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nursing 101

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I'll be taking Chem (prep), Anatomy, Theology and Spanish...

Same here Marci I hope I'll get through Chem...

Nursing 101


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This fall i will be taking A&P 1, Health & Nutrition(online course) and nursing class. I have my schedule but I am not sure how it works. I think I have a nursing class Monday and wed and a nursing lab class on Tues. Then I have clinical thurs and Fridays. The clinical is from 8:00am until 12:00.


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I'll be taking: Health Science I (which is all the A&P, Chem, Micro and Physics a nurse will need all rolled into one action-packed course); pharmacology; and med terminology. Translates to an hour of class M,W,F; a 3-hour lab on T, a Mon night class and a Sat am class... In the spring, all I'll have to take is Health Science II, then in May I'll start the nursing curriculum. By then, all my nonnursing courses will be complete (or transfered from my previous bachelor's), so I'll just be taking 2-3 nursing classes/semester ;)


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This fall semester will finish up my prereqs so that I can start clinicals and nursing core courses in the spring. Finally. Yipee! :)

All I have left to take is Microbiology and a Clinical Math course, so it shouldn't be too bad. I figure I need to rest up and get ready to study my butt off! :eek:

My Micro meets Tues and Thurs and I've decided to take the math class online so I ought to have some free time. That's good since I'll then have two years of no free time. Ugh!

Cindy (who dreads having no free time)


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This fall I have my first Nursing class. My school calls it Holistic Nursing from 8am to 12pm on mondays, Tuesdays I have a skills class from 8a-12:30p and Wednesdays I have my clinical from 7a-1p at a nearby hospital.

I'm also taking Pathophysiology on-line.:uhoh3:

Whee! I'm so excited -- this fall I start what I came here for!

Ann- WOW hon, big load! But, if you set yourself to it, you can do it!


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I will be taking AP I and General Psychology this fall. I'm planning on taking Stats during the Winter Recess


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I'm taking a CNA course this fall as well as Soc 101. I'm really excited about the CNA course...I feel like I'm finally getting somewhere!! Woo Hoo!!! I'm also finishing up Medical Terminology in 2 more down...and a lot more to go! :D Good luck to everyone and especially to all those who are taking their first round of nursing classes this fall!! Big Hug!!!! Keep us "Pre-reqer's" posted on your progress and your experiences!!



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Fall Semester is Nursing 101--the basic stuff; We are required to take a separate Nutrition class, so I plan to go ahead and take that as well. The Nursing 101 is a nine hour class, meeting on Monday and Wednesday with a lab on Mondays. I'm not sure how they are going to do the clinicals for this, though. The Nutrition class is totally web based.

Of course, the nursing class is four days per week for the first five weeks in preparation for clinical rotation. By the way this is an ADN program.

Thank goodness all of my prereqs are finished.

Good luck to all who are just starting the prereq road, and to those of us who are actually about to start the clinical classes.


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Hi Everyone!

I'm incredibly (I mean super)NEW. I meet with the Nursing Couselor tommorrow. I of course have to start with pre-reqs this Fall, like chem, and biology. Anyway, I have a question what's A&P? I feel like I should know this, but I figured it was better to ask than to keep wondering. I guess I have a lot to learn..



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For the fall, let's see I know it's an obsene amount of hours, something like 18.

Basic nursing skills 4hours

Med-Surg 1 3hours

Med-Surg 1 Lab 1hour

Med-surg 2 3hours

Med-Surg 2 Lab 1hour

Clinical Med Surg 1 2hours

Clinical Med Surg 2 2hours

Pharmacology 2 hours

Class begins at 7:00AM, clinicals start at either 5:30 or 6:30 depending which facility we're at that day. We go M-F. Wish me luck, it's a ton of hours!!



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originally posted by nrs2bme

hi everyone!

i'm incredibly (i mean super)new. i meet with the nursing couselor tommorrow. i of course have to start with pre-reqs this fall, like chem, and biology. anyway, i have a question what's a&p? i feel like i should know this, but i figured it was better to ask than to keep wondering. i guess i have a lot to learn..


first of all, welcome to the bb!

a&p is a biology/science course which consists or may consist of two seperate classes, one for each semester. some schools have just an anatomy class and a physiology class and some have a combined class and both have a lab where you get or should get to have "hands on" experience and some schools require you to take

principles of biology i before taking a&p.

a&p covers the structure and function of the human body.

i hope this helps.


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Thanks Stephany!

It just dawned on me... Anatomy and Physiology... they are two seperate classes at the school I'm going to attend. And, they each have a lab. I know each of those have their own pre req. So, it's getting clearer (is that a word?) to me.


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