Need to share to get off my chest (sad animal story)


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So this morning I was walking my 9 year-old daughter to her friend's house so they could walk to school together. As we approach the intersection to cross the street, I notice a cottontail bunny dragging himself across the road :( He had clearly been hit/run over but was still alive and trying to get across the street. I quickly ushered my daughter away so she wouldn't see. There was no way I could leave him there knowing he would just be run over multiple times and possibly still not be killed completely, so I picked him up and put him under some bushes. It was awful. One of his back legs was almost completely severed and was dangling :cry:. He had the sweetest little face. I pray he died already. I can't get it out of my mind and just keep seeing it over and over. M Also, trauma (animal or otherwise, REALLY isn't my thing).

Anyway, I just had to get this off my chest because I can't stop thinking about the poor little guy.


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:( We had a deer that had been hit by a car and managed to make it into our yard. It was back in our wooded area so our kids didn't see it but we saw something thrashing around back there and went to investigate. The poor thing took forever to finally die and it was so hard to see knowing I couldn't do anything.
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I swear animals are way harder on emotions than people! I am sorry you had to do that. I would be upset as well! But you did the right thing!

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:cry: poor bunny


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I'm glad you helped and hope he is out of pain.

I found a possum once like that and I called the town. We have an Audubon animal rescue nearby. They came to take her, but she died before they got there.:cry:


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Being a nurse comes with a soft heart.


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So sorry for the poor bunny but glad for him that he encountered a kind soul like yours in the middle of his suffering. I would still be reeling after that, too :(

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Just an FYI I found a squirrel who obviously had a broken back and was totally paralyzed dragging itself along the side of the road. I brought it to a local vet to be euthanized and they did it for free without question!

Vets take an oath too and most of them are compassionate enough to provide euthanasia to even a wild animal that is suffering!


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My son found a woodpecker screaming it's head off (he had been attacked by a cat and was in bad shape).

My son insisted we "do something" (he was 8 then, bless his heart). We took it to a local vet who is a wildlife rescue pick up site by an organization in town. They came and got him, but he eventually died, poor little mite. The one's that make it are released when they were found, and let you be present if you want.

Too many sad animal stories - enough to turn your heart inside out.