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Hello All- I have just started looking into applying to Nursing Schools. I have a long way to go but I wanted to get the process started as soon as possible. I am VERY interested in NYU... Read More

  1. by   efda3
    What is the average GPA for those accepted into NYUs program?
  2. by   HEARTofJADE
    Congrats to everyone that was accepted, I look forward to meeting you all in the fall. For those looking to find a place to live here is a resource:

    Slide show: Browse 86 apartments - Apartments / Home Design - Time Out New York

    They recently did their issue on apartment hunting in the 5 boroughs and you can read up about it on their website. By no means are these the cheapest apartments you can find but its a good start to gauge how much each neighborhood is charging and if you simply have no time to do the detective work you might just need to use this guide. If you don't have much money to spare your best bets are bushwick-sunset park brooklyn or Upper manhattan in the 100's. If you have the time, craigslist is the best source i have found to find apartments on the cheap.
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    Quote from MEM718
    Hey Kirham - SUNY offers a TON of classes online - I'm not sure if it's too late to sign up for the semester, but check out They list all the online courses offered by every SUNY school in the state, and the rates are super-low if you are in-state. I took a Developmental Psych course through them earlier this year.
    Mem - - how did you find the Devel Psych course? who was it with? hard to Ace? etc

    sorry for the sidetrack, I dont have enuf posts to send a PM

  4. by   tomall
    how competitive is the 18,000 absn scholarship (with the 2 year NYC commitment)? is it given to all with a minimum GPA willing to commit?
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  5. by   Bindi
    Hey guys!

    Can I ask a question for those who got in? Do you have an idea on what counts a bit more for deciding who gets into the program. I dont have such a great GPA for my BA (2.5) but I am a B student for my pre reqs and I have been working at Planned Parenthood of NYC for 4 yrs as a HIV counselor. I am a bit nervous that I dont have great credentials. Any advice would be great.

    Thanks and congrats on those who got it :-)
  6. by   GGBRN
    Hey everyone!
    Sooo I found out I have been accepted into NYU, but I have also been accepted into a program in FL (where I am from) anyone have any advice for me...

    My biggest concern with NYU is the cost of not only tuition, but living expenses as well...

    Please someone help!

  7. by   washcaps
    OMG you heard?!!! How did you hear, email? Details please, and congrats!

    PS: I live in NYC now, it's pricey. I'd say it depends on how much debt you're willing to take on and what after nursing school payback options you'd being willing to do (HRSA loan forgiveness, ect).
  8. by   GGBRN
    Quote from washcaps
    OMG you heard?!!! How did you hear, email? Details please, and congrats!

    PS: I live in NYC now, it's pricey. I'd say it depends on how much debt you're willing to take on and what after nursing school payback options you'd being willing to do (HRSA loan forgiveness, ect).
    I applied by March 1 (early decision) and emailed them last week to ask if they could send me an e-mail by this week (and they did on saturday), bc I had to make a decision about whether or not to accept a seat at another school.... the lady that I have been in contact with is super nice and got to me really quick! She said official round of decisions are going out on 4/18.

    Did you also apply to NYU? Good luck if you did!

    Yup I have to decide if a BSN is worth 100K in debt.. needless to say I am stressed about this decision. But, NYU could change my life in some amazing ways

    Can I live in you closet? haha
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  9. by   stephylizvc
    Congratulations on getting in!!! And thanks for letting us know that some decision will be going out April 18th, I've been way too anxious!!!.
  10. by   mocon
    I received my acceptance email at 10:09 this morning and couldn't be more excited!
  11. by   fle5891
    Hi all!

    I also just received my acceptance letter from NYU Admissions this morning for the Fall 2011 program! I'm so excited and can't wait!

    I'm currently still taking 4 prerequisite classes at NYU this spring semester and will be finishing the remaining 2 prerequisite classes this summer while working part time.

    If anyone has any questions about prerequisite classes etc, feel free to drop me a line. I will have to say (and recommend) that taking all 6 prerequisite classes through NYU directly before applying to the 15 month Accelerated RN program is quite beneficial and will give you a leg up with admissions etc. This is definitely the way to go for those looking to switch their careers seamlessly and in two years flat.

    Congrats to all those accepted into the Fall 2011 Accelerated Program!

  12. by   klinden1
    Hello everyone. Congrats to all who got in for Fall 2011! I am applying for Spring 2012 and I am very nervous!!!!

    Do you guys think i have a good chance of getting in with these stats??
    - just getting my BA in May... 3.7 undergrad gpa psychology major. (22 years old)
    - stats: A, nutrition: A, lifespan/dev psych: B+... I will prob get A's or A-'s in Microbio, Anatomy 1 and Anatomy 2.. Chem will be the only course i would not have completed by application deadline..
    - only experience i have is 60 hours volunteering in ICU of a hospital..
    - cpr certified..
    - good letters of recommendation

    I'm really nervous! Would anyone of you who got in mind sharing your stats with me?? thanks so much
  13. by   chanzer11
    you will have NO problem getting in....there are some major idiots that got into this program.