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Need advise from fellow nurses. I recently was attacked verbally by a family member who yelled and screamed at me and then told my supervisor I was a horrible nurse and he was going to report me to state. I did nothing wrong but but it being LTC the pt had to wait for the pharmacy to deliver a med.My boss as usual at LTC I was thrown under the bus by management. Thank God my coworkers defended me. Why are nurses being treated like this, before now managers would defend the nurses not anymore. Now I want out!

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LTC is hard enough as it is without having deal with management that is not supportive, or worse as in this case openly antagonistic. Life's too short  to put up with that. Start looking for another job.

Not that it matters.. as pharmacy was the hold up... just wondering what med the family member was so upset about.


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Nurses get treated like this because management lets them get away with it. Hopefully you're in a market with other options and can find a more supportive environment. 

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I too would like to know what med the family was so upset about. 

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You can't give what you don't have. How anyone could find you at fault is crazy.


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In my five years in long term care I dealt with many family members that were lovely and appreciated our work. I dealt with angry family members, guilty family members, and some just plain awful people. I'm sorry that you weren't supported by management, I can't understand how anyone could say anything to blame you for a medication not being available. 

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I love how the general public love to threaten nurses with "I'm going to report you to the state"... like on what grounds?

I've gotten this threat before and I literally responded with "...and I will sue you for defamation"'s been 3 years and I'm yet to receive a letter from the BON.

PS...nurses are hot commodity. Find a new job and quit on spot. Don't even give them the pleasure of a 2 week's notice.

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I was threatened by a family member in long term care. It was for a ridiculous reason that honestly was the family's lack of knowledge and care, and had nothing to do with me or safe practice. Being a salty RN, I provided the states number and the ombudsman's contact info on a sticky note,  Long story short never heard anything from it and they simmered down. I don't do the whole threat thing. If I did something I'll face the music, if I didn't, by all means please use your resources and let the facts fall where they may. 

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