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hey guys hows it working as a nurse in the garden state? hows the salary compared to other states...... Read More

  1. by   lee1
    South Jersey pays the least as cost of living is much cheaper as you go south of Trenton------even around Trenton area cost of living cheaper but not sure how safe it is. Trenton itself not good.
    Central to North NJ cost of living VERY high. All new housing over $500,000. So salaries have become higher also. Rents are probably over $1300/month also for something very small.
    I have more than 35 years experience ICU----top step is 30 years I believe where I work so my salary is around $39/hr. Other things can add to that, degrees, clinical ladder, shift differentials, hospital length of time worked, certification. This is central NJ. Supposedly Magnet hospitals are better but don't let that entirely fool you. There is no guarantee that RN/pt ratios will be better. That is one thing that the Mass Nursing Assoc has written a position statement against--
  2. by   mona b RN
    I was quoted 22.15 from a local hospital in S Jersey. Of course this does not include diffs.
  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    I'mm moving this to our active NJ forum.

    Many ads for Jersey hospitals in Nursing Spectrum:
    South and Central NJ to Trenton check Phila Edition
    Northern NJ check NY Edition
    Seen several ads with starting salary in $25-$31/hr range.
  4. by   Nurse831
    I have been on several interviews at Jersey hospitals. The pay ranged from $22/hr (Jersey Shore) to $30/hr(Bayonne) The closer to big cities the higher the pay..
  5. by   rnmaven
    Quote from ebeRN
    well, ill be coming home in a month so ill be working licensed in ny but i rather work in new jersey...i live in jersey city so theres alot of hospitals around there to work cause im close to newark secuacus and nyc bayonne so lots of work...

    coz when i did a search they were offering jobs around $25 per hour...what u guys think?
    Why don't you look at Jersey City Medical Center.......I have a friend who ended up with a package close to $85,000 in their new trauma center. Nights.

    Living in Jersey City you'll find lots of work.......but you'll need to convert that license to NJ. You could try working agency for awhile and decide what hospital you want to work staff at later. I do agency exclusively.......$48-$50/hr. In the Bayonne, JC area the pay is closer to $55/hr.
  6. by   lee1
    Central NJ----RWJUH New Brunswick---$29.919--less than 1 year experience starting 6/25/05
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  8. by   jodyangel
    I work at a southern NJ hospital as an LPN and make $18.80 / hr.
  9. by   devi2
    Quote from jodyangel
    I work at a southern NJ hospital as an LPN and make $18.80 / hr.
    WOW, But I am trying my best to come back to NYC in Late June or early July.