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Ok my license has been suspended due to not entering a rehab for the RNP program Details don't really matter but I took some of my friends Xanax she gave me bc I had many anxiety attacks after having 2 babies in one year i realize I did wrong I was having ppd or something and failed a random anyway doesn't matter bc on the license verification page it says suspended that's all but if you google me on the state board site says suspended due to non compliance of alcohol or drug problem. Has anyone ever lost or had a suspended license and went on to teach high school middle school or elementary? Any help will be greatly appreciated I have a BSN and have an interview this week to teach middle school with a temporary certification I just don't know if I should bring it up or what to do

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I'm not sure you will find your answer as your situation is unique. Have you considered hiring a license defense attorney to clarify your record with the BoN? The American Association of Nurse Attorneys offer a referral service. The fee for a consultation may be well worthwhile to help you move forward in moving from nursing to teaching as well as settle the issue with the BoN.

If it was a one time use of a friend's prescription that appears to be more of a mistake than an addiction.

The fact that you secured a job with a pending emergent certification is a good sign as many districts around the nation are cutting back and unwilling to hire "alternate route " teachers. Clearly you made a positive impression.

I was offered the RNP I put a lot of thought into it I do love nursing but the stipulations random drug tests 4 AA meetings a week and when if i could get a job I would be supervised. With 3 kids and my husband gone most of the time he has call 24/7 so he can be called out for 1 day or 1 month. So with 3 kids I would need daycare plus someone to come once daycare closes till i get off at 7. So doing the math of all the program nonsense and how much I would make doest justify all of the headache. I know here in LA nurses pay is 18-30/hr if you only work 3 12's you will make less then a teacher considering they are off 2 months and all holidays and weekends teacher pay starts at almost 40,000 so idk

. Also to trishmsn Im sorry I am a veteran and while I was serving I developed annuity attacks and put on an SSRI although I have seldom breakthrough.

#1....I am also a vet. 'Nuff said. asked a question, and clearly did not care for my response. So be it, I am not your mother or your employer. The point remains that you will find roadblocks in teaching due to your issue being a matter of public record. Did not your OP state that your license was suspended for refusing to go to rehab, not for the positive test itself??

#3.....your ability to express yourself is intrinsic to the field of education.

I'm sorry I thought this site was for support not judgmental. On a side not I had an interview yesterday and was hired as a science teacher in the gifted program.

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I'm sorry I thought this site was for support not judgmental. On a side not I had an interview yesterday and was hired as a science teacher in the gifted program.

Congratulations. I believe you said you are in CA...tough market for nurses & teachers so kudos to you!!

Congratulations on the job! That's incredible. I'm sorry for the trouble you've run into, but for now it sounds as if things are heading in a positive direction for you!

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I'm sorry that some people on this forum were rude to you. Please don't take that as we are all like that. I hope you stick around. I've received tons of support on not only this forum, but also this site!


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congratulations on your new job!

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OP, I was wondering about the anxiety you experienced that led to the Xanax use... have you considered counseling/therapy or prescribed medication to help you cope with all that is going on in your life?

It sounds as if you have a lot on your plate and I am not surprised that you experienced anxiety/depression, etc. Therapy might help you to learn and use positive coping skills to help with your stress.

Regardless of whether you teach or go back to nursing or flip hamburgers at mac D's, you are gonna have stress. You have two little ones and a hubby gone most of the time. This alone would stress most people out!

Please seek assistance in dealing with it all and then you can build a stronger, less stress-ful life!

FYI---I had my license in probation d/t taking a pain med from a family member that I did not have an RX for. The psych eval determined that I was not addicted to meds and was was not an addictive personality. So even though the AA mtgs were mentioned I did not have to do them. It is possible that you might have less restrictions than you are afraid of. While my probation was no fun, I grew a ton and learned even more from the experience. I decided that I wanted to remain an RN and I made it through the probation! I even petitioned the BON to shorten the Probation period and they did, by HALF!!!!

Please take time to heal, deal and feel good about yourself and try not to burn any bridges you may want to cross later......

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Congratulations on the new job. Shesh from the really mean comments some of these people posted I will be checking my grammer and spelling as well. You keep pushing ahead and I will keep you in my prayers. Seriously nurses truly some of you guys may need a lesson in humility and grace. Have we forgotten from where we came from. How about some of you remember your first days dealing with a new life possibly without nursing for awhile and take the specks out of your own lives before attempting to take planks out of someone elses.

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If completing the math of all the program nonsense = keeping your license, it should have been worth it. Where there is a will there is a way.

I agree my husband doesnt

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