Never Give Up on Your Dreams

Experiencing repeated rejections or major medical issues that seem to be blocking your RN dream? I have been there and shed tears, felt extreme frustration, and have been depressed. However, I refused to be defined by the problems going on in my life. I never gave up on my dreams. Nursing Students Pre-Nursing Article


Never Give Up on Your Dreams

When I signed up on this site in 2006 I was at my second college and trying to get into the nursing school there. I was not a successful student at my first college (due to college shock and illness). When I transferred I thought things were finally going to change. However, things got worse.

In the space of one semester, I went from feeling faint sometimes to passing out almost every day (and being a well known visitor at the local ER at least 3x a week). My grades were not that great but I was pulling through and applied to nursing schools and I was repeatedly denied. Eventually, I left that school due to chronic syncope and took a semester off and moved back home.

In Fall 2009, I transferred to a school that allowed me to be a commuter student. Despite being the sickest I was in life (at that point), I was determined to do well and decided to redo all my science prereqs while completing my BA in History. I got a 4.0 my first semester and continued on that trend.

I was set to graduate in Spring 2011. However, the day of my APII final I passed out on campus and had to go to the hospital. That weekend (on Mother's Day) I had a stroke. Thankfully I did not have any lasting effects due to a quick medical response. I basically had to pull out that semester and take Incompletes for all my classes.

That Summer I eventually began to show sign of epilepsy and by the end of the Summer, I was having grand mal seizures at least twice a week. However, I refused to stop my life. That Summer I attended an intense language immersion program I received a scholarship for. I got sick up there several times, but I refused to let my illness define me.

I went back to school in Fall 2011 and graduated in Spring 2012. I graduated magna cum laude with a GPA of 3.79. However, despite having the GPA, at this point, I could not pass the physical for nursing school due to uncontrolled epilepsy (despite being 3 different meds).

I decided to go another route and considered MPH programs. However, after graduation, I got so sick that I was literally housebound. I was having a seizure ( all types) practically every day, several times a day. I was extremely unhappy and I decided to take my medical issue into my own hands and found a second opinion.

Eventually, it was found out that my issues were caused by a hormone imbalance that I was diagnosed with as a teenager that became severe as an adult. However, sometimes people cannot see the forest through the trees, and my doctors became very tunnel visioned. It took a new doctor to find the issue.

Today, I am completely healthy. I have a full-time job. I finally got my driver's license. But most of all, I will be starting nursing school in the Fall. I will be moving to attend a direct entry MSN/CNL program that is 21 months long. I hope to become an adult acute NP one day and maybe become a CRNA.

Sometimes, when life happens it seems like our dreams will never come to fruition. However, keep on going and NEVER give up. It took me 8 years to get to this point but I don't regret the journey. It made me a better and stronger woman.

Just never give up.

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Good for you for never giving up!! Wishing you the best of health and luck in nursing school!!

That's so awesome! The fact that you conquered and didn't let anything stop you shows a lot about your character. I know you'll do well in the program. You're going to be an awesome nurse!

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That's a great story and similar to mine. My doctor told me last fall I had made the most amazing turnaround he had ever seen in a patient and it made me feel so good. It's hard to always get bad news from the doctor and it was nice to hear something positive. My doctor is fully supporting me in my bid to become a nurse and thinks I will be great at it. I will tell you a little of my story.

I was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2001. Had horrible uncontrolled seizures and we couldn't find the right mix of meds. I stopped driving and it was impacting me at work. I had a bad seizure when I was pregnant with my son and I quit working at that point. My son was born healthy in 2006. In 2009, I had a really bad grand mal seizure. I hit my head and my neck and did a lot of damage. This was on a Thursday and my neurologist at the time was on vacation and because I had an appt. on Tuesday the office would not do anything for me. I went to my appt. on Tuesday begging my doc to do something saying there was something wrong. I was in tears and just wanted help for my seizures. She admitted me and found out I not only had pneumonia but my fall had given me a blood clot in my carotid and it broke off and gave me a PE. I was hospitalized for over 3 mos. that time. I had 6 more hospitalizations over the next 2 years due to various seizures and bouts with pneumonia. Finally, I applied to get into one of the top epilepsy clinics in the nation which is located near me. They accepted me and immediately admitted me and did a video EEG. They induced me into seizure and they finally got me on the right meds!! This was in October of 2011. I had 2 more seizures that year and we adjusted my meds a little but have been seizure free ever since. And I got off coumadin last fall, yay me!!

I now drive again and can take care of my son. I have come out of the deep depression that I was in when I was so sick and now am getting ready for nursing school in the fall. I tell people if I can do this, so can you!! Never give up!! It has been along journey but we will make it. Good Luck!!!

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That is amazing Heathermaizey!!! The best of luck to you all on your journeys.

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Your story is amazing, don't give up!

Motivational Story.


Thanks for the encouragement.

Wow, that's motivation!! Thank you for sharing:up:

Amazing...with your attitude you will go very far

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How inspiring! I'm so glad you never gave up on your dreams and you were able to overcome a very difficult situation! Cheers to you! :)

Thanks for sharing your inspiring story.