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  1. lee1

    Anyone ever been on strike?

    Yes, we went on strike approx. 10 years ago, we were out approx. 5 days and for the most part the CEO of the hospital did NOT get truthful info or he never would have locked the nurses out. We had already gotten a pitiful pension from the union. (then the next year we found the union leaders who were not nurses had embelssed the money so we had to switch unions) in a negotiation prior. We did get money from the state for the days we were without work. Very important for nurses to be part of the negotiating committee and voice their concerns, plus be an active voice in your union membership, now we are an all nurse union led by nurses from our own hospital but still have many issues. I am retired now (the retirement pension is pitiful even though they counted 30 years service)and many nurses just sit back and let the few leaders do everything so sometimes you do not get a true voice. Plus the public really does not understand what nurses do, what their retirement benefits are (nothing in reality especially in the medical area except your Medicare).
  2. lee1

    Male Nurse Disgusted by Female Nurses

    I think there is another problem especially where I live and that is cultural. Many nurses in the NJ NY area come from a culture where women seem to be totally run by men so as nurses they r afraid to speak up, afraid they will be shipped back so to speak. Even in a Union setting they rarely speak out Even after many years here. They have created a great disservice to their fellow workers.
  3. lee1

    home health aides

    Why is it so hard to find home health aides, is it poor pay, heavy workloads? My area apparently has been difficult to find home health aides to give proper care to patients at home. Is it better to work for a private customer then through an agency that may require certifications, etc.
  4. lee1

    RN staffing in subacute

    Hi all, just wondering what the RN staffing ratios look like now this year 2017 in subacute rehab here in NJ. I just retired from hospital nursing but have inlaw now in subacute who broke her femur. When I went to visit yesterday it looked like 1 wing held about 20 pts and that was 2 RN and 2 aides during the day until 11pm. Then after 11pm 1 RN and 1 aide. If that is subacute what is nursing home staffing??? Really appropriate???
  5. lee1

    How much do YOU think nurses are worth?

    Don't forget that most nurses in the US work for private hospitals which give them no medical/dental insurance, no medical perks of anykind when they leave. No life insurance unless you now will pay for it privately. All of those extras, including vacation time, sick time, etc. etc. can add another 40% to your base salary.
  6. lee1

    Hurricane Matthew Updates

    What happens to you all if you attempt to drive to work and the roads are flooded so bad you are putting yourself at risk. Can you call the police to take you into work or does the hospital come out and get you. You should not be terminated if this puts your life at risk.
  7. lee1

    Not taking a break

    These complaints have been going on for decades. When will nurses unite and demand fair working conditions ?? A national union, where nurses do not work for a hospital as hospitals only seem to know how to take advantage and the nurses allow themselves to be abused. A national run business of some sort that hires and pays nurses so as to eliminate the constant cycle of abuse and licensure risk. Look around your hospitals etc. how many new non nursing departments have been created with those employees getting their breaks and meals. Just a dream I guess but someone must be able to think out of the box. Why do nurses have to be paid by hospitals?
  8. lee1

    Why are so many nurses against unions?

    In my over 45 years of nursing primarily in intensive care units, and head of several important nursing committees, this is my take. There are too many nurses who work just for a salary, do NOT speak up about anything, and go on their merry way. It was not this way many years ago but with the advent of 12 hour shifts, many nurses work for more than 1 employer and there are many nurses from other cultures where speaking up is not allowed. Plus, even in management you can see that the important nursing exec jobs have been diminished in power, so even if you have a voice it is not carried through to the few in power to do anything about it. Of course, communication is the most important tool we have but too few use it, most (the every growing senior managers) still do NOT understand what nurses do nor do they ask.
  9. lee1

    Why do you think nurses leave the profession?

    what my former co-workers in the ICU say to me when I ask how they are doing. "same ____, different day, for the last 20 years. Most has to do with staffing and acuity of the patients. Thanks God I have retired after working as a ICU nurse for over 40 years. The nursing staffing has not changed BUT the numbers of middle managers in the hospital environment and the numbers of higherups has increased with new positions being created for them constantly. Something is wrong with this picture.
  10. lee1

    surgeon with Ebola has died

    I am sure all who had contact with him are in isolation for 21 days. That is the process that has been enforced throughout the country
  11. lee1

    new Ebola patient

    well so much for last week, this poor patient just died here and hopefully noone else gets infected from taking care of him
  12. lee1

    new Ebola patient

    Are Nurses Prepared to Work With Ebola Patients?
  13. lee1

    new Ebola patient

    as long as those nurses that take care of these patients in THIS country are volunteers and NOT mandated by their employers
  14. lee1

    new Ebola patient

    http://www.kevinmd.com/blog/2014/08/ethical-dilemma-saving-american-ebola-patients.html Interesting article above written by a physcian on this particular ethical issue. Now with all of the money/people being sent over to build better facilities by our government why can't this person be treated there. What special treatment did the others get here that they cannot get there???? Serum made from ebola survivors?? Others there did get it. Advanced supportive care like intubation/ventilation or CVVHD??? Which doctor sent here required that? Only Duncan I believe
  15. EXPOSED: Massive Cover Up About Nurse Complaining After Being Quarantined for Ebola Who knows if she already has a job, by this article, she works for the CDC if it is true
  16. so after all of this we still do not know what caused the 2 nurses to become infected although the others were certainly taking care of copius secretions, handling an intubated pt and probably doing CVVHD. I am sure some of the docs had to have been involved also and were they wearing the same attire

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