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  1. New to Neuro ICU and need advice

    I transferred from a neuro surgical step down unit to Cardiac/Neuro ICU. Our unit will be splitting to neuro next month, so I still get some cards pts, but not as many. Anyway, at first I felt like I was really interested in neurology and I was eager...
  2. I have applied to Tulane, Ochsner, East Jefferson and Slidell memorial Hospital with no luck. I started applying last week and haven't heard anything yet (maybe I'm being impatient). I'm not sure if I'm being anxious or if there aren't available po...
  3. March 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Yeah... I wasn't really listening when our preceptor told us that. Oh well, we'll see how this goes.
  4. March 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    There's no need for him to do the walk of shame. We both know what went down in there.
  5. March 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    I asked my patient why he was eating an entire can of re-fried beans, the only answer I got was "revenge".
  6. March 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    It wasn't that awkward. I just made conversation like there was absolutely no lack of I'm doing now.
  7. Help! I need a job!!!

    I volunteered at a hospital for ~ 7 months in school. A couple of my professors have complimented my resume... what is the deal? I wonder how many people actually apply for each residency position. My boyfriend and I graduated in the same cohort - h...
  8. I have scoured the Internet and applied to a bunch of RN Residency programs around the country with no luck I am taking the NCLEX April 2... I hope that I will pass and be able to find a job soon, because all I keep hearing is that I won't. Why are...
  9. Help! I need a job!!!

    Hey all - I have applied to a ton of nursing residencies and a few reg jobs. As a new nurse grad I'm having difficulty finding anyone that wants to hire me. What am I doing wrong? I have tailored my cover letters to specific units/hospitals... create...
  10. I Applied to the Nurse Residency Program

    LOL thanks you are so sweet! It's my top choice for residencies, but I will remain positive and not beat myself up if i don't get it! Oncology & NICU, but also expressed that I'd work in any unit :)
  11. I Applied to the Nurse Residency Program

    I'm freaking out! I just wish that they would have updated my status to declined if they already picked their routed candidates...
  12. I Applied to the Nurse Residency Program

    So you think I should be concerned that I didn't get my status changed to 'route'?
  13. I Applied to the Nurse Residency Program

    Have you heard anything back from them yet? Mine application status just says screen and my boyfriend's says route... I'm hoping that they are not done screening or do they send e-mails out all at once? I'm a worry wort!
  14. Accelerated BSN program NYU Fall 2011

    KKandes - so no need to worry even if I applied past the deadline...whew!!!
  15. Accelerated BSN program NYU Fall 2011

    Ok... I'm freaking out b/c I don't see my FAFSA financial aid available on Albert. I applied at the end of march and noticed that for the fall we needed to turn it in by march 1? Is this correct?