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  1. 2bRnKim

    I'm new!

    Welcome!! I am also in peds right now. If you ever need any help, just let us know. We may be testing on the same stuff. Good luck!!! Kim
  2. 2bRnKim

    Study Groups

    There are lots of ways to approach a study group. Sometimes we make up questions that we think could be on the test. Also, we do the questions at the end of the chapters, we make up study guides and share them. Basically, whatever seems to work for you guys in getting the material in your head and being able to answer any question about that subject. Kim
  3. 2bRnKim

    Tulsa Tech

    Hi! You don't have to be a LPN to attend RN school. If you choose that route, that's fine- but just thought I'd let you know. There are several programs in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City area that you can apply- however you have to complete your pre-reqs first. I am currently in my third of four semesters of a BSN program here in Tulsa. It takes four years to complete a BSN- two years pre-reqs and two of nursing classes. If you want to do your associates in nursing- you could do it in about two and then fast track the rest later. It's up to you and what your situation is right now. Hope this helps. Kim
  4. 2bRnKim

    St. John Tulsa

    Suzy: I did an externship this summer on 9 west which is a stroke/ telemetry floor that has I think only 15-18 beds. I don't know if that area is the official stroke unit, but there were stroke pts there. It was interesting if that is your thing. The manager is VERY nice. Hope this helps. Kim
  5. 2bRnKim

    For those starting Monday

    I am actually returning to nursing school on monday- my third of four semesters. I cleaned out my backpack and will get all my stuff organized again for the big day. I hope to spend some last minute time with my family and also finish all the laundry. It's full speed again after that. Good luck everyone!! Kim
  6. I just met two girls that are also going through the ABSN at OU that just finished their first semester last week at a Manpower Scholarship thingy. I bet they are in your class. It sounds pretty intense to do a semester in the summer !!!! Enjoy your break and next semester should be alot better considering what you just went through. Kim
  7. WOW! That is way more than any of my semesters. There are so many costs involved when starting nursing classes like scrubs, steths, books, shots, etc. It's amazing. Good luck!! Kim
  8. I hope everything goes well with your first semester! Kim
  9. 2bRnKim

    Pay raise Tulsa area?

    That rate is for new grads in the Tulsa area and does not include any shift diffs. Kim
  10. 2bRnKim

    Did you get in and a friend did not?

    My friend and I had been taking pre-requecs together for two years and applied early to the program. I got accepted in the fall program and she was accepted in the spring program. It wasn't quite the same as your situation, but was still disappointing for her. She was so disappointed that she didn't even start in the spring and talked to the school about starting this fall 2008 and was reserved a spot. When the fall letters came out, they moved her to spring of 2009!!!!!!!!SOOOO, she is really discouraged now. I just hope that she will hang in there. Nursing schools can be so picky and brutal to people's feelings. Try to encourage your friend and remind her of all the hard work that it has taken to get this far. Kim
  11. Just wondering if anyone else was waiting to go back to nursing school??This will be my last year- can't wait. This summer has been nice, but I need to get my brain back in study mode. Kim
  12. 2bRnKim

    Net test

    I took it a couple of years ago at TCC and I passed with scores in the 80's for reading and in the high 70's for math. I was told by the councelor that even though I passed the test, that I may want to re-take the math portion in order to have a more competitive score. I was mad because I had studied so hard for that stupid thing! Oh! In the math, there is basic algebra also. Kim
  13. 2bRnKim

    Top 10 NANDA diagnoses for nursing students

    How funny! Kim
  14. 2bRnKim

    what is nursing school like?

    I think you would be fine- you also have an advantage because you live at home with parents and would be able to focus more on studying than worrying about how your going to pay your bills. If you can get through all of those science classes, then you can do nursing school. It is alot of info to learn in a short amount of time- but doable. Kim
  15. 2bRnKim

    OBN question

    :ancong!: Kim
  16. 2bRnKim

    Hospital Scholarships

    I have considered both hospitals as well. I made my final decision this spring because I have done clinicals at both SF and SJ. I had good experiences at both- however SJ staff just seemed to fit me better. They are both good places to work and have many benefits. Kim