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New Students: Where is your first clinical experence?


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We are going to be orientating at our first clinical in a few weeks. It's going to be at the VA hospital in Hospice. My instructors chose hospice so we can get lots of practice with assessment. I'm really excited!

We have a few weeks in our lab, then we move to a LTC facility for a few weeks. From there we head to the hospitals. :)

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Our first clinical site was a LTC facility. It was not a pretty place, but gave us an idea of what not to do.:uhoh3: The staff was overworked and did not work together at all. We were learning CNA skills and the nursing process, so we were able to observe a lot.

Our clinicals will start at the end of Sept. and they will be at a local hospital all semester! I was suprised to find out that we wouldn't be rotating to different clinical sites.



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We start in our awesome skills lab (we've got a SimMan, SimWoman, SimBaby, SimChild, and lots of rubber IV arms) and a programmable SimMan in an ICU room. After about 7 weeks we go to a LTC facility..and I'm not sure where we're going after first semester

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Our class is spead out over 7 or 8 facilities, including acute, VA, and LTC. I'm going to an acute care facility for my first rotation in about 5 weeks.

We will start clinicals in about 3 weeks. My first clinicals will be at a heart hospital. We had several to choose from. Not sure if this will be for 8 weeks or the whole semester.

We had a summer course where we learned basic skills, so next week we will be reviewing those and then the next week we will be starting our clinicals. Mine is at the VA from 0700-1500.

we were all split up.I am going to one of the local hospitals to do LTC, other students are going to the VA, a rehab facility, and pediatrics. We start Sept.5.As of right now we are in lab 2x a week learning vitals, phys.assessment, and asepsis. Good Luck everyone!!

We just signed up for a hospice rotation, with a local home health program. After that we go to a LTC facility for 3 visits, then to the hospital for 3 visits. we have orientation for 3 hospitals and 2 LTC facilities that we will be going to over the next 5 semesters too. Looking forward to getting started!

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