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  1. please explain to me how Medicare for All will be financially supported. What are the pros. I have family that live in Europe where there is social medicine and they have had many problems of not getting care in a timely fashion, including breast cancer, throat cancer, etc. If your doctor retires or dies it can take a period of time for you to be covered. Apparently only certain doctors can even order medications. If you r not signed up for the system in the right way you cannot even get your medications renewed.
  2. lee1

    Cardiac Rehab

    I worked Cardiac Rehab full time the last 10 years before I retired, but, I worked CCU/Cardiac Rehab split for many years before that so I got to see many of the patients coming and going, plus I also did inpt teaching before the pt were discharged from CCU or Cardiac Surgical telemetry. We also did heart transplants, LVADS, etc. etc. So the hospital was very intensive and something new was always coming around to learn. Cardiac rehab was great as it was not as physically demanding as CCU but the same brain stress was there. Plus, I was the only full time RN, we did finally get certification but that took a great deal of time.
  3. My niece who is Italian and lives in Rome is thinking about nursing. I did talk with another relative who came here on vacation from Rome and she told me that salaries are still very low and nursing is just as stressful there as here. With similar problems. I personally am a RN, now retired with 50 years experience critical care, primarily cardiac focus. With so many problems that I see my former peers having regarding safe staffing and proper nurse/patient ratios I cannot in all honesty recommend nursing anymore unless things can change for the better. Thanks
  4. lee1

    Male Nurse Disgusted by Female Nurses

    Until nurses SPEAK UP and stop being whipping posts and just grumbling about their lot, NOTHING WILL CHANGE. Get some backbone and refuse unsafe staffing, protest to your politicians, make them aware of the situations. The nursing associations are full of managers who owe their souls to the establishment and will not do anything to help you despite years of research showing the need for safer staffing levels. What is wrong is the failure to speak up for yourself and letting things just go on as usual thinking someone else will do the work for you.
  5. lee1

    home health aides

    Why is it so hard to find home health aides, is it poor pay, heavy workloads? My area apparently has been difficult to find home health aides to give proper care to patients at home. Is it better to work for a private customer then through an agency that may require certifications, etc.
  6. lee1

    RN staffing in subacute

    Hi all, just wondering what the RN staffing ratios look like now this year 2017 in subacute rehab here in NJ. I just retired from hospital nursing but have inlaw now in subacute who broke her femur. When I went to visit yesterday it looked like 1 wing held about 20 pts and that was 2 RN and 2 aides during the day until 11pm. Then after 11pm 1 RN and 1 aide. If that is subacute what is nursing home staffing??? Really appropriate???
  7. Then we should try to get federal legislation passed rather than going state by state. Any other news about these bills??
  8. Has anyone ever thought about a nationwide "class action suit" against hospitals for endangering nurse's licenses due to unsafe staffing??
  9. and do you really think that the ANA will sponsor this. I think the ANA is made up of more management type RNs than staff RNs.
  10. Why does it seem that nurses here in the USA cannot get safe staffing laws passed. Only California has been able to do this
  11. lee1

    RN shortage

  12. lee1

    RN shortage

    Really, do you think there is a shortage of RNs where you live. Have all of the RNs recently graduated found jobs? Is it a ploy to bring in more immigrant nurses???
  13. lee1

    How much do YOU think nurses are worth?

    Don't forget that most nurses in the US work for private hospitals which give them no medical/dental insurance, no medical perks of anykind when they leave. No life insurance unless you now will pay for it privately. All of those extras, including vacation time, sick time, etc. etc. can add another 40% to your base salary.
  14. lee1

    Hurricane Matthew Updates

    What happens to you all if you attempt to drive to work and the roads are flooded so bad you are putting yourself at risk. Can you call the police to take you into work or does the hospital come out and get you. You should not be terminated if this puts your life at risk.
  15. lee1

    Not taking a break

    These complaints have been going on for decades. When will nurses unite and demand fair working conditions ?? A national union, where nurses do not work for a hospital as hospitals only seem to know how to take advantage and the nurses allow themselves to be abused. A national run business of some sort that hires and pays nurses so as to eliminate the constant cycle of abuse and licensure risk. Look around your hospitals etc. how many new non nursing departments have been created with those employees getting their breaks and meals. Just a dream I guess but someone must be able to think out of the box. Why do nurses have to be paid by hospitals?