I am offering exam prep materials for the Cardiac Medicine Certification subspecialty exam of the American Association of Critical Care Materials. This package is available brand new for $299.48 (including the shipping charge that I paid). As described by the AACN, it consists of the following: "CMC Review Course Package on DVD" Package includes: CMC Review Course on DVD Cardiovascular Nursing Practice: A Comprehensive Resource Manual and Study Guide for Clinical Nurses Cardiovascular Review Questions on CD-ROM - An excellent study tool with over 600 questions with rationale, to prepare you for the CMC certification exam. The CMC Review Course consists of four DVDs and a green booklet with a significant amount of highlighting and pen marks: There is a certificate at the end of the booklet that you can use to get AACN continuing ed credit for your CCRN, but you will have to pay $20 when you send the form in to AACN; The Cardiovascular Review Questions on CD-ROM works on WINDOWS ONLY and with Vista and Windows 7 there is a quick three-step process to follow to operate the CD (It does NOT work on Macs--sorry); The Cardiovascular Nursing Practice book is over 900 pages long with a small amount of highlighting and pen marks . Any questions? Just ask. It is a tough exam (I passed it), but I studied long and hard and have substantial work experience in the critical care cardiac area. It's a wonderful credential to have. I am offering the Package at $150. Good luck and study hard! My package is listed on ebay at the following link: Cardiac Medicine Certification CMC Exam Prep for RNs - eBay (item 110577430070 end time Sep-22-10 18:16:35 PDT)
  9. nyforlove

    Any good review test for csc?

    [posted in wrong forum]
  10. nyforlove

    Job Market/ICU Job Market

    Yes, I agree with the horrific analysis above; with your 1.5 yrs in StepDown, I highly doubt you'd get an ICU job...not a good time to be entering the NYC job market---sit tight where you are and try to gain some ICU experience there.....
  11. nyforlove

    How does becoming an APN work as far as picking a specialty?

    Thanks Cardiology EP NP for all your good advice; I'm in a similar situation as the original poster and your advice helped tremendously. DO YOU KNOW HOW I COULD LOCATE THAT 12-CREDIT ON-LINE CNS SPECIALIZATION??--IS IS PART OF THE NP UNIVERSITY YOU ATTENDED OR IS IT OPEN TO ANYONE IN ANY NP PROGRAM? Thanks again.
  12. nyforlove

    Adult Health NP can apply for ACUTE Care Certific. Exam?

    Actually, I read an article in Advance for NPs that about 9% of NPs work in the ICU, but only half of those have the Acute Care Certification---apparently some states have scope of practice for Adult and Family NPs that encompasses critical-care stages of the health continuum. Anyone have any information regarding this? Thanks.
  13. nyforlove

    Adult Health NP can apply for ACUTE Care Certific. Exam?

    I have heard that many Adult Health NPs are in fact hired by hospitals to work in acute and even critical-care settings AND I have RN experience as a critical-care nurse.....I guess this is part of the ongoing difficulty with poorly-defined scope-of-practice boundaries for NPs--along with the fact that we deal with 50 different licensing agencies (plus D.C., Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands)....you gotta be a lawyer to understand all this stuff.....Thanks.
  14. From a related thread, I believe the crucial question is now: "Can the graduate of an Adult Health NP Master's apply for the ACUTE Care Certific. Exam (ACNP) of the ANCC?" I have researched AllNurses.com and scoured the ANCC's website: but no apparent answer---may try calling the ANCC, but may just get a computer-voice-mail account. Thanks.
  15. Thanks AngelfireRN, I have read some articles indicating that an Adult Health NP MIGHT be practicing outside her scope of practice if working in the acute/critical care setting (perhaps not the case in Alabama). I think I need to ascertain: WHETHER GRADUATING FROM AN ADULT HEALTH NP MASTER'S WILL QUALIFY ME TO SIT FOR THE ACUTE CARE NP EXAM....I WILL POST THIS AS A SEPARATE QUESTION. THANKS AGAIN!