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  1. Mags

    Hospice nursing

    Thank you nightingale, Reminded me why I do this Job. Mags
  2. Mags

    new very last and up to date poll!!!

    Hi Wild, Yes go with this. I am the only income to my household, buy yes do suspect I may be in the minority! Prove me wrong ladies please! Mags
  3. Mags

    Nurses Motivation

    I have to agree with Don
  4. Mags

    Pallitive care-can anyone help??

    Hi Sam. If this for an assigment don't use Kubbler Ross considered outdated now . Look at work by Murray Parkes. I am in U.K to + work in P/ Care, so if I can help feel free to E Mail me. Mags
  5. Mags

    accepting death

    Hi becky. I would agree with karen. I don't have a lot of experience with arabic community, but know how scared people can be of Morphine. Education is the key! Mags
  6. Mags

    CR 99 Universal Health Coverage

    Have to agree with Don, but still believe in the principal of a National Health Service!
  7. Hi, A couple of sites that may help http://WWW.Internurse.com/ Site for Mark Allen publications. includes several British Journals in community/ residential care. You will have to pay to access articles unless your faculty is registered with them. http://WWW.doh.gov.u.k/ Offfficial U>K. government site that sets out plans for care of the elderly in the U.K.
  8. Hi, Home health care + nursing homes play a huge part of care in the U.K. Don't ever assume anything - "Assume" makes an ass out of u + me! Not sure of any specific sites to get the info you want, you could try the U K. Royal College of Nursing website, or look for some evidence based practice sites.
  9. Hi Karen, I'm from england so expect we may view things differently. I can't belive your'e posting! This is such a safe drug - what do they do about other opiates? The people affected most are in the end stage of thier life. I'm pretty sure most of my patients would not want to be fingerprinted just to get adequite pain felief
  10. Mags

    Nursing Superstitions!

    I used to work with a nurse who believed that if she heard an Owl hoot during her night shift then a patient would die. It did happen occasionaly, but we were in a palliative care setting! Anyone fancy it as a research project? null

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