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I'm seriously considering having this done. Seems to be much less risky than gastric bypass. Hoping to get some input from my "family" here...


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I think it looks like a pretty good idea as opposed to the other more radical surgery, less invasive to your body. I am printing off the info and plan to ask one of our surgeons if he has heard of it. He's the only one here that will do lap Nissens and this sounds right up his alley.

Obviously its not something to go into blindly or without a lot of research, especially on the Doc's track record, but it does look interesting.

It does sound less risky, doesn't it? I don't know... I've heard really good things about the roux n y (I've probably spelled it wrong here) but then you look it up and find about 100 support groups for people who had to have it taken down and are still complaining about quality of life issues......

I don't know. This is the first I've heard of this specific one.

No way you'd qualify for weight loss surgery, anyway, LosVegasRN!!!!!



Las that you in the pic? You are beautiful and certainly don't appear overweight. Why even consider such a thing? I weigh 380 lbs. I am extremely active but so is my appetite. I've weighed 300 lbs. for over 15 years and yet this past year I suddenly found another 80 lbs. I've started the New Weight Watchers system and IT WORKS!!!!!! Think long and hard and search well before you decide, ok?


Is that a real CAT????? My lands!!!!!!!! What a CAT!!!! hee hee hee


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Love your cat, NurseDennie. My baby is a tortoiseshell, weighs 7 lbs and is 16 years old. Shupa, Africanse for "pest". LOL


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Vegas - love ya babe - but I'm with Sunshine. You hardly look as if you'd qualify as morbidly obese, which is what you should be to qualify for any of these types of procedures.

Emma loves her mama the way she is (and so do we)!



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One thing that I have noticed with me (I am overweight as well) is that since we just moved into a new house (with stairs) I have been feeling lighter on my feet. But that may be because my legs are getting stronger. But I know that I need to loose weight. Just wish I had someone here in town to trust 200% and to work with on it. I would get a personal trainer, but I have no money or health insurance.


I agree with everybody here. LasVegasRN is too gorgeous to be anything LIKE eligible for wls.




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Originally posted by NurseDennie

I agree with everybody here. LasVegasRN is too gorgeous to be anything LIKE eligible for wls.



Dennie...are you sure?? That looks like my 17lb Zeus! I would love a BIG cat, but I know they're not domesticated. :o

I may be closer to wls surgery. Well, I've been trying since 3/2001, and have been denied because of several obstacles...none of it has to do with my weight. The the last surgeon dropped my insurance, but ya know what? With a new job, comes new insurance. YAY!!!!!!!!! Benefits from day one. Of course I won't take advantage of that today, or tomorrow. I'm hoping to accrue some vacation time and hope I can have surgery later, like December, this year. Hubby will be able to have his first...he's got plenty of vacation time to use.

Yesterday we watched Shallow Hal. I've been wanting to since it came out, but no one would go to the movies with me. Well, I watched it, and it wasn't as bad as I thought. I was severely pissed off at Jason Alexander...he was so jealous of Jack Black! The part that hurt the most was when Jack Black's character passed Gwenyth's character in the fat suit and he didn't even recognize her. I was happy with the ending though. Follow this up with taking our nephew to the pool, and a dozen or so "hard, single bodies" out there having a good time and here I come in my suit. Nephew wouldn't get in the pool. I was so upset just being there. Hubby's heart sank when he saw the tears and brought us all back inside. :imbar


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And another thing....LVRN does not look like she would/could qualify for wls. Most insurance guidelines start off with "BMI over 40"

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LasVegasRN...:nono: :nono: :nono: You do NOT look like you need any type of weight loss surgery. Please don't do that to yourself. I checked out that website just now, read about that procedure, and I would not advise anyone to go through with that surgery UNLESS that person is at least 200 lbs. overweight......anything less than that CAN be managed in other ways....hard to do...yes.....but not impossible, so you behave yourself and leave Emma's Mommy Heather said. Now...don't let me come to Vegas with my switch now... :lol2: :kiss

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