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  1. Reabock

    Sweet 16

    Take a deep breath, You'll do fine on the test, the rest can wait till after finals. Sounds like you really need the Flylady method to be in place by September. Go to flylady.net and check it out. There is also a site that she recommends for a weekly menu mailer, sent out every week on Weds a whole grocery list and 6 recipes for the week, healthy, fairly easy and at least one crockpot meal a week. Your kids can even do a lot of them to help. The Flylady teaches you easy organizational skills and methods that become second nature and keep things from getting so crazy, babysteps! It sounds a bit hoky but it really does work and it may help you keep your sanity thru the rest of your schooling which is stressful enough by itself. Good luck in school! :balloons:
  2. Reabock

    Her body burned by drug, not fire

    We had one of these cases a few months ago, the cause seemed to be the OTC med Abreva for cold sores. I never saw this pt before she was transferred,the same evening, as I was too busy with my own pts down another wing, but I can still remember hearing her scream in pain. We heard later that she did die. I did hear the Docs on the phone and SJS was their thought at the time. Very scary!
  3. Reabock

    Neglect...LPN was fired, RN was not

    I tend to agree with you but question, who slipped up on the Q 1/2-1 hr HS rounds? Don't they routinely do those at your facility? Our Nurses or Aides check the pts at least Q hr thru the night.
  4. Reabock

    had a bad 12 hours

    Got to be the full moon coming on Monday, some nights just really Suck. Sorry it was so bad.
  5. Reabock

    colorectal surgeon song

    Someone sent me this link a feww days ago, its so funny! :rotfl:
  6. Reabock

    Administrator's shortage solution-

    Cute one, I printed it and will take it to work tomorrow eve.!!
  7. Reabock

    Surgical menopause?

    BABE RN, no , never had a recurrence of the endo, nor any problems with adhesions, at least not yet and surgery was about 15 years ago. Did not even know I had endometriosis, just knew I hurt awful, almost doubled over at times with the pain. MD said it was "disentigrating fibroid" on the ultrasound which is why we did the surgery, found the endometriosis during the surgery which is why I'm glad I had an open procedure and not an LAVH. The folks having the LAVH's get back to work quicker though and seem to do fine. (Lap assisted Vag hyster= LAVH) never really had a problem with mood swings , but then my family thinks I am a Bi***h anyway , though I have mellowed over the years! The patch sounds like a really good option, maybe you could explore that route of HRT. It was not available when I started needing it and don't want to try something new when the old stuff is working fine. I never could understand those women that said they didn't feel like a woman without a uterus, DUH, thats not the only defining factor ladies!!! I felt so much better without it, have never regretted the surgery.
  8. Reabock

    Surgical menopause?

    I had a total hyster and BSO at 36 for extensive endometriosis. Never regretted it for a minute, have been on Menest, a synthetic hormone ever since. Have cut myself back to 1/2 of a 1.25 mg tab every other day or so and have no hot flashes unless I forget for 5-6 days, and then they are mild. (I'm cheap and it makes the script last longer:D ) I am now 51 and don'tsmoke and have had my daughters friends tell her that I do not look my age so guess I didn't age overnight from having it done!!! :D I would opt to get everything out, why risk another surgery and possibly ovarian CA if its not needed anyway? Just my humble opinion. I was only off work for 4 weeks and only used 20 sick days, no real lifting in my job at that time though. Good luck in whatever you decide.
  9. Reabock

    2 nurses arrested in CA.....

    Ummmm, Yeah, that's the way it is . No order, no med! and , Yes, call the doc for an order no mater what time it is.
  10. Reabock

    Taking boards pre-computerization

    Yep,, I'm one of the "older" nurses. Took mine in 1981, with 1 year old baby at home. Two days, in Harrisburg at the Zembu Temple, in July, no air conditioning and 95 degree heat. My only stipulation for the motel where we stayed was that it had to have a pool!! It was the old 5 part test. Did the best on the psych one (hate psych) and the worst on Med-surg, (but did well on all overall) I have worked Med-surg for the last 23 years! Remember being scared to open my test results when it finally came in the mail late September, cried when I found I passed, I was so relieved!!
  11. Reabock

    To Send Frances LeMay Flowers or Cards: enter here

    I just made out a card and will get it in the mail in the morning! Hope she gets better soon.
  12. Reabock

    Type Of Pts Accepted on Telemetry??

    Lately I have been wondering why so many of our pts were on Telemetry, some inappropriately I feel, such as the 96 year old DNR, etcs. My thought is that it is one way to get a bit more revenue from the insurance companies as I know we charge more for a pt to be on Telemetry, and in our rural setting we need every cent we can get.! I have made my thought known to the Head nurse and she just rolls her eyes at me. But then I'm known for sometimes saying what others may just think. Just recently we had a LTC pt come in unresponsive, full DNR and was put on tele, DUH!!!!! In spite of me asking to see if ICU nurses were aware of pts DNR status, guess who came rushing out to check on pt when they did the inevitable and died with the monitor recording it all!!!
  13. Reabock

    does anyone get to wear fun scrubs

    Mario, at our facility that is the color the OR crew wears, burgandy. They switched from green a couple of years ago and as far as I know, no one makes any comments about the masculinity of any OR male!!!:) On the floors we wear colored pants and plain or patterned tops. A lot of us sew and make a lot of our own scrub tops so most any fabric that coordinates with the pant color is okay and a lot of folks have done some cute seasonal prints. The patients have only positive things to say about us wearing prints, they love it.
  14. Reabock

    Polished the floors, so now ?

    There is nothing wrong with continuing to be a floor nurse. We need more Indians and less folks aspiring to be Chiefs sometimes. I know that was not politically correct but sick people need seasoned nurses to take care of them too! I've been a charge nurse, never aspired to be supervisor or higher, got enough headaches and grief for the pay in the trenches, now voluntarilly a floor nurse and much more than 40 years old;) I resist efforts to up my "status" again to charge. Too many resposibilities for the amount of pay and there are nights when I really enjoy the folks we take care of and then there are times I want to work at Wal Mart , but we've all had days like that!:roll And we can always mentor the new ones coming in.
  15. Reabock

    "I need a witness" !

    Good post for a reminder. I always make sure someone watches my wastes and into the sink and rinsed down, don't want any weird suspicions somewhere down the road!!! And is anyone else ever able to smell the Morphine . Most of them think I'm nuts when I say it has a very distinctive smell!?
  16. Reabock

    IV Push meds

    Good answers, same as we do here, especially about flushing the saline locke site. If it flushes that hard I'd be afraid I was pushing a clot thru and would cause a problem, so usually restart the site. I also rarely get a flashback unless it is in a very large vein or an antecube site. Side note, we had a pt come from ER with a foot site tonite, don't see that too often!