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  1. the newest poll!! What is your income situation?

    • 49
      I am the only income producer in my household
    • 26
      I am the primary income producer in my household
    • 45
      I am an equal income producer in my household and we could not live without my income
    • 19
      I am a secondary income producer in my household and we could not live without it
    • 3
      I only work to pay for the little extras
    • 7
      I really do not have to work because my spouse or significant other makes enough for both of us

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Some of us are in the position of making the only income in the household. Some of us are single without dependents. Some of us are divorced, separated, or widowed with one or more dependents to support. Some have a good child support to help out and yet others do not.

Some of us are the fortunate enough to have another spouse or live in which helps with the bills. In these cases some are the primary wage earners while some are not.

The big myth or possible reality is that the majority of nurses are women who are secondary income earners who work on the side to help pay for the little extras in life and there for do not have the need to earn as much as another profession.

Lets actually see what the reality truly is.:)


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Thanks Wild.

Gee, you're not that bad - even if you still harbor some sort of....annoyance? with me.



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Hi all, I'm a FT OB RN and my husband (who is a parts manager at a car dealership) is the primary bread winner in our home. We have four children (and I pay good child support for two of them). My husband (who did go to vocational school for 9 months) is making more than I ! Over 20 grand a year more than me! Don't get me wrong, I not complaining that my husband makes good money.......

But maybe I should have went into the automotive business instead of healthcare! ;)

hmmmmm.......lets see.......Cars or human lives???....:rolleyes:


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My fiance is a police officer and makes less than I do. He has had 4 yrs of college (bachelor's in criminal justice), police academy, and 3+ yrs of experience. I just graduated in May with my ADN and am making $5,000.00 more per yr than he is.

See....there are other occupations that aren't paid what they're worth either. I could save a life while he could lose his.:o


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Actually KC you could loose your life becuase of the job too. A new or old contagious disease revisited could put you 6 feet under.


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Thanks for correcting me WT....I guess. :rolleyes:

My point was that we're not the only ones working in a "suppressed" occupation. That was all.

A gunshot or knifeblade to the right place is fatal faster, I would think, than contracting some of the diseases that we are exposed to. BTW...P.O.'s are also exposed to the same diseases we are. Think of all the blood involved in a major MVA or the occasional domestic dispute. ;)


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Hi Wild,

Yes go with this.

I am the only income to my household, buy yes do suspect I may be in the minority! Prove me wrong ladies please!



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My husband has been in school for the past five years, with one to go. Until last year when our second child was born, I worked full-time Evenings. We didn't have to pay child care, but we never saw each other. Now, I only work part-time, but we had to take out student loans. When he graduates, I can be per diem and work when and if I want to, simply because I love the work. We have found that my being a nurse has given us the opportunity to make it through so far, since shift work works well for us now, but it is very hard on family time together. We want to be a one income family, and it will be his income since he will come out making a starting wage of more than I can hope to make in a hospital ever - unless I went agency/traveller! I never wanted a career of nursing, just a job to fall back on to support myself and my family if I have to. With the work situation in nursing, if it was a career, I would definitely choose a different profession for the hours/pay/risk to health.

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How about...

I am a student and my husband is the sole supporter right now, but we are slowly falling behind??? I VOTE THAT ONE!!!:)

Couldn't truthfully answer with any of the others. Sorry! Hope your poll goes all right!



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I guess I am the one who proves the myth. My husband has a good job with good benefits-if I worked full time he would still make $40,000 to $50,000 more than i do. So I work per diem to get the little extras. If I worked full time, we'd have the BIG extras, but they aren't important enough to either of us. So I work per diem 1-2 days /week and take care of the majority of the household (Hubby is always willing to lend a hand though). Then when we're off we concentrate on fun, not laundry, cleaning, and grocery shopping!

However, whether or not I have the NEED for the income shouldn't matter. I should be paid what I am WORTH according to the job I do & according to what a person of either sex would make doing that same job, not whether or not I need the money.


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I earn the only income in my home. I am a widow. When my husband was alive we made equal salaries. Now I support myself and my daughter on half the household income. Not easy.

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Salary: $40,500 yr. By going FT, instead of perdiem in home care, I am making 7,000 LESS than 5 years ago when kids were young and I juggled 2 pt positons. I still make $10,000 more than husband with 3 yr trade school degree. 2/3 of his steel plant closed.....he + boys couldn't survive without my income.

20 years to go till retirement: Wonder if that will happen.

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