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need some advise regarding workplace harassment

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I filed a grievance to my Director of Care because she did not approved my off day unreasonable. The next day when I come to work my DOC and administrator called me for a meeting and starts throwing some dirt on me such as drug errors, narcotic count's wrong signature [but my counts are always right] and some other minor issues. They told me that I have so many complaints/ error that they will report me to the Board of Nursing and that I will lose my license. can they do that? will my license revoked because of those errors? isn't that workplace harassment? can my union help me? they transferred me from evening shift to morning shift schedule and to a different ward. I don't trust these people anymore. I am afraid that they are conspiring to get me framed up and lose my license...please I need some advise and some help...these kind of people shouldnt be given this kind of position.:mad:

From what I could gather from your post, I don't see any harrassment there, so I don't know what you are looking for.

I also see that you are not a native English speaker, but your post is incredibly difficult to read with the tense shifts and subject/predicate disagreement.

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so are they right and I am wrong.....just because I filed a union grievance to them do they have to do this to me...like scaring me?...really is medication errors, counts grounds for license revocation in Canada?..i need your advise...what is the best thing I can do?

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Have you talked to your union rep?


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Sounds like they're trying to punish you for filing that grievance. If I were you, I would DEFINITELY get my union rep involved but I would also start looking for a new job ASAP! There is not much your union would be able to do unless those incidents were fabricated (which you admit they are not), but at least this sends them the message that you will not be bullied.

Anyway, if those incidents are in fact all minor as you say, then probably nothing will come of it from the BON.

Good Luck

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Oh, sorry. I just realized you're from Canada. Not quite sure how things work up there. . .

It sounds like retribution. Get your union rep involved ASAP. Start a log as well for your own benefit in regards to any convos like this one, writeups, etc.

I don't know about Canada but in the US employers retaliating by issuing a complaint to the Board of Nursing against an RN who complained is sadly VERY common.

You might need a lawyer. Your license will probably not be revoked for the mistakes you made but in the US this type of complaint and discipline will stay on your record in the national data bank and can hurt your future employment.

It's not common in Canada. Nursing unions are strong and will go to the wall for their members.

However, having said that if the employee is probationary the union will not stick their necks out.

The OP is talking about med errors, wrong signatures, etc. Most facilities deal with them inhouse and rarely go to the Provincial College (our disciplinary authorities). For the employer to threaten to go to the Provincial College there are serious problems. Changes to shifts/rotations are not unknown. It maybe that the OP was switched to days because there are more staff on the unit to help mentor them.

eta: After looking at the OP's history, it seems as if they are fairly new to nursing in Canada and may be working on a temporary practice permit. Most nurses recruited from overseas are required to take an "Intro to Cdn. Nursing" course and have a skills assessment done before getting the temporary permit. So it really does sound as if there is more going on than the OP is telling us.

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Sorry OP - I'm a little confused here. First you say that you are in Canada but then you say that your employer is threatening to report you to the Board of Nursing - we don't have Boards in Canada, as Fiona said we have Colleges that govern each province.

Secondly - did you make the errors or not? Multiple errors, even minor ones, are not something to take lightly.

Why did they change you from evenings to days? Are they trying to provide with more support/education on day shift?

Finally - why was your time off refused? Could she not get the shift covered? Are you upset because you didn't get a day off you wanted? Sometimes that happens.

I would get someone to help me if I were you.

OP, why did they say they'd report you to the 'board of nurses' if Canadian nurses use a different term for their disciplinary board?

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I seriously doubt they would report you to the BON because you filed a grievance for an unapproved day off. Did you take the day off anyway? I am having a hard time following what you are trying to state.

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I havent take that day-off yet ,it is 3 weeks from now...and they did not approve it for reasons that are not considerable. i tried many times and still they did not approve it, that is why I have to ask my union rep. for advise she told me that I have the right...as I said the next day they called me for a meeting and they say something to me that because of too many complaints/errors against me they can report me to CNO and I will lose my license....by the way I was alone and I do not have any union steward when they talked to me...I do not trust them anymore...will I call my union rep and report this treatment that they did to me?....I also fear that if I talk to my union they might retaliate against me:crying2:

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Your post was a bit difficult to follow I'm afraid.

If your day off was NOT approved, from what I can gather, why did you take it? It sounds like that's why they are annoyed with you.

Also anyone accusing you of wrong narcotic counts or whatever, needs to have proof. They also must provide your lawyer with copies of this proof as well. They cannot bully you into attending meetings without representation either -that is your right.

You must go to your union rep and firstly discuss all these things and get your facts right, then take it from there, or just look around for another job and leave, but don't let a blemish on your record follow you.

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I havent take that day-off yet ,it is 3 weeks from now...and they did not approve it for reasons that are not considerable.

Once again, I ask - what are their reasons? What do you mean by "not considerable"?

Are you 100% sure that your request for time off and the meeting about errors are related???

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First off, OP, were you previously made aware of mistakes you had made? If, as you say, your narcotic count is always right, what grounds did they produce for accusing you?

If you make mistakes it is the duty of your charge nurse to bring them to your attention, and it is your duty to focus on not making them! If they have documents proving these errors, they also need to produce proof that you were previously notified about them. What you are describing are minor infractions that the facility itself must address; they are not issues sufficiently serious to bring to the local nursing governing body's attention.

I would suggest you take the positive route and work on your shortcomings, but if they have accused you unfairly or dishonestly of anything, you do need to speak to your union rep about it, and possibly also a lawyer.

The question of your requested day off sounds a little odd to me...you say it is three weeks from now? You requested that far in advance and they refused it? The only grounds I can think of for them doing that are (1) that other staff requested that day off before you did, so the unit might not have adequate coverage for that day and (2) that you have a history of frequent "requests". You have been there less than a year, so I would say it's a bit early to be throwing "temper tantrums" if you don't get your way.

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eversince I've done my narcotic counts...this is the first time that my DOC informed me that I was not signing on the right box but my count is always right. also there are times that there are no charge nurse in my shift.....they assign someone from my colleague who will be in charge on that shift whenever the charge nurse is off. also almost one month already that there is no charge nurse in my shift coz' they fire her already. regarding staff that will cover my shift, they have lots of staff and also I even have a shadow in case I take a vacation or off days. I am telling you guys these people are very unprofessional and they are good in manipulating people especially if you don't know your rights.

Never meet with them again without your union rep present. Does sound like retribution. If they were really concerned about any "errors", they would have counselled you concerning your work prior to now. Watch your back, lay low, get yourself together to look for another job if things don't improve over time.

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OP, if your workplace retaliates against you for contacting your union rep, that will be obvious to the union, and they will handle it accordingly.

Without making too many assumptions, and with the information that you provided, I think your best course of action would be to meet with your union rep ASAP to discuss what rights you have. I think that you should focus on what the expectations of the unit are (I don't know if the union rep will have a copy of the hospital policy) and you should bring a copy of the complaints against you so that the rep can look into them. It sounds to me as if there is a rather large communication/understanding gap between your expectations of your workplace and their expectations of you as staff.


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